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World Leaders Descended from Alien Sons of God

Updated on November 21, 2017

Non-human beings Run Our Planet

According to all religions and ancient cultures, thousands of years ago a race of non-human beings came to our planet; all of the stories are the same. Ancient people, from all around the planet, recorded the exact same events. The Bible is a very good summary of these extremely ancient accounts of history. This makes it a good place to get an idea, but only an idea, of the basic story of extremely ancient history, as told by our most ancient ancestors. The stories in the Bible have obviously been modified to suit the agendas of those who created the book, but the stories still do a very good job of presenting the basic stories and themes of the ancient accounts of world history. If we understand the Bible from this perspective, it can be extremely helpful in actually realizing what this book is really about. The Bible is not a literal account of anything; it is largely symbolic metaphor, and a bringing together and a retelling of the basic themes of the most ancient historical records on Earth. That is what it is, and that is how it should be understood. It is a story, telling the basic themes from a huge number of stories that came from a time long before the time of the Bible. In this way, and only in this way, the Bible is a very good source of information.

According to the Biblical version of this story, non-human beings not only manifested into our reality, they also produced offspring with human females. If this is true, and all ancient accounts say it is, it would mean these offspring were half-human and half something else -- a hybrid. According to the Bible, these hybrid children went on to become the rulers of the world. This is a very strange story indeed, but it is not just in the Bible; all ancient accounts say this is what happened. We can very easily, and correctly, call them aliens, but In the Bible these otherworldly beings are referred to as the sons of God. According to the Bible, these "sons of God" went on to become the most powerful people on the planet. How odd is that? This is the Holy Bible saying this. The Holy Bible says that non-human entities run our planet. That is really something to think about, and it is very strange indeed, but that is what that book says.

Psalms 104:4 (KJV)

"Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire."

Sons of God are Physical Beings

Angels are not physical beings, they are purely spirit; God, according to the Bible, makes them that way.

Many people believe that what the Bible calls the sons of God started as spiritual angels, but when they fell to Earth they became three dimensional physical beings.

Now, in their fallen state, these sons of God were no longer benevolent beings; they became evil when they entered our reality. According to the Bible, these were the angels who chose to be with Satan, and they were pure evil, having only bad intentions for the human race.

The sons of God were physical beings and could do physical things; they were no longer spirits, but part of the physical world. This means, according to the Bible mind you -- non-physical otherworldly entities can manifest into our reality -- and become physical beings.

The Bible is not only saying this can happen, it is telling us that it did happen -- all ancient accounts say the same thing.

Genesis 6:2 (KJV)

"That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

Humans are a Hybrid Race

All ancient cultures and religions say that these beings, from somewhere else, were very fond of human females. Apparently, they found the three dimensional physical Earth women to be very desirable and attractive. According to all ancient cultures that have ever existed on Earth, these beings (angels, sons of God, aliens, otherworldly beings), whatever you want to call them, mated with Human females; the Bible says they took them as wives.

All the ancient texts, writings, and manuscripts tell the exact same story. The whole entire anciently recorded history of our planet is telling us this same thing; non-human beings procreated with human beings -- they produced offspring. This would mean that at least some of the people on Earth are not fully human.

Genesis 6:4 (KJV)

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

The Sons of God Produced the Rulers of Earth

The sons of God, according to the story, fathered many children with the women of Earth. The Bible says those children became the "mighty men" of Earth. Mighty men are people with great power; kings, dictators, rulers, presidents, politicians, lawmakers, bankers, judges, religious leaders, and all of the so-called and self-proclaimed authorities are the "mighty men" of Earth. These are the people who the Bible clearly says are descendants of non-human beings. These are the people who come directly from the bloodline of those who chose to follow Satan. Does this not correspond perfectly with revelations of the massive amount of Satanism existing within the ruling elite of the world? These "people" are those who have only bad intentions for the whole of humanity. If not the "mighty men" of Earth, who creates evil in the world? Look at the current state and condition of our planet. Who made it this way? Who is actually responsible for all the chaos, murder, war, violence, and utter disdain for human life that exists on our planet? According to the Bible, this can be none other than the sons of God and their offspring.

This is the Holy Bible telling us that otherworldly beings run our planet. It is not some lunatic, alien enthusiast, or conspiracy theorist saying this -- the Holy Bible is saying it.

The sons of God must have been compatible with human females, otherwise they could not have produced children. According to the Bible, and all ancient records, whoever these beings were -- they produced children -- with humans. If this is true, they must have been compatible, and very similar to humans in order to do so. It does seem strange that compatible DNA would exist between human and non-human beings. This being the case, it may be appropriate to consider that whoever came to Earth may have always been physical beings. Maybe they were physical beings that were only perceived as having come from the non-physical into our reality. The people who wrote the Bible may not have been able to contemplate physical beings capable of multidimensional travel. Maybe whoever came here were just what we would call "space aliens." It is completely possible that the beings who came to Earth were not spiritual beings who became physical; they may very well have been physical beings from the start who manifested into our reality from another dimension. An event such as this could easily be perceived as beings starting spiritual and later becoming physical as they entered our reality. This could all just be a matter of perception; what is not a matter of perception is that all ancient records, including the Bible, suggest that something extremely extraordinary happened on this planet a very long time ago.

All the ancient writings indicate that these otherworldly beings look very much like humans. They would have to look like us; if they looked like scary hideous creatures, Earth women wouldn't have had anything to do with them.

These physical non-human otherworldly beings found Earth women to be attractive; they mated, and produced offspring with them. Those offspring went on to become the Satanic "mighty men" of Earth; this is why our leaders always create war, chaos, death, and murder all over the planet. As insane as this all sounds, it actually makes perfect sense. If we cannot prove this is not true, it must remain possible.

They don't seem to be Human

Strange Skulls and Skeletons

Giant skeletons have been found in various parts of the world. They are generally located deep underground and are from a very long time ago. Some of these strange skeletons are twenty feet tall. The skeletons are somehow humanoid, but not quite human. Could these be physical evidence of what the Bible calls the sons of God?

Extremely bizarre "elongated skulls" have also been discovered in various parts of the world. Some of these elongated skulls have been determined to be human, but others do not appear to be human at all. Some of the skulls have a different structure than a human skull does; others contain additional bone parts that are not found in human skulls. Some people do consider these physical remains to be proof of the sons of God.

Depictions of pharaohs, in ancient Egypt, with elongated skulls are very common. The pharaohs are also often shown as very large people. Some people say that their depicted size was to symbolize authority; others suggest that strange skulls and skeletons prove something else is possible.

Many believe these skulls and skeletons are physical proof of non-humans existing in ancient times on this planet. This is very interesting, but if we are talking about beings that look like us, then it does not seem like these ancient remains would really match up very well.

It does not seem that something twenty feet tall with a very large head could be mistaken for an average human. What we see in the ancient texts are stories of beings that we would not be able to notice were different from us.

It is possible that when they first arrived they looked very different from the primitive people of Earth. As they mated and evolved, their features softened and blended with human features. As time went by, humans and non-humans looked more like one another, and less like each originally looked. The result could be the inability to distinguish between humans and non-humans; maybe this is what the ancient stories, like the one in the Bible, were trying to tell us. We may not know what a pure human actually looks like. We might only know what the hybrid human looks like, and maybe those strange skulls and skeletons are somehow a piece in this puzzle.

Hebrews 13:2 (KJV)

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

They Look like Us

If these beings were right in front of you -- you might never know. They would be attractive, powerful, well-groomed, well-dressed, kind, intelligent, and well-spoken. If these stories are real, we would never know that what we were looking at was not human. We would be totally and completely unaware of what we were actually seeing. According to the Bible, people have been in the presence of otherworldly beings and had no idea at all.

Stories like the one about "entertaining angels unaware" are often perceived as lessons about being kind to strangers. It is always a good idea to be kind to people we do not know. If someone is a stranger, we don't know who they are; they could be someone who is powerful, and capable of wrecking our lives. Strangers could also be capable of bringing about something absolutely amazing into our lives. There really is no way to know these things, so it is probably a good idea to be kind. We should not just be kind to people we do know, but also to those we do not know. A little bit of kindness does tend to go much further than we ever realize or appreciate. That all being true and important, it is not what these stories are actually trying to tell us.

These stories are about being in the presence of some otherworldly being -- and not knowing it. Not only might they be someone from somewhere else -- we might not be able to tell that they are not human. This is in the Bible! The Bible is telling us that we can be in the presence of non-humans and have no clue at all. It is very strange that the Holy Bible is where this information comes from.

Divine Right to Rule

The "people" who are running our planet have inherited their positions of power, and have descended from, those who have claimed a "divine right to rule" all throughout history. Some of the most vicious tyrants of all time have claimed they were placed into authority by God. They have claimed a "divine bloodline" that divinely places them upon whatever throne they occupy. According to the story in the Bible, these people descended from the sons of God. Not only do we have all the ancient texts saying this, we also have them admitting it and claiming it for themselves; the people running this planet are not human.

Nobody has the "right to rule" anyone else, but the most powerful people on this planet think they do. They believe that, because they honestly think they are direct descendants of non-human entities that the Bible refers to as the sons of God. According to themselves, the Bible, and all ancient accounts -- the richest most powerful "people" on this planet, those who rule, run things, and are in charge are not human -- they are aliens. Does this not make more sense of the world than any other explanation? Just look at the people who are running this planet and what they are doing to our world -- they are not us.

There really are "people" on this planet who believe they are descendants of the sons of God. They believe this gives them a "God-given" right to rule over the rest of us; they truly believe they are superior to the rest of us. They just so happen to be the same people who are in extremely powerful positions all over the planet. The people who think they have a "God-given right to rule" over us do rule over us; they are the most powerful people in the world.

If this is true, the people running the world are aliens. Many people believe this is the reality in which we live; world leaders are aliens -- but no one knows.

We Would Never Know

If what we are talking about is aliens, then we are seeing something that our eyes refuse to believe.

Long ago, aliens came to Earth and were perceived to be "gods" by primitive people. These aliens found human females to be very desirable and mated with them. The direct offspring of these aliens went on to hold powerful positions of authority all over Earth.

This is the story of the Bible. It is the story of all ancient historical records on Earth. It is the story believed to be true by the ruling elite of this planet. This is the story of an alien invasion. It took place a very long time ago, but we actually have a very good record of it. A conquered, owned, ignorant, and enslaved human race is all that remains.

This is certainly an alternative view of things. If it's true, and there is no way to prove that it is not, none of us would know the difference. We would have no way to comprehend this, and we would be totally unaware of what was actually going on.

For those who believe this to be true, the world is a much different place.


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