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Extraterrestrial/Alien Existence & The UFO Reality: Disclosure Project, George Adamski & John Lear

Updated on June 17, 2013

Where Things Get Weird

In the previous parts of this write-up we've managed to establish a very real advanced technological UFO and USO presence on Earth and verified the fact that these technologies have been reverse engineered, resulting in the US government having their first ever nuclear-powered flying saucer by 1969.

Bob Lazar, Colonel Corso, Ben Rich, Boyd Bushman, Don Philips and David Sereda have all pretty much corroborated each others claims as has the evidence provided in the president's speeches earlier in this write-up plus the UK's MoD's investigation into the mysterious Majestic-12 document. We've also covered cattle abductions and human mutilations, subjects which are mentioned by John Lear.

The Disclosure Project

Ever since 1993 Dr Steven Greer has been working on the Disclosure Project, a non-profit organization aimed at ending the secrecy surrounding UFO's and extraterrestrial intelligence.

In 2001 over 20 military personnel and government officials came forward publicly to confirm that they would testify to the existence of advanced technology and extraterrestrial life. In total, over 450 government officials and military personnel are taking part in the Disclosure Project.

Many officials have now been briefed by the head of the project, Dr. Steven Greer, on the subject and the Obama administration were also briefed on the subject. According to US Air Force textbook, Introductory Space Sciences, (in a section which has now been removed) there are four different species of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence known to be monitoring Earth.

It makes sense that if there's one species of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence out there in the cosmos then there are probably a lot more.

The video alongside is nearly two hours long so you may want to wait until you have some spare time on your hands. I will mention some relevant testimonies further in this investigation. However, before we get into the Disclosure Project let's take a look at the case of George Adamski, a man that claimed he'd been to the moon before the US even had a space program and he even had the photographs to prove it!

Not only that but Adamski also had multiple eyewitnesses. Adamski's case has always been impossible to completely debunk though he is also known to have made some outrageous claims.

Although this video is very long it provides some of the best evidence available, including a cigar-shaped mothership caught on video which was estimated to be a whopping half a mile long!

Also note how the saucers flying in Adamski's videos are always chasing a little distortion and the way they fly because of this looks goofy, just as Robert Lazar (and others) explained earlier.

Alien Contact - George Adamski

John Lear

John Lear, US Air Force pilot, tells a fascinating story and describes what he thinks is really going on. Some of his claims are extraordinary but he also offers some good advice and interesting information.

After more thorough research Lear is actually hard to be proven credible, maybe he's had his background wiped out like so many others, maybe not. I mentioned above how a US Air Force document referred to four different species of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence. John Lear claims there are more who are monitoring our planet. Some people consider Lear to be a crackpot. Who knows? Robert Lazar, that's who! It seems that Lazar and Lear are actually very good friends and Lear was one of the people that Lazar had invited to go and watch a saucer fly when it was being tested. Also note how Lear claims there is an atmosphere on the moon just as claimed in the Adamski video.

After watching the John Lear video you may have learned that Lear believes there are eighteen species of extraterrestrial monitoring planet Earth. Whilst that may seem difficult to believe it's by far not the only unbelievable statement that has been made. If there really are several species of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence out there then who better to turn to for information on this subject than the 450 military personnel and government officials, the people who actually write the documents?

Back To The Disclosure Project

Before we do that let's take a look at the testimony of one man who claims to have shot two alien greys in 1979 whilst working on the Dulce underground base. Schneider was found dead soon after with a piano string wrapped around his neck. Although official reports said it was suicide Schneider claimed before his death that he would never do that and told people that if it did happen then they can be sure it was a set up.

Carl Wolf

At The Disclosure Project conference Carl Wolf, who worked as an engineer at NASA told how they had found a base on the back side of the moon and talked about how NASA regularly airbrush out images that they don't want the public seeing, a statement that was backed up by Donna Hare.

Seargant First Class Clifford Stone

One testimony provided by retired Seargant First Class Clifford Stone has produced mass controversy over the internet. Stone claims to have been part of a military group responsible for the recovery of crashed flying saucers and their occupants. Although Stone has had his history wiped out, just as have many others, he can still be proven credible via his army number and the photos he has of himself twenty years younger wearing a Seargant's uniform. Clifford Stone has also been interviewed by Project Camelot where he claims to have actually helped an alien entity escape. Stone claims that by 1989 the US military had catalogued 57 different species of humanoid extraterrestrial.

Hacking The Pentagon

One man who wanted to see solid evidence of the truth behind the Disclosure Project is UK citizen and Asperger's Syndrome sufferer Gary McKinnon. Gary hacked into computer systems owned by NASA, US Army, DoD (Department of Defense) and more in search of proof of their claims. Gary claims to have found two folders named 'raw' and 'filtered' indicating that NASA do indeed airbrush images out of their photographs before going public, just as claimed by Donna Hare. Gary also claims to have seen a high quality image of a cigar shaped object with geodesic domes either side, above and below suspended above the northern hemisphere, he claims the object has none of the riveting usually associated with man-made manufacturing. He also found a list of terrestrial and non-terrestrial officers and documents relating to fleet-to-fleet transfers.

Read Part 10 - Read Part 12


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    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      According to Lt Colonel Corso, most computer technology (integrated circuit boards, etc) were reverse engineered from flying saucer crashes.

      For more information keep an eye out for my hub Inside The Flying Saucers which is not yet published.

      Given the fact that we still don't know exactly how silicon crystals store data it's likely that the technology came from somewhere else. Also check out the story of the crystal skulls.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      so all the technology usa have is from out of earth, maybe our i-phones are even inspired of like that.

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      It does seem like that's the way it's going. Thanks for the comment.

    • wilmiers77 profile image


      8 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

      I am convinced that the government has recovered alien bodies from UFO crash sites; has reversed engineered.

      The government is no longer fabricating cover stories and intimadating Witnesses of a UFO sighting. Weather balloon and swamp gas stories has become ridicuous. Young and educated people with camcorders and cell phones with the video feature has overwhelmed the government, and the gov't doesn't want the youth of the nation to lose faith in them. as a result, governments are now pleading the 5th when told of sitings.

      I feel that the gov't is doing the right thing by slowly and calculatively releasing information from their UFO files. Don't be surprised if some of the fictional alien images turn out to be real.


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