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The Roswell UFO Incident, Colonel Philip J Corso, Aliens & A Cover-Up As Disclosure

Updated on January 5, 2014

A Closer Look At Roswell

Anyone that has read the book, The Day After Roswell by Lt Colonel Philip J Corso, knows about Colonel Corso's claims of actually seeing first-hand an alien body, how he claims to have taken part in setting up a government within the government to provide a layer of secrecy impenetrable by presidential administrations and that he distributed extraterrestrial technologies to relevant industrial corporations, via top secret projects.

Colonel Corso's claims coincide with the claims of many other whistleblowers, including Robert Lazar, and he also names many other people involved throughout his book who can verify his claims.

Just as is the case with Robert Lazar, Colonel Philip Corso has also been proven to be genuine (despite being subject to one of Stanton Friedman's common-place debunkings) and is one of the men that took part in setting up a secret government which President Eisenhower warned in 1961 was becoming a dominant threat spiraling out of government control (the military-industrial complex).

This complex has indeed grown over the decades and is believed to have developed more or less full control over the US government and global corporations.

President Eisenhower's famous 1961 speech regarding the military-industrial-complex is no coincidence and is exactly what Colonel Corso claimed to be partly responsible for.

Corso's ultimate claims are that the extraterrestrial presence poses a very real threat to Earth (in the form of alien abductions, cattle mutilations and shutdown of security installations) which we would not be protected against if it wasn't for President Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

For corroborating evidence of Lazar's and Corso's claims we should take a closer look at speeches made by these two US presidents.

Bear in mind that Colonel Corso was, at one time, actually a staff member on President Eisenhower's National Security Council.

President Eisenhower's 1961 Speech Regarding The Military Industrial Complex

President Reagan's Speech Regarding The Extraterrestrial Threat

UFO Disclosure

As claimed by Corso, disclosure was being used as a cover-up and a cover-up was being used as disclosure.

Public desensitization was needed before any disclosure of any kind could take place after the public's reaction to the 1938 radio broadcast of War Of The Worlds by HG Wells.

The Orson Welles radio broadcast caused mass panic and given the fact that UFO crashes as early as 1897 had been covered up, it's possible that War Of The Worlds itself was a test to see how the public would react to such information, especially considering the way it was broadcast leading the public to believe it was a reality, along with the fact that it was released the following year.

President Ronald Reagan actually made no less than five speeches where he spoke of a potential alien threat to the world.

There are also other presidents involved in the UFO and extraterrestrial cover-up who I'll take a closer look at later.

Back To Roswell

If indeed an extraterrestrial spacecraft did actually crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 then you can be certain that by 2011, some 64 years later, that others would have come forward to confirm the reality and indeed they have - plenty of them.

All their stories coincide with each other. Even Jesse Marcel who actually handled the material crashed at Roswell first-hand claims that the metal found had unusual and exotic physical properties and believed that the real information was being suppressed by the military.

With Corso's claims of actually being part of that military cover-up and the speeches made by Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan it's obvious that Marcel was probably right.

So, who else confirms that Roswell was a reality?

The astounding and overwhelming amount of people that have come forward to reveal the truth about Roswell is simply too great to go into here and too great to ignore.

However, witness accounts and eyewitness testimonies of the Roswell incident can be viewed here.

The reality is undeniable.


One government official who was affected by Corso's book took it upon himself to perform further investigation by speaking directly with people involved such as alien abuctees Travis Walton and Jim Sparks, along with Colonel Charles Halt of The Rendlesham Forest incident and Nick Pope formerly of MoD (Ministry of Defense) - former Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, who had, himself, received reports of UFO sightings whilst working for the government.

In 2010 Paul Hellyer made the following speech at an Expolitics conference at the National Press Club (NPC), where he chastised America for taking a "shoot-first-ask-questions-later" attitude towards extraterrestrial spacecraft and for using the alien's own technology against them, before telling America it's about time they disclosed the truth to the public.

Note what Mr Hellyer says about the physical effects caused by flying saucers.

Ex-Canadian Defense Minister's Speech Regarding The Extraterrestrilal Presence

Extraterrestrial Technology

Paul Hellyer also made the following emotionally touching speech about how extraterrestrial technology which has been suppressed could be used to resolve many of the social and political issues in the world.

Listen very carefully to what Mr Hellyer says about President Eisenhower's above speech in 1961 and how Nelson Rockefeller was involved in suppressing the truth.

So who else has come forward to say that this extraterrestrial technology genuinely exists?

If it's true that the military did indeed get their hands on extraterrestrial spacecraft then not only would they want to reverse-engineer components such as integrated circuit boards and night-vision, but it's highly likely they would want to reverse-engineer the entire vehicle just as Robert Lazar claims.

I take a look in Part 8.

Read Part 6 - Read Part 8

* Book by this author in progress: Secrets Behind The UFO Disclosure Movement

© 2011 Sparkster Publishing


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