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Christians vs Science? What's the truth?

Updated on April 16, 2012

WARNING! This is not for the atheist; if you are an atheist and choose to view and read this article, you do so at your own risk. ATTN: Christians this article is for you so you can equip yourself with the tools and knowledge so you can rightly defend the bible. Faith is not enough. God gave us the immaterial mind so all men can reason and know He is Lord and fully understand the truth of His word.

When conversing with atheists do you ever find yourself hearing an echo? It seems atheists are reading from the same script filled with platitudes, insults generalizations and straw men. Moreover, the atheist camp really got their lines down. In this article, we will go through just a few comments I hear from today's fundamental atheists. Evolutionism- The evolutionism model survives on ridicule, censorship, frauds and tax dollars. This can be observed in the forums here on HP and beyond. Ridicule and Ad Hominem attacks are the atheist cornerstone of defending their worldview (and for this reason, the comment section will be closed). Attack 1 "Creationists are flat earthers” “Evolutionists often falsely accuse creationists of believing in a flat Earth. However, neither history nor modern scholarship supports the claim that Christians ever widely believed that the Earth was flat. In addition, the Bible does not teach it. Christianity has often been accused of opposing science and hindering technology throughout history by superstitious ignorance. However, a closer study of historical facts shows that this accusation is ill-founded." The Bible clearly speaks of a round earth and refers to the "corners" North South East West.

What about this one: "All scientists believe in evolutionism" Although true the definition usually presented to these scientists is that "things change over time" and can adapt. That is it, and they then propagate the creationist believe things do not change, which is a BIG falsehood. Creationists believe things can/do change, and adapt, BUT those changes are limited to the kind, and mutations are generally destructive to the genome. In addition, in very rare cases, mutations can be beneficial, but the benefit is a result of a loss not a gain. Many of these scientists are unaware of what the evolutionism model assumes to predict. Furthermore, evolutionary convictions are often based on educational indoctrination, not independent thought. When conversing with atheists I and hear/read the foul language and ridicule, all I really hear is "The brainwashing worked on me why not you!" You will notice that the evolutionism model is propagated everywhere starting in kindergarten through college on TV and in movies. Moreover, were taught never to question it, so when a creationist goes against this dogma all heck breaks loose. Many scientists are unable or unwilling to distinguish between their philosophy of science and their science, and between historical and empirical data. We are told science in neutral that may be true, but scientists are not. We all have worldviews that determine how we view/interpret every fact. For example, we have found fossilized hammers, hats, boots and even a ham, which would suggest that fossils do not long to form, but the evolutionist will ignore these finds in order to protect their worldview. A more recent example is the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue. I watched how and evolutionist woman on MSNBC completely ignored the law of decay in order to stay consistent with her evolutionism worldview despite facts to the contrary more info here

Despite scientists witnessing multiple layers forming in short period from Mt St Helens that echoes what we see throughout the world. This is great proof of the accuracy of the Genesis flood account. Learn more here

Next, evolutionary scientists have an entire lifetime of work and ego invested in evolution. This is why the religion of evolutionism will not die; pride prohibits the evo scientists from admitting they are wrong and ditch evolution. Instead, they will change definitions, deny laws of nature and censor all opposing data. For example, Darwin's story said there should be millions of fossils showing little steps of slow gradual evolution everywhere, but when you look at the preCambrian and Cambrian layers we find an abrupt appearance of animals and plants, animals unchanged (living fossils), sufficient fossils, the only reason why evolutionist say the fossils record is incomplete is because they still don't see what they should see if evolutionism were true (there a good reason for that, it's not), fast strata formation (Mt St Helens is and an amazing example of how layers could for quickly). Moreover, the fossils are in the wrong order for evolution. Instead of conceding and leaving Darwin's fantasy, alone they came up with punctuated equilibrium, which states nature stay stagnant for a long time then blindly jumps forward. Really?

Evolutionism's history has been plagued with fraud, fake, misinterpretation mistakes, fakes since its birth. I'll list a few: ARCHAEOPTERXY, KENYA SKULL, PEKING MAN, JAVA MAN, PILTDOWN MAN, Side note: In order to "create" the idea of ape men one of three things must occur. Evolutionist either upgrade ape fossils to look more human in the imaginative drawings released in papers, online and reconstructive models in museums, i.e. LUCY: Lucy was one of the most universally accepted as humankind’s ancestor by evolutionism camp. Lucy is an Australopithecus that is actually a monkey NOT a man. When the bones were studied by spectrograph, they were found to match a chimpanzee, rather than a man. Lucy too, is a mosaic, with bones assembled from different locations. Lucy was found without any feet bones, but when they drew her, she had human feet. Why you ask? They found fossilized human footprints and since they, "knew" humans were not around yet Lucy must have human feet. Even after Lucy was recalled and re-categorized as a three-foot ape. The human footprints were completely disregarded, due to pride and worldview. Alternatively, they will downgrade a human fossil to look more animistic when they draw their reconstructions. For example, NEANDERTHAL MAN, when this "prehistoric" man was first discovered, only part of an arm was recovered. Yet, the evolution community fabricated an entire ancient society around an arm bone. Scientists have since found quite a few Neanderthals and after careful study have concluded that these ancestors were regular humans with bone disease, probably rickets. With all the FACTS and without the false evolutionism assumptions you can easily conclude Neanderthals were humans, despite some differences in forehead size, brow ridges, posture, etc., there is no reason to doubt that Neanderthals were human. There were clearly medical reasons for some of the anatomical differences arthritis, rickets, lack of vitamin D, and nutritional deprivation could cause bone problems that would account for some major differences not because Neanderthals were non-humans. Neanderthals living in Ice Age climates certainly would have been susceptible to such problems. Neanderthals walked upright like us. Computer-aided reconstructions of a Neanderthal child show it looked human rather than ape-like. Neanderthals had brains as large as humans did. They were skilled hunters and toolmakers. They performed advanced surgery that included amputations. They buried their dead in rituals and placed flowers in the dead person's hand. They had human teeth. They made music. They could talk. They had human bones. They had human children. Their tools were at times better than those of modern humans were. They hunted and caught seals and dolphins, cut the flesh with tools, and cooked the food before eating it. They had a gene that modern humans have that allowed us to taste bitter flavors. They used cosmetics and body paint. This equals human. Finally, they will make up what they want to see from a few bones. Which account for most of the ape men we see textbooks and in museums. None of these ways is scientific.

One of the most infamous outright lies is the peppered moth. Dr. Kettlewell published results from his 1955 experiment on natural selection in peppered moths in Birmingham, England concluding that, "birds act as selective agents, as postulated by evolutionary theory," and that industrial melanism was "the most striking evolutionary change ever actually witnessed in any organism." Peppered moths on tree trunks, showing how camouflage and predatory birds produced the most famous example of evolution by natural selection; but the pictures were fraudulent and the moth were simply glued on the trees.

Moreover, the most detrimental (in my opinion) is Haeckel's Fraud. Haeckel supplied drawings as evidence of his "scientific law," which can still be found in textbooks to convince students that evolution is a fact. The truth is, Haeckel's drawings are wrong. Worse yet, they were intentionally created to mislead viewers to "see" what Haeckel believed to be true. Haeckel falsified his drawings to depict the appearance of ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny. "This is one of the worst cases of scientific fraud. It is shocking to find that somebody one thought was a great scientist was deliberately misleading. It makes me angry … What he [Haeckel] did was to take a human embryo and copy it, pretending that the salamander and the pig and all the others looked the same at the same stage of development. They don’t … These are fakes.” (Nigel Hawkes, The Times (London), August 11, 1997, p. 14). His fraudulent work set science back 100 years due to fact that evolutionists used these to justify abortions and vestigial organs.

Speaking of vestigial organs, evolutionary biologist believed that the appendix was a "left over part" from our evolution, and claimed it had no purpose real biologist look at the evidence and conclude that the appendix was vital to our immune system and removing it takes an average of 8 years off a person's life. Side note: Here's an example of changing definitions. The word vestigial has had several meanings it's evolutionary history let's look at them First Def of Vestigial- No use left over part, no functioned 2 little or no suede 3 structures that may have a function now but don't do what it used to do(really?)AGain we see the pride since the evolutionist cannot figure out what it does, it must be vestigial, so just take it out. That mentality we have set science back years, when it comes to aiding the body in combating diseases. For many years, the thymus gland was held to be a non-functioning leftover of evolution. Many children had this gland irradiated needlessly. We now understand the thymus gland’s important function in the development of a normal immune system. The pineal gland, tonsils and coccyx are further examples of organs long held to be leftovers from evolution, but now are known to have important functions in the development and operation of our bodies. Again, it would seem that evolution has been a hindrance rather than a help in the practice of medicine. In fact, there are “vestigial organs” in the human body—but left over from our embryonic development. That has nothing to do with “molecules-to-man” evolution. Leg bones in whales: "Evolutionists often point to vestigial hind legs near the pelvis. However, these are found only in the Right Whale. And upon closer inspection turn out to be strengthening bones to the genital wall." —John C. Whitcomb, Early Earth (1988), p. 84. To be blunt whale “legs” hold the male penis during copulation. So they are very much needed for reproduction purposes. "Some "vestigial" examples cited by evolutionists are of organs for which no purpose is known at this time. The point is that the so-called vestigial organs are considered evidence for evolution only if one has a bias for evolution. A question to ask your teacher is, “How is it determined that a vestigial organ is a remnant of evolutionary ancestry rather than 1) an organ of unknown function at this time or 2) an organ of lost function within the same species?” "The existence of functionless ‘vestigial organs’ was presented by Darwin, and is often cited by current biology textbooks, as part of the evidence for evolution . . An analysis of the difficulties in unambiguously identifying functionless structures . . Leads to the conclusion that ‘vestigial organs’ provide no evidence for evolutionary theory."—*S.R. Scadding, "Do ‘Vestigial Organs’ Provide Evidence for Evolution?" Evolutionary Theory, Vol. 5 (May 1981), p. 394.


Here is the kicker, after these and many other lies, mistakes and frauds were exposed they were still put in our kids textbooks presented as fact to indoctrinate future generations. If evolutionism is so scientific and true, why not remove the lies in our kid’s textbooks. Truth is not determined by majority opinion, but by facts. The evolutionism model survives on ridicule, censorship, frauds and tax dollars. Evolutionism is NOT science. Praise the Creator Jesus Christ. Thanks for reading

Hearing both sides

Most scientists are not independent thinkers, and fear rejection and reprisals

Science cannot answer everything.


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