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Do I believe in ghosts? Perhaps.

Updated on January 7, 2009

I have always considered myself a skeptic. There is little that I take on faith ... and prefer to go with the theory that although anything is possible, show me. Therefore, for me ... the belief in ghosts is tricky. Many years ago I lived in a suburb on the east side of Columbus, Ohio. I worked the night shift in a plastics extrusion factory, packing drinking straws (that's a story in and of itself ... best saved for another time). Anyway ... I was on my way to work late one night ... and was driving along the freeway when I saw her.

Standing in the middle of my lane as I was cruising along doing at least 60 mph ... was the ghostly apparition of a woman in an orange dress. I never even had a chance to swerve, and drove right through her. Instantly I felt my belly tighten as a moment of pure panic took hold of me. Though I studied there rearview mirror with a great deal of trepidation, there was no sign of her. It was as if I had imagined her ... and yet it felt so real.

Several miles further up the freeway, I saw her again! Just like before, she was standing in the middle of my lane ... wearing the same orange dress ... and once again, I never had a chance to alter the course of my vehicle's projected course ... and drove right through her.

I made it to work safely ... but found myself contemplating the ghostly apparition throughout the night. It was only later that I realized the were a number of orange construction barrels along that stretch of highway ... and when combined with a serious lack of sleep that had built up over the entire week ... accounted for a sleep deprivation induced hallucination ... rather than an encounter with a ghost.

There was another time though ... that seemed even more like a ghostly encounter to me. Even now, when I think about it, I find myself wondering if it was just a strange combination of intense emotional overload and an overactive imagination.

It had been less than a week since someone very close to me had died unexpectedly. We had shared an intimate relationship for several years and he was an important part of my life. On the morning of this ... encounter ... I found myself alone, sitting in the front seat of my car as I waited for my oldest son to return.

The driver's side window was down ... and my son had inadvertently left the passenger side door open. It was quite breezy, and I considered reaching over and pulling the door closed, but laziness prevailed and I opted to leave it open.

As I relaxed in the front seat with my eyes closed, waiting for my son to return, the breeze got noticeably stronger. In fact, it got both stronger ... and specific. It was as if the breeze became a gentle but persistent caress. It was as if the breeze that morning was following a predestined course, one that traversed multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. The breeze slid over my body in such a way that it was intensely erotic... stirring multiple nerve endings in at least three erogenous zones. The sensation was so intense that it was nearly orgasmic and left me feeling both breathless and puzzled.

How could a simple spring breeze affect me in such a ... specific way? Then again, I was mired deeply in grief at the time ... which certainly could have affected my perception, right?

One interesting tidbit ... the first thing that brought me into contact with the man I was grieving for was a shared passion for erotica. Not hardcore smut but tastefully done erotica, created by and for adults. Could it have actually been a ghostly encounter then? Perhaps one final, uniquely intimate caress, before he left this world completely ... for his final resting place ... the realm of Shagri-la?

Do I believe in ghosts? Perhaps.



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    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 7 years ago from USA

      2 years ago we took a photo of our Christmas tree with my son's dog sitting if front of it. When the photo was developed you could see a man's face in the tree. Who it is, I don't know.

      When we were first married we lived in an old house that had strange things happen and twice a lady talked to me. The fans would turn themselves off, the thermostat would change itself etc Then my sister babysat for me and she could see the lady's face in the tv. Another time I had someone babysit for me and they came and got me because they said there was a ghost in the house. Who knows?

      As a Christian I don't think I am suppose to believe in things like this, but how do you explain these happenings.

      My sister had an encounter with something strange like this too.

    • indy cindy profile image

      indy cindy 9 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Interesting that the experience wasn't scary either time. Just shows that life is full of things that are strange and/or unusual. Thanks for stopping by and adding your experiences.

    • profile image

      littlefoxes 9 years ago

      Well I to have seen a ghost twice infact.

      Once when I was about 10 or 12 yrs old at my aunts house. It was a man standing on top of the stairs as I was about to go up to use the bathroom. I told him if he wanted he could come down first and then I would go up. He was dress in a 40 or 50 style brown suit. Then my dad call me and ask me who I was talking to and when I turn to answer my dad the guy up on the top of the steps was gone. I went on up and look for him but he wasn't there. didn't scare me cause he was solid.

      The second time was recent. I was at work as a security guard at this place and had to do rounds in the doctors building. Well one night when I was doing my rounds up on the third floor I saw this ghost...I had just finish doing my rounds and was headed to the evelvator and this movement cought my eye and when I look there was this man standing in the hallway wearing a white coat like the doctors wear and as I was about ready to ask what he was doing on the floor he just walk across the hall and walk right through the exit door and that door is heavy and solid...I went to look but heard nothing on the steps. Didn't scare me that time either. Just made me wonder if what I saw I was imanaging it..The time was about 2:30am....And this ghost was also a solid person too...or ghost. I call him a ghost doctor since he was dress as a doctor...

      So yes I do believe in ghosts but I'm not afaird of them either..

    • indy cindy profile image

      indy cindy 9 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Always a pleasure to hear about your experiences Jim. It's nice to know that your own 'ghostly encounter' left you feeling comforted. We are each products of our varied life experiences ... and the need to share those experiences is strong. Thank you for sharing yours with me here.

    • profile image

      Jim Bruer 9 years ago

      While I have also been of the 'show me' camp on 'so' much in life .... I have had an encounter with what I 'believed' to have been the 'ghost' of my grandfather 'visiting' me one night not too long after his death ... while I was still a child ... I was awakened on night to the sight of my grandfather ... in his favorite green pants and green shirt ... smoking one of his many pipes .... standing in the corner of our living room .... and just as I realized that he was actually not just standing in our living room, but standing 'in' a bookcase that also stood in the room's corner .... I realized two things: !. that I was not the 'least bit' afraid, and actually felt 'comforted' ... and 2. that, as soon as I realized this, with the literal 'blink of an eye', he was gone ... and without a single thought I lay back down and went back to sleep.

      Was this a dream ... or real? .... I thought about it, and have come to the conclusion that it was 'not' a dream ..... but a 'visit' of some sort.

      'However' .... if you ask me if I believe in 'ghosts' .... <-- in the 'traditional' meaning of the word ... I would have to say that I 'do not'.

      I do believe that some 'essence' of 'some' people (loved ones / family members) stays to influence the course of at least certain events in our lives ... for at least certain amounts of time .... for reasons we will most likely never understand (and I'm ok with that) ....

      The 'closest' I've ever found to what I can 'show you' of how I believe is the movie 'Ghost' .... 'guardian's' who 'gently' guide and watch over those they care about.

      It's a ........ 'complicated' .... thing to explain ... this belief .... but I thank you for your insight and experiences. :D

      As well as the opportunity to relate my own .... 'disjointed' ... thoughts. *blush*