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Do Not Lose Faith Because of the Failed Predictions of Men

Updated on August 29, 2017

Do you or did you know that there have been hundreds or maybe thousands of predictions by men (and some woman) regarding the end of the world, the next coming of Jesus Christ, Armageddon, the rapture, and many other matters. Some of the predictions are mentioned below. You are probably familiar with some.

These predictions are made by self proclaimed servants of God, astrologers, scientists, professionals, mathematicians and others who at some point in their lives determines for a variety of reasons that they have special insight or knowledge that convinces them to make a prediction of matters that will occur. These predictions can be honestly based or they can be made to deceive.

However, do you know why these various predictions have proven to be wrong? Review the following predictions and see if you remember some of them. See if you can see a common thread in each of them.

  • 1000 A.D. - Pope Sylvester II predicts the world will end on January 1, 1001.
  • 1033 – There was wide spread belief that the 1,000th anniversary of Jesus Christ’s death would mark his return.
  • 1284 – Pope Innocent III predicts the world will end 666 years after the rise of Islam.
  • 1534 – Jan Mattijs claimed Easter on April 5 would bring the return of Jesus Christ.
  • 1600 - Martin Luther predicted the end of the world will occur no later than 1600.
  • 1658 – Christopher Columbus claims the world was created 5343 BC and would last 7,000 years in his prediction.
  • 1844 – Baptist preacher William Miller (founder of the end time movement Millerism) predicts the return of Jesus Christ on October 22 of that year.
  • 1850 - Ellen White, the founder of the Seventh Day Adventists is reported to have made numerous predictions of the end of the world.
  • 1901 - The Catholic Apostolic Church which was founded in 1831 claimed Jesus would return when the last of the 12 original founding members of the church would die. The last founder died in 1901.
  • 1914 – Charles Taze Russell predicts the Great Day of the Lord would occur in October. He later founded his own organization this year later known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Before that it emerged from the Bible Student Movement and the Zion Watch Tower Track Society. The Jehovah Witnesses also made numerous predictions of the end of the world.
  • 1936 – Herbert W Armstrong, Evangelist of the Radio Church of God which later became the Worldwide Church of God predicts the rapture would take place this year. He later made other predictions which did not materialize. Herbert Armstrong also predicted in 1943, 1972, and 1975 that the Rapture would occur.
  • 1957 – Watchtowr Magazine predicts Armageddon will sweep the world. Millions will perish in its flames.
  • 1962 – Jeane Dixon predicts a planetary alignment would bring destruction to the world.
  • 1967 – Cult leader Jim Jones claims that nuclear holocaust would take place this year.
  • 1981 - Charles “Chuck” Smith of Calvary Chapel predicts the world would end this year.
  • 1982 - Pat Robertson of Christian Broadcasting predicts the world would end in October or November of this year.
  • 1991 – Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan predicted the Gulf War would be the “War of Armageddon” or the final war.
  • 1994 - Harold Camping predicted the rapture would come in September or October of this year.
  • 1995 – Jehovah’s Witnesses declared Armageddon delayed and no longer near changing earlier predictions.
  • 1999 – A prediction attributed to Nostradamus states that the “king of terror” will come.
  • 2000 – The Y2K computer bug predicted by many would lead to the end of the world as we would know it.
  • 2000 - Jerry Falwell predicts God will pour out his judgement on the world on January 1, of this year.
  • 2007 – Pat Robertson predicts again the destruction of the earth on April 27.
  • 2011 – Harold Camping again predicts the rapture will occur on May 21 and that the end of the world will occur on October 21 of this year.
  • 2012 – Many claim that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world or age on December 21.
  • 2014/2015 – John Hagee and Mark Blitz claims or predicts that the four blood moons points to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

There were numerous other predictions identified on the internet. Many of the predictions too ridiculous or bizarre to even mention. Mankind over the years has made many boisterous claims. These boisterous claims and or predictions have failed to come true for the most part specifically when they are about predicting the end of the world, who the Anti-Christ is, and the next coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. I recommend you search Google on the subject.

The common thread in all of these predictions above is that they have failed. They are the predictions of men/women who think they know God and his plan for the world to such a degree that they can predict future events and God’s plan. Many of them think they are special called out servants with a special anointing. Many of these individuals have followers who believe every word that comes from their mouths. These followers are often mislead. Some of these predictors use their predictions to control others.

If you review some of the above predictions you will notice that many made multiple predictions after their original failed to materialize. You have to question just how much they know and understand. Each time there predictions fail their credibility is forever damaged. The above are more well known. What are others more local to you predicting? If they were wrong on these predictions what other teachings of these men may be wrong.

Where does this leave you who have to listen to these predictions from many who you may have watched and observed on television, in person, or the internet. Should you continue to believe them?

The answer is no and maybe yes. No when it comes to predicting the return of Jesus Christ and the end of the world. Yes if you can prove what they say is true from the bible. No if you want to adopt the fact that they are sinners and not perfect and you believe you should follow Jesus Christ and be led by the Holy Spirit. The walk with God is a life long journey and requires you to keep your focus on God and not men.

You should not however let their failures or ignorance of the Bible and God’s Word affect your faith. God’s word and plan for mankind is true. If it is not then God is not who he says he is and the bible is not the word of god.

The lesson to be learned from the above predictions and the many predictions that have been made prophesied is that mankind is not perfect and that man does not know God’s plan and exact time table. God is perfect. Even the most learned men above who claimed to have studied the bible should have realized if they have a walk with God that the Bible will prove itself true. Especially through faith. If you have faith and prayer long enough you will see God’s hand in your life at some times.

God’s plan does not include the destruction of this world or life. It does mean a renewing of this world as Satan has defiled this world. It does include the return of Jesus Christ, His Son, to set up his Kingdom. Jesus will come again in all his power and glory.

God instructs us to have faith in our Lord our God. Why does God command this? He commands this so we will learn to walk in righteous and accept what he has done for us. The righteous will walk by faith (Romans 1:17). The righteous from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ ( and his death, burial, and resurrection) to all who believe (Romans 3: 22). He commands us to put him first. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrew 11:1). By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible (Hebrews 11: 2-3).

The bible at Hebrew 11: 6 says that without faith it is impossible to please God because any one who comes to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. We learn from Romans 5:1 that we have been justified through faith therefore we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We gain access by faith in to this grace or relationship in which we now stand (Romans 5:2) or when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. The gospel for the Body of Christ is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior for their sins, the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4).

Our relationship with God starts when we start to recognize that God is calling us in our daily lives. The foundation of this relationship begins when we accept God and His Son Jesus Christ as Our Savior.

God has revealed himself to us through creation. This relationship with God began with us being made in his same image with the same feelings and emotions that we experience and can relate to with other fellow human beings in our lives. In short, we experience the same feelings and emotions as God does. I emphasize this to point out that even though you do not see God physically you experience God’s faith in you through his Word, Spirit, and actions. You also experience God’s love for us through others whom have accepted the calling on their lives to live in love and peace. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness (Galatians 5:22). These are the gifts of God to those who seek a relationship with him.

God has poured out his love to us by the Holy Spirit. While we were sinners Christ died for us. If we want to enjoy these fruits we must join our lives to His. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. God did not send his Son to condemn the world but to save the world through him (John 3: 16-17). This does not mean your daily walk will be easy.

Do not let the predictions of men deceive you. These men were deceived by Satan. They are the same men who claim to know God. They may have acted in good faith and some in bad faith, but they were wrong and their basis for making their predictions existed in their own minds. You must put your faith in God and accept that you in your life time may never know God’s exact plan but realize God and his son Jesus Christ is the only hope for you and this world. Do not give up in this world of craziness. Live your life in and through Christ and not man. Pray to God to be led to the truth and his word.

God’s faithfulness is enduring, lasting, and will not change. Faith is an action. It is an action on your part and God’s part. God is always there. He will not forsake you. He hears your prayers. God sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for your sins. He is calling you into a relationship with him. Will you accept?

If you would like to read more about God’s promise to you about his faithfulness read my hub article entitled, God and You – Is It A Faithful Relationship?

I want to thank the sources researched for some of the predictions identified herein. Hub Author.


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    • profile image

      Nikita Rahman 

      4 years ago


    • profile image


      4 years ago from those of the Ecclesia

      Good article- I hope to see more articles from you. I further agree with Charlie and echo his comment.

    • celafoe profile image


      4 years ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans

      amen agreed

    • Ronald Bachner profile imageAUTHOR

      Ronald Bachner 

      4 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Thanks for your comments. The hub is a warning to remain faithful and to pray for guidance. One can not determine a false doctrine unless they seek god and study the bible. The more and the longer they do that the more they will be able to identify false doctrines and preachers. I think we are in agreement to be led by the Holy Spirit. If one can not prove it by the bible they should pray about it and be led by the Spirit. Until then reject it.

    • celafoe profile image


      4 years ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans

      good article--- but I do have one thing you said that I have to disagree with. you did say not to believe anything that cannot be proven by scripture which IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT TRUTH. but since most "church" people do not understand that principal and even how to do that I believe it is wise to NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO (IGNORE) anyone teaching a false doctrine or making predictions that are contrary to God's word. They have proven they do NOT KNOW GOD and His word and are just not to be trusted.

      lets face the truth, Jesus made it clear that the Holy Spirit was sent to TEACH US ALL THINGS and that the head of man is Christ, not as the "churches" teach that you need a man over you to teach you. There is NO CLERGY IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. The only men anointed by God TODAY are HUMBLE SERVANTS WITHOUT TITLES, NOT SELF (OR MAN) ANOINTED "LEADERS". as THE APOSTLE PAUL SET THE EXAMPLE.


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