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Do Not Settle For Ordinary

Updated on July 7, 2013
Allow your dreams to motivate you!
Allow your dreams to motivate you!

Dreams can Propel Us into Our Future

So last night you had a dream that you were doing something exceptional! You have never done it in real life, but it has planted a seed of hope in you that you were meant for so much more!

Dreams and visions can actually move us into the realm of believing that all things are possible. They can take our eyes off the way the circumstances may currently look in the natural, help us to see how things can be, and propel us into who we can become.

History tells of King Solomon who was offered whatever he wanted in a dream and he chose wisdom. He had obviously considered what was important to him prior to this dream and his heart was obviously prepared not just to receive when he was awake. He could have chosen riches or many other things but he chose wisdom and God gave him riches as well – what a bonus!

Intellect vs Revelation

Logic can talk you out of Revelation. We often wait till we can logically work something out, and don’t or won’t move into our destiny. The natural mind will talk us out of the supernatural.

Of course there is nothing wrong with reasoning things through and using your intellect to solve a problem, but combined with faith this will add impetus to our imagination so that we can move out of the logical Greek/western mindset into the supernatural. The promises that have been hinted at in our dreams can actually move us from procrastination and into our "Promised Land", and give us the ability to move ahead into our destiny with confidence.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen. We all have hopes, wishes, dreams, desires that we long to see come about in our lives or in other peoples, but they don’t have to remain that way – and they often come out in our dreams (parables of the night seasons). Many of us have had dreams that show us doing extra-ordinary or super-natural feats, and when we wake up from them we can tend to brush them off or make a joke about them over morning coffee.

Many of us have this thought flitting through our heads after having dreams like these:

“I know that there is more than what I am currently experiencing but I am not sure how to get there!”

And for whatever reason we feel we may be missing it at the moment. It might be time to pay attention to those epic dreams where you are actually doing the impossible, or creating something new that you had no previous knowledge of. There are screeds of examples of men and women all through humankind’s history where a DREAM has influenced them and caused them to make choices that have altered their waking life in quite dramatic ways. Are you the next Nobel Prize winner, or do you have the next big hit tucked away in your dreams like Paul McCartney did with “Yesterday”?

Maybe you haven’t had any epic dreams that you know of, but you have had some you know are trying to tell you something. Within them may be just the key to bring clarity and help you move forward with your life.

Take a Leap into Your Destiny!
Take a Leap into Your Destiny!

Superman or Superwoman?

Leapt off any tall buildings lately? Soared up into the stratosphere? Some of the dreams that people send into us at , particularly those ones that deal with flying can suggest that a person is coming into a higher level of creativity, or being able to rise above their current set of circumstances, and when they learn to recognise the meaning of them and how it can impact their lives, it begins to encourage them to reach for “the more.”

Are you about to Fast Track your Future?
Are you about to Fast Track your Future?

Fast Cars and Rockets

Ever driven a Ferrari or some sort of expensive sports car in your dreams? Have you captained an expedition to another planet aboard the Starship Enterprise to go boldly where no man or woman has been before? Could be that your life is about to head into super drive and fast track you to where you need to be – take note of the details and see if there are some hints that you can apply to your daily life. Or you can always just enjoy the ride and allow the exhilaration from these sorts of dreams carry you with fresh inspiration and energy into your day.

This makes me think of the new Superman movie where Clark Kent is made to feel as a young man that “ordinary is desirable” I would urge you to reconsider this underlying suggestion that blending into the crowd is okay. Don’t be afraid to stand out and don't be afraid to believe that those dreams and even day dreams about being the best or extra-ordinary in the area(s) that you are passionate about can carry through into your present day to day life and give yourself permission to Dream Big!

I would like to suggest to you that it might be worth your while to pay attention to these dreams, and if you are not quite sure what they mean feel free to drop us a line at and we will work with you to find out the hidden meanings within them.

You can also find us on don't forget if you drop by to say where you heard about us from!

P.S. If you want to post your dream here we would be happy to have a look at it - if it is a little personal we will message you personally!

Revelations Dream School Manual available from
Revelations Dream School Manual available from | Source


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