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Do Places Have Psychic Energy?

Updated on October 19, 2017
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Bonnie Taylor is the author of the Not Forgotten novels, a paranormal fiction series available on Amazon.

What is spiritual energy

Spiritual energy is best described as a residual footprint left in a place during a specific point in time. Many people believe that emotionally charged or traumatic events leave bits of energy behind in locations and this energy can be felt or otherwise experienced by visitors to these locations. Battlefields, cemetery's, hospitals, and prisons have all been considered places highly susceptible to spiritual energy. While these places may be prone to energy footprints, other less public places are also said to have the capacity to hold on to energy.

Some places teem with energy


Our Homes

Imagine going through life feeling uncomfortable in your own home. For many people, this is a reality. There are numerous tales of people moving in to a home and being overwhelmed with a sense of dread, paranoia, unexplainable anger, or depression. These people claim to feel better when they leave the home but upon their return, these feelings also return. For paranormal investigators this is a clear sign of an energy footprint. It is believed that the human psyche is susceptible to the effects of negative energy and that this energy can actually make us sick. While this theory remains unproven, many people who believe that they have suffered from this phenomenon claim to have been helped by home energy cleansing.

Historic Buildings

Courthouses, libraries, hotels, and saloons also top the list of places prone to energy footprints. Visitors claim to feel a sense of dread or see shadows which can lead one to assume the location is haunted. Paranormal theory does define this type of activity as a haunting, however, there is no interaction between the energy and the human inhabitants. This is what's known simply as a residual haunting.

The Outdoors

Even outdoor locations have the ability to hold on to energy. Like a battlefield or cemetery, forests, parks, and town squares can all provide us with a sense that there is something more around us than what our eyes can see. My home is surrounded by the historic and famous Kissatche forest. There are many tales of energy in this forest. Some say the faint sound of Native American drums and chants can be heard in the forest in the dead of night as it was once a popular hunting ground.


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    • jaidblu profile image

      Bonnie Taylor 6 years ago from Louisiana

      Thanks, Gavin and I definitely agree with your comment.

    • Greenheart profile image

      Greenheart 6 years ago from Cambridge

      Thanks jaidblue. Good to read your hub.

      I think clairsentience can be a factor in one's sensitivities to energy or energies.

      All the best.


    • profile image

      LillyG 6 years ago

      Your welcome. I have told my husband when we retire I want to travel and visit these places housing energy vortexes. I think it would do a lot of good.

    • jaidblu profile image

      Bonnie Taylor 6 years ago from Louisiana

      Thank you both for your positive comments. I also have a deep interest in all things paranormal in nature. As for energy vortex, I have visited one of the sites in Sedona,Arizona and I understood why people are so attracted to them. They say there are several of these "sacred sites" in Egypt, the Himalayas, and on Easter Island. I'd love to check those out someday!

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 6 years ago from Houston, TX.

      This was very interesting. I always enjoy information about the unknown.

    • profile image

      LillyG 6 years ago

      Wonderfully written. I agree with spiritual energy remaining in locations around us. I have also heard of places such as in Arizona that contain energy vortexes, which can lead to increased supernatural activity and psychic awareness. Very interesting hub.