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Do Vampires Really Exist? We Will Try To Answer The Question.

Updated on August 29, 2011
Many people will debate with you on the existence of vampires. Do they or do they not exist.
Many people will debate with you on the existence of vampires. Do they or do they not exist. | Source

Do Vampires Really Exist?

Over the last few years I have come to look at the world in a different way. For years while growing up in North Carolina I heard plenty of ghost stories and my Grandmother and her daughter my Mom were able to see paranormal things that other people could not see. By the time I was eleven I realized that I also could see things like ghosts that a lot of other people either couldn't see or would not admit to seeing. My Grandmother and my Mother would also have visions of the future. And my grandparents and parents would tell strange terrifying tales of other creatures like grave robbers , angels , and vampires.

I remember when I was about fifteen I told my Grandmother that there was no such thing as a vampire. She took me outside and when she finished her story I was no longer sure about the existence of vampires. My Grandmother told me that day that she knew that I knew that ghosts were real and that she knew for a fact that there were a lot of other beings that most people were sure did not exist.

She knew of several vampire stories that had taken place in and around North Carolina and she told me that she believed in the existence of vampires. She said as a young girl she had been present when a grave was opened in a crypt in a church yard. Several people had made the claim that a young girl who had died and been buried in the above ground crypt had been appearing in and around the small mountain community where my Grandmother lived at that time.

My Grandmother said when the crypt was opened the coffin of the young girl was not completely closed. My Grandmother said men pulled the young girls coffin out of its niche and out onto the floor of the crypt. When the coffin hit the floor the lid finished opening and the young girl who had been in the coffin jumped out and snarled at the group of people standing there. When she did several men grabbed her and a large man with an axe cut the head off the young girl. She and her head were taken outside and burned on a large pile of brush. The girls coffin was also burned.

My Grandmother said the young girl had died about three years before and she had been seen ever since in and around the community where my Grandmother lived. Some people had claimed that the young girl would knock on their doors or windows and beg to be let in. Some people in the area had vanished and some had become very ill during the three years since the young girls death. My Grandmother said there was no way that the young girl could have been alive all that time in the coffin. She said that the young girl who jumped from the coffin that day had fangs and it was all six men could do to hold down the young girl while the one large man cut the head from the young girl. Was it a real vampire? I don't know but what I do know is that I believed my Grandmothers story. And I know as I have conducted more and more research into vampires that I have come across many supposedly true vampire stories.

Vampire Hunts Were Once Carried Out In The United States

It is also a well documented fact that in some parts of New England and Appalachia that real vampire hunts were conducted. Coffins were often dug up and corpses heads were often burned and heads were often chopped off. Is there the possibility that some of the vampire hunters were hunting real vampires? Post your thoughts below in the comment section.

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Real Interview With A Vampire

Over the period of many months I watched as a man named Peter who claimed to be a real vampire answered questions from people on the Hub , Real Interview With A Vampire. I was skeptical at first but as I talked to the Vampire named Peter through Email and on the telephone I began to believe. Peter was indeed a real person. I don't know if he was a real vampire several hundred years old but he convinced me of his possible existence and he seemed so real. He was never out of character and I wish the interview could have continued. But people kept wanting Peter to contact them directly or turn them into a vampire and he had made it plain in the interview that this was not going to happen. He finally stopped showing up and ceased to contact me at all. Peter my friend you are missed. I would suggest if you want to read a very interesting story about vampires that you should click the link and read the Real Interview With A Vampire.

Let Me Ask You A Few Questions, Yes You The Reader

What do you truly believe about the existence of vampires? Do you think its possible that they really do exist? Please post your comments or questions in the comment section below. And thanks for reading.

Post Your Comments Or Questions About Vampires Now. And Thanks For Reading.

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    • Susan Renne profile image

      Susan Wendling 3 years ago from Casper

      You are welcome crazyhorsesghost I believe very much so in supernatural beings, not that I want to either. My mom brought something bad in our house when I was young and I was haunted for a very long time. I learned then that there was more to life them what we feel or reality. When I got older I noticed other things and truly believe in just about everything! I hate admitting it but there it is out in the open for my belief system. Vampires in my book are easier to mentally deal with then the rest....

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 3 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks Susan for your great comment. It is really appreciated. I believe in vampires and other supernatural beings.

    • Susan Renne profile image

      Susan Wendling 3 years ago from Casper

      Another hub that I just noticed... I am very interested in this one. I personally believe in many things. I also believe the real deal turns into legend then myth and finally then a bedtime story. Remember things in life end up lost or not written down due to the event at hand. How can a vampire leave paper trails or tracks when the world is just now seeing how important it really is to leave the trails of life. Back then bribery was everything, trusting what you hear is true not proof. It was easy to spread rumors, people were scared of their own shadows! Plagues and sickness made it easier to believe in anything. Holy water, crosses, silver, bla bla bla that is what they told themselves so they can sleep. To made them strong they would brag about killing creatures, even though they really exist. Do you know how many vampire hunters are out there? A lot! Yes, there are fakes everywhere desperate for the real deal. However then there is people like me, you're given a gift or curse you don't want. No I am not a vampire but I am cursed with other things in life non creature like. I don't care if I ever turn into a creature or vampire... Would I like to meet one, duh! I research many things and sadly finding where a vampire has been is easy, finding the actual vampire is hard nor something I want. I have a lot of questions like the rest of you but if you are going to say you don't believe then why read the hub? Do you think a vampire is going to show up at your door to prove you wrong? No they won't, it doesn't work that way. Happy hunting!

    • profile image

      aarsha 4 years ago

      I have a doubt. Vampires really pray to Jesus Christ?

    • Tabithar profile image

      Tabithar 4 years ago from KY

      Sorry that last Anon comment about Lilith was from me. I didn't realize that I wasn't signed in. Lol

    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      The story that I have always heard is that when Cain was banished to the land of Nod he met his wife. The bible tells all of us this. What it doesn't tell is who/what his wife was. The book of Enoch was left out of the Bible. Although our traditional Bible mentions Lilith, it doesn't tell who she is. Personally I believe her to be the wife that Cain met. God considered her evil. She was Adams first wife. Who is to say that God didn't make a mistake while creating Lillth. We are supposed to have been made in God's image. Wouldn't that mean that God himself isn't flawless and is capable of making g mistakes like the rest of us do everyday? What if vampires were his mistake?

    • profile image

      kricket 4 years ago

      I believe in vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. How about u.

    • profile image

      ruby 5 years ago


      u say that vampires come from judus escariot. i have read the interview witb peter he says hes met vampires older than jesus christ which is also before judus. also there are claims that they may in fact claim that cain the first son of adam n eve was actually tbe first and the original father of all vampires , wat do u think of that??

    • profile image

      wilingtobeturn 5 years ago

      Look these two current vamps please feel no need of fear: i am human i want to make peace to your kind honestly i don't want bloodsheds but could i ask in honor of your kind i have a future child perhaps named "Emma' my future husband "jonathan" percecly i am in danger or maybe i am going down the wrong road i want to experience your life, the things you do i understand the logical rules, i know the feelings the impulses i have thought long enough eight years now i have made up my mind and am not going to change it i want to become your kind, i have healthy blood i am smart and want to protect my future daughter from danger ...please help me i am positive i am sure i want this. the two i am asking is

      the name i give is anicent

      and desiree.

    • profile image

      wilingtobeturn 5 years ago

      What do you truly believe about the existence of vampires?

      I truly believe that vampires are real that they live amongst our lives, though I don’t think they are cruel monsters that humans claim them as…I perhaps may of encountered one before , though the odds of it being real is very slim , he acted odd, lurked under the shade of trees the sunlight making him squint but I was naïve and didn’t think about him as this , I felt an unnormal feeling in my gut as if I was walking a fine line to my early grave, perhaps it was the fate I deserved at the time . but this being acted more as if he feared my presence he didn’t lurk away but was very tense I tried to make him relax but it only made him more tense , he kept staring intensely at the lush green veins on my wrist and stared as if hungry at my neck which frequently is the most common place in which this being would go to first, perhaps it’s the flowing of the blood that draws these beings in , or maybe their keen sense of smell draws their intense teeth to our flesh, It’s not as if he wanted to bite but I had notice before the small canines, which were at first the average size human like too, his skin intensely pale white, he wore a long black trench cloak which was odd, and his accent was thick very intense he claimed he was Romanian , which I felt was true, but then suddenly I felt impulse to draw closer into his arms, perhaps he was controlling my emotions because instantly my fear decreased and I felt relaxed , at peace, I no longer felt time rushing by I was instantly interested in his story of his life his family ….he as his friend told me was attracted to me , my beauty brought him to me , thus I didn’t believe so , after we finished talking I said “well It was a pleasure to meet you “ withholding my hand out in front of him …he calmingly took it and shook it firmly saying “Likewise” which to me was another odd thing then he left but not completely he went across the field at the park and sat down at the baseball benches, talking but cautiously watching what I was doing where I was walking , it was odd, but I felt fine, then I told my friend I wanted to ask him out she told me to chase him , don’t let him leave so I walked to him and asked him if he wanted to hang out with me and my friend, he stood up and agreed , and together we walked only I purposely stood closer to him this time to see what his reactions would be but there wasn’t anything , then after again talking almost for hours he was in midst of talking and I couldn’t help but not stare at his canines this time, his canines were ten times longer than before and were intense not to stare at. in my head I was thinking” he must be the one!!!” “Surely he’s the kind I never thought I would meet” then months latter I never could track him down he just vanishes into nothing. Can’t be but maybe he was caught, I dread to think of perhaps he was executed precisely I wished not to hurt him at all.

      Do you think it’s possible that they really do exist?

      Yes of course why wouldn’t they? Their like ancient ancestors our creators, our masters, our protectors at least to me I favor them worship their creator I sometimes wish I could be with one , I wish I lived their life to see what they went through , not saying I envy their morbid pain, but I can relate to their morbid fears, their feelings that they are so misunderstood, perhaps we assume that their kind is cruel they only want to harm us when in fact that’s all wrong, every legend about their kinds being brutal is false they are nice, as long as we don’t pose as a threat to them , but vampires don’t and aren’t allowed to turn just anyone ,there is rules that come with being one of them , their stronger than us , if say they were to hug us their strength is like a semi truck driving well beyond the speeding limit heading directly to a driver driving in the opposite direction the impact of that is like their hug it could break every bone in your body , they’re not mean they don’t try to be cruel but when they feel threatened they will attack , you have to be chosen not you chose to become their clan tribal family , your chosen when they decide to turn you.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 5 years ago from East Coast , United States

      We really would like to hear more from you. Could I interview you for a Hub Page of its own just for you. I am the author of this Hub Page and my name is Thomas Byers. Email me at thomasbyers @ with " Ancient in the subject line and I will get right back to you. I really do hope to hear from you.

    • profile image

      the name i give is anicent 5 years ago

      For about 700 years I've lived in hiding unsure of what humans would think me to be. centuries go by, and story tellers make us to look to be uncomfortably company. In bethel, around 345b.c crusades are what made as demons took are bodies, it's not unfortunate for this because we fought in Gods name, why would God want blood shed during my 700 hundred plus years many things changed. But my story starts long ago I realize I wasn't getting any older, or weaker, in fact I was getting faster, stronger, vision, smell, hearing, was greater I became the clan leader the best warrior lead. In time people started to see, and although I had a job to do I knew I must move on, my people feared me I did not want this. Oh one thing we walk amongst you in sun light at night are bodies are warm and life like the only different things is are power the demon who lives and feeds of are life force needs blood, and in return he gives us un limited power and we can fly, but that is hard and lots of energy my control we prefer not to do, and blood banks we get the blood. Now I am an elder, so I am not going to leave my name I don't want a war of clans among you humans out of respect it is now 1:28 am and I have to feed so mote it be but harm none

    • profile image

      rose anderson 5 years ago

      i my self would love to meet a real immortal vampire i would even give him my blood if he is hot and sexy and that has long black hair and with green are blue eyes are even red eyes ,if he looks like that i would give him any thing he wonts,my e-mail is im also on yahoo as well look me up,,

    • profile image

      Believer 5 years ago

      Well, I believe in a lot of "mystical" creatures i know that spirits aka "ghosts" are real because believe it or not I can feel their presence and i am one of the people who can have the "Visions" i see things like the spirits and the visions and a lot of stuff in my dreams its my way to cummunicate with it but yeah i believe it k byee

    • profile image

      emy 6 years ago

      i'm not really sure about because theres so many stries about it, but what i do really know that i've read alot about it and i found out that there's quite a similarity in my behavour and vampires' behavour.... and thats why i'm starting to believe..

    • profile image

      vampy 6 years ago

      i believe that vampires exist. I just want to know if Peter is a real vampire or what. Just want to ask if they can walk on sunshine and why. Thank you. I do believe in vampires.

    • profile image

      Curiouslydeadly 6 years ago

      I think vampires exist, I mean there are so many stories out there about vampires and vampires have been seen in almost every culture around the world, its hard not to believe in them.

    • profile image

      amy 6 years ago

      im not that surr if i believe in vampires?

      im not sure if i want them to exist

    • profile image

      Mahtab 6 years ago

      Hi, crazyhorsesghost, peter, Rilend and Crimson.

      I've read most of the comments that all of you and even Karen posted on the Interview with a vampire page. I couldn't comment there because the comment part is closed as U know so I’m writing my comment here.

      First of all, Peter, I really love Ur character. not because Ur a vampire, because I feel like Ur a very good person who is fun and friendly even though I know some times U have to do things which us, humans, known as wrong and bad things but it's because what U R and i think Ur totally a very good person. I wish all of the people could understand it, too. i understand Ur hard life as a vampire, and also understand that Ur tired of people who ask same questions or want U to contact them or turn them to a vampire. It's really silly cause U mentioned it lots of times that these things won't happen.

      Any way I hope that all of U three are alright and still come to this site and read the comments.

      I, myself, don't really know that if I want to become a vampire or not but the fact that Ur life as a vampire can be more challenging and exciting and DIFFERENT is very interesting for me.

      I have a friend who showed this page to me the very first time, and she has a question, or better to call it a problem, and she really needs help. she doesn't know who to ask help from, but because Ur a creation of night and U may know about these stuff and Ur kind more than anyone else so she wanted me to explain her problem here, so hopefully Ur gonna come back to answer or help.

      So here’s the thing: from when she was young till now that she's 19, there's something that bothers her. It’s like a ghost or something like that but she doesn't know what he exactly is or what he wants from her. sometimes she hear his voice talking to her at midnight, sometimes she feels that somebody's touching her and stuff like these when she's alone and actually no body's around.

      The only thing we know is that it doesn’t do anything with where she lives and the apartment can’t be hunted because it had been moved with her as she changed her house over the years.

      I didn't really believe her till one time that she explained some of the things about this strange thing to me and asked me for help, we both felt that he didn't want her to share these with anyone and he seemed to become angry or upset. That night I saw a nightmare which I barely see. Also the next morning I had a very strong feeling that someone's watching me or is standing next to me.

      That's not all, but I think I explained enough for now.

      we really do wish that U come back and help us with this problem cause Ur the only one we know that may be able to help.

      I’m not just writing this for peter. Rilend and Crimson, if U still come here and read some of the comments, I’m asking for Ur help, too. Please comment. Both me and my friend really appreciate it.

      She also wanted me to tell U that she feels that Ur a very nice person because U put lots of Ur time reading other people’s comments and answering them. She hopes U to be fine and happy wherever U R. Hopefully U’ll come back and answer some of the people who deserve Ur attention.

      She never wants to be a vampire because although there are ups and downs in life but she loves the life she already has and she doesn’t want to be immortal because she thinks the very long life can become very boring.

      The reason I’m writing this from her side is that her English is not that good to explain these things correctly, my English is not perfect either so if there’s any grammer mistakes plz excuse me!! :$

      Thanks for reading this. Take care.


    • profile image

      mahi 6 years ago

      yes vampires do exist

    • Lotusbud101 profile image

      Lotusbud101 6 years ago from Somewhere pa

      For anyone to say that they want to be a vampire. Look at it in a logical manor do u really think that they would come on the Internet to see these sites. In my personal opinion they wouldn't for the simple fact that it would be to easy to trace there steps and find them. I don't feel that they would put themselves in a position. Plus what would they gain from there communication with us. I am only trying to think logically about it. From the comments that I read from camps on here they have there own laws with that said I don't think they would be allowed to speak of there kind because they would be risking there whole kind. This is my personal thoughts no one has to agree

    • profile image

      MarcusV 6 years ago

      I read the 'Real interview with a vampire' hub and found it facinating. Sadly by the time i stumbled upon it, the comment option had been disabled, and so i could not write on it. I would have liked to tell Peter that i have answers to some of his questions for a change, that i can provide these answers, because my kind exists before his was made, that his kind has been unaware of us, because we are not meant to cross paths, that the reason why i'm willing to provide these answers, is the very same reason that led him to contact this author in the first place. Sadly i cannot say what i am, for it is forbbiden. Peter, this message is for you, there is hope for you yet, while you can never be a human again, there are other ways. If you ever want answers, seek me out, remember that Marcus will be Waiting For Pete at a very resourceful and popular used place, if not, then peace be with you. While i shall never speak what we are, i can give you a hint, "When in Rome..." I would like to say that i was impressed by Aguasilver comment, or John, the one who is very human at this moment, your knowledge is much accurate, which is rare to see these days, except for vampires not being real. And Karen as i have seen, you are an exeptional being. I cannot best what Crimson said about you, you are a genuine person, i hope that the harsh scars that can be left in the hard battles of everydays life never change you. I also have something to say to those who will lay eyes on this and are vampire lovers, and hope to become one. Vampires are not necessarly evil, i have seen more evil in some humans then some other creatures that inhabit this earth, but you do not know what you ask for. Being a real vampire is nothing like hollywood, my advice to you is: Live a full and happy human life, for eternity is not mesured by age, but by simple moments, be good to others as you would like others to be good to you, and love as much as you can, in the time that you are given. Now to answer the question of this very interesting hub. Vampires exist, to my knowledge, vampires have existed for quite awhile now and will continue to exist until judgement day.

    • profile image

      Desiree 6 years ago

      I do believe in vampires because i am one, let me explain ok,i drink blood,i fangs,and sometimes i do sleep in a coffin but what you don't know is i am the princess of the vampires and also my sister zoe is to we also live near a graveyard, and my half brother is a wherewolf we actually get along pretty well,he is the prince of the where mom is a wherewolf and my dad is a vampire his dad is a wherewolf my dad is the king of the vampires i was born a vampire and also drakula is my uncle and theres another vampire named gorlack he always is either trying to fight me or my sister zoe and also trying to take us,but anyway me,my dad,and zoe soon have to go back to our castle in translevanya oh,and what's cool since most of my family is royalty we can walk in sunlight well,bye

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      I am very sad to hear that Peter stopped all contact with you. I can understand him removing himself from the hub page but though he might stay in contact with you.

      I often think of him, Rilend and Crimson and I wish them well, where ever there journey's may take them.

      As for my beliefs, I always believe in everyone. Vampires in my opinion are very real and as i've said before, in all walks of life, there is good and bad.

      I think films like Twilight have perhaps not made things easy for vampires, as now more people are searching for them for the wrong reasons.

      Kind regards as always to Peter, Rilend and Crimson.

    • profile image

      beastybabe 6 years ago

      In my opinion if people can believe in a God they cant see of touch or physically talk to then its my right to believe that Vampires somewhere do exist.

      Its interesting to think about my life and in so many ways I have already mirrored a Vampires Life..let me explan. I from a young age was not accepted by my mother and was seen as an inconvience by my family. I never had the feeling that I fitted be honest I always thought I was adopted but it turns out I wasn't. Even during my school years I was brighter than most in my glass but teased for it, so had no friends at school. When I became a young adult around 18 or so, I used to smoke cigarettes, and other things and have never become addicted to anything, not alcohol. Even with having cancer I have not become addicted to the strong meds that I am on and my body cant seem to tolerate the drugs...quite often I can go off my meds altogether and be pain free for weeks and months on end with no advance of the cancer and my doc cant explain it.

      Even during my adult life, I don't have a best friend or someone that I can confide in, don't need it. It doesn't bother me..Im always being told that I should have friends and that you shouldn't like your own company so much.

      I think that to live as a very private person and to only have a very strict inner group that knows of your existence would suit me fine...There are lots of other signs in my life that make me think that for me being a vampire would not be a problem. I also have been able to see things before they have happened and then when the situation has happened change the event just slightly enough for my self, this has at times gotten me out of trouble..

      So for me being a vampire and being very private and keeping to our own kind would not be a problem, and then when you consider that I am or have some of the traits that vampires me it only seems logical that the final step is taken and that I join my brothers and sisters as it should have been...

      I think what has stopped this happening is that I live so far away...New Zealand is not exactly close and has a short history compared to many countrys...we are only about 300 years old which is not much...

    • Lotusbud101 profile image

      Lotusbud101 6 years ago from Somewhere pa

      I am very interested in learning more.I have this horrible fear of the night since I was this day I always feel as though I am being watched.even though I don't like the night I find myself drawn to it for some reason can't quite explain.I want to learn as much as I can or as much as aloud lol.......

    • profile image

      Scarlet Scrivener 6 years ago

      It seems possible to me. I didn't know about vampires in Appalachia, but I'm not surprised. There's a history of vampires in Rhode Island and the English vampires have particular characteristics. They tend to prey on their own family members. This was once taken very seriously in England and there were laws on the books to guard against the house being invaded by vampires.

      Good article! Voted up and accolades!

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      Hi to Peter have you heard from Your friend Rilend you both seem to be very close and I read both your stories in enterview with a real vampire ,he seems to be very secluded your stories of your lives are very interesting is there anyway i can chat with either one of you

    • profile image

      King 6 years ago

      I'm quite impressed with peter's story ,but i'm not quite sure about what he's sharing with us ,because if vimpires really exist many people would have been founded dead .plz peter show yourself ,because i don't think people would really believe what they can't see .king

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      Just getting facts straight. Judas Iscariot is believed to be the Maker of Vampires after betraying the Christians God Jesus Christ. He was banned from the Gates of Heaven forever and Satan wouldn't welxome him bc he was to be forever cursed to walk the earth as an Immortal that would no longer enjoy the simple pleasures of mortality. To avenge the curse set upon him he changed those he found potential in creating whole new meaning to the term vampyre which evolved over the centuries with the Ancient Ones that survived the centuries, able to adapt to each change of the century they lived in. Hence, the reason why vampires are not known today. They are able to blend in well with today's society with a far, higher capacity of knowledge than a moryals brain could ever handle. They do not change the willing much anymore for fear of being too exposed from past events that had to be covered up under special cirumstances. Nor will i give any information as to the regulations and rules you must follow should you succeed in your desire to be changed by one of the Undead. Although I am breaking a few rules by relaying such info, I just thought that info should be corrected. And for those who claim to be, your not so I would suggest not to falsify its an insult.

    • rose2012 profile image

      rose2012 6 years ago

      for one i would like to meet this man named peter he said that he is a vampire i would like for him to show me that he is the real thing i don't wont to be one but i would love to meet him face to face,or he can call me any time my number is 334-855-1096 or cell 706 - 358-2249,or e-mail me at,i also would like to know how long is his hair and what color is it and what color is his eyes,i live here in fort mitchell moble home park in fort mitchell alabama,just let him know that i don't wont him to make me a vampire,iam 43v years old ,and i just would like to find out for my self if he is real are fake,i all ways wanting to meet a real immortal vampire so if peter is the real immortal vampire i would love to talk with him and may be meet him fac to face,i am not a vampire hunter i love all vampires if they are sweet and nice,thanks my name is rose anderson,

    • profile image

      darkdreans07 6 years ago

      I'm a very realistic person. I have always loved the idea of a vampire actually existing. I have loved the idea of it before twilight, or true blood was ever heard of. I have studied and read about it for years. In the 1700 they believed that because the corpse groaned when staked in the chest that it was still alive, we now know that when gases build up in the body that will cause the groaning when released. People are really allergic to the sun, we do know there is a rare blood disorder that causes people to actually crave it. So scientificly we can say sure we can explain why the ledgens are there. It does occur to me that the vampire is one of the longest running ledgens of all time... its interesting that it has lasted as long as it has. I would have to say though, until someone actually walks up shakes my hand and says, I can prove I'm a real vampire, it will always be the love of a great story that attracts my attention. Lastly on the subject thousands of people to actually live the life of a vampire and will defend the idea of real vampires. That makes the stories even better. The story of Susan Walsh and the people interviewed because of that will most certainly prove people do indeed live the life style. So in a way they are real, they just aren't what Hollywood claims them to be. They have 9-5 jobs, families, and they breathe, and their heart still beats. Love the pages. Keep up the great work.

    • JohnM profile image

      JohnM 6 years ago from Miami Florida

      I believe in the possibility of vampires because I used to never believe in the existence of ghosts and now I know they exist. But I don't believe the Devil or what ever you want to call him has anything to do with any of it. I believe there are a lot of things we have been told don't exist that I think in the future will be proved to exist.

    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      I think if one is prepared to believe in vampires, then surely the enemy will provide one for you to meet.

      We do indeed live in a spiritual realm, or rather our physical realm exists within the spiritual realm, and just as before radio was discovered, nobody knew we were surrounded by radio waves, it's the same for the spiritual realm and spiritual forces.

      So in short, yes it's possible to meet with a vampire, but no it's not a 'real' vampire, it would be an apparition or spirit form taken to flesh that carried out your construction of mind and belief.

      We speak into existence things just as God spoke our realm into existence, we populate our world with what we create, just as God created us to inhabit this time, this space.

      When we return to spirit, we will have passed or failed the test that being human puts upon us.

      John (very human at this moment!)

    • New 2011 Mom profile image

      New 2011 Mom 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      i believe in vampires, but I don't fully believe that they can live for hundreds of years. People grow differently so the long fangs occurring can deffinitly happen. Some people like the taste of blood so they cut themselves to taste it, so a thurst for blood can happen, and having long sharp fangs can be a plus for those people. The nighttime thing can be true because some people are allergic to sunlight, I guess I can say. So with that said the person who can't go out into the sun, may like the taste of blood, and has fangs. Superhuman strength, well that can be explained as well by saying they are a body builder, their bodies just grow muscle tremendously for some reason, or maybe some other reason I haven't heard or thought of. Pale skin, I don't think I have to explain that at all because I mentioned the no sunlight.

      All in all I think things can be explained scientifically, but if somethings can't,well that's fine by me. I do believe there are vampires, but many can probably be debunked as some genetic mutation that occurred as time went on, or when they were born. Whatever it is I respect it and would love to do a face to face interview if i ever could just because I love to learn about how people think, how they learn, and so many different things.

    • arksys profile image

      Irfan 6 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

      I would like them to exist, but i know it's not possible.

      I read the interview with Peter. I was expecting his english to be more classy and sophisticated. It did start out right in the interview but did deteriorate in the next questions.

      Good hub though. thanks for posting.


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