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Do We Really All Serve The Same God?

Updated on September 2, 2014

The Story That Is Told

For years we have heard that all faiths and religions serve the same God. That they all point to the same being and that in the differing followings the only difference is what name he is called but is that really the case?

All faiths have their own prescribed method of obtaining favor with God and entering into the afterlife. In fact some faiths don't believe in an afterlife but that all things will return to their original state and that will be it. Others believe that after a human dies they transform into another state of existence and become something else including inanimate objects.

So with all these different beliefs systems do they really all acknowledge the same God being or do they in fact serve different Gods altogether?

Statute of Buddha

The Need To Worship

Since the beginning of his existence man has had the need to worship something or someone. He has always looked to an object or being other then himself to pay homage to. Whether it was a tree, animal or even the sun mankind has always felt the urge to give honor to a higher entity.

Within the nature and spirit of man he has a desire to give attention to an object or being outside of himself. It seems that his DNA is wired in that manner. It appears that something inside of him tells him that he should do it so he does because it seems to fit the natural order of things.

Even those who do not ascribe to an orthodox religion or faith worship in their own right. Many people worship their cars, houses, children, spouses, boats and other things by giving them inordinate attention and care. The way we can come to understand how they feel is to witness their reaction when something happens to their prized possession. A possession that is simply viewed as that will not garner an overzealous emotional response.

Man for all intent and purpose has a need to worship something other than himself. He is just wired that way.

Faiths, Followings and Religions

As mankind multiplied and spread around the earth he began to organize into worship groups in various regions of the world. these groups developed doctrines or teachings that were particular to their followings. Many times rituals or ceremonies were performed in accordance to what the following believed and these were incorporated into the regular edicts of the faith.

As would be expected, everyone in the region or following did not always agree with the precepts of a particular group and as a result alternate, additional groups would be formed with entirely different rituals, ceremonies and doctrines within them. As mankind continued to grow and multiply so did the number of faith followings, religions and spiritual groups.

Most groups adhered to the belief in a supreme being or God that created all things and ruled over the universe and earth. All or most of them had in common the belief that there was an afterlife which came into play once a person's life ended on earth. Most if not all of them believed that God needed to be pleased in order to get into his kingdom or heaven the difference was however, they all believed differently how that was achieved and therein lies the problem.

All Under The Same Umbrella?

Even though most that believe in God believe he has a kingdom or heaven they do not all agree on how entrance into that heaven is achieved.

Some believe good works are the requirement to get into God's kingdom. Others believe simply believing is enough. And others believe belief in a savior or messiah is the measuring stick for heavenly dwelling. I personally am of the messiah variety believing in Jesus Christ.

Whatever your belief or faith one thing is painfully obvious: everyone does not serve the same God in the same way because if they did they would all be doing and saying the same things.

As the Book I believe in says: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." And to add to that Sly Stone said in his song 'Thank You For Lettin Me Be Myself Again', "different strokes for different folks."

Do you think all faiths serve the same God?

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