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Do You Believe In Heaven Or Hell

Updated on August 30, 2011

The Battle Ahead

Do you believe in heaven or hell? If so then you know that there are always two sides to every story and that God and Satan both have armies. I believe that there really is a religious war going on right now; maybe you believe that the war is about oil or whatever the media and government want you to believe. Everyone has read the bible at some point in their lives which is why when we hear about stories like Adam and Eve we quickly know where it’s headed. The bible is just the same as a dictionary which is why when we hear references and don’t understand those many of us even the ones who are not religious will look through the bible to get an understanding of who someone is or what something means.

Satan has a dictionary too that his followers reference to, sound ridiculous? When Satan fell from heaven he was definitely not alone, Satan had Angels as well that in fact legions of fallen angels and there are seventy two high ranking demons that control all the others. Those seventy two will be commanders of Satan’s army at the final battle. Do you know what Satan’s Angel’s intentions are towards mankind or how to identify them personally by name? To understand exactly what we’d all be faced with you have to know all the facts, if people believe that Angels walk the earth or are watching over us it could possibly be the same for demons of whom you may have or will come in contact with. Satan was said to have been one of gods most beautiful Angels so you can only imagine what his followers were or are like.

It is written that the Messiah will return to earth and defeat the anti-Christ and this will be called Armageddon. Everyone has been making assumptions as to the identity of The Anti Christ, many people joked that it was George Bush, Obama, Hitler, Madonna so you see no one truly knows the identity of the Anti-Christ but it is written that the Anti-Christ will be a powerful world leader very much evil and the greatest opposition to Christianity ever seen. The Anti-Christ will wear a mask of deception showing concern for mankind along with false love, many will follow him and the people who do not will die violently. The Anti-Christ true goal will be to destroy mankind, to destroy the Saints. Will you be prepared for this war or fall victim to the mask of deception? Knowing your enemy is knowing how to defeat your enemy. Now turly ask yourself the question, do you believe in heaven or hell?



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