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Do You Believe In Vampires? Do They Or Do They Not Exist?

Updated on August 7, 2013
Do You Believe In Vampires?
Do You Believe In Vampires?

Do You Believe In Vampires? Do They Or Do They Not Exist?

Vampires are back in the news again with the Smithsonian story on the Vampire Princess Over the years I truly believe I have set and talked with real live ( or rather undead ) vampires. I know with a 100 percent certainty that ghosts, angels, and demons exist and if they exist then vampires is not that farfetched. In the photo above I have collected some things said to be able to prevent vampires or keep vampires away.

However I'm not that sure what would or would not work on a real vampire. I've been told by a man who claimed to be a vampire that Ann Rice got it closer to the truth than anyone else. I've done research on vampires for about the last forty years and believe me I've seen some things that both scared and amazed me. And I am now convinced that real vampires do walk among us. I think there are many things that live here on earth with us that people have never accepted as real. I saw my first ghost at age 4 and I know for a fact that ghosts, paranormal activity, demons, and angels do exist.

For some reason there are some among us who can see ghosts and other paranormal activity and there are many among us who can not.

My Grandfather always told me the old saying that if there was a whole lot of smoke that there just had to be a little fire. And yes I know that people can develop an irrational fear of things they can not see but they believe to be there. It's really quite possible that most reported sightings of vampires are just tall tales or mistaken identity. But in a few of the cases I believe that real vampires were involved and that a few vampires are here on earth with us right now.

Was Judas Who Betrayed Jesus The Father Of All Vampires.

I have heard that vampires can be traced back to the time of Jesus Christ and that Judas who betrayed Jesus was the first vampire and is the father of all vampires but I don't any longer believe that to be true. In a very old book I bought a few years ago in England it tells the story that Ann Rice told in some of her books about ancient druids being vampires and that they were kept walled up in old oak trees in the north of Ireland. The book I purchased in 1998 is in Gaelic and it was hand written by a Catholic Brother who was living in the northern parts of Ireland from 814 to 861 A.D. He had been to the Holy Land before coming to Ireland and he told of very old vampire like creatures living underground in Rome some time previous to 814 A.D. In the last entries in the book Brother Marl tells he will write more tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. I don't know if he died or what happened but I do know I bought the book and the old cross in the photo above and both were said to have belonged to Brother Marl. As far as I have been able to check the book and the old slide apart cross are that old or older. I have had a lot of the book translated to English and it is quite the tale.

Brother Marl Was Sent To Spread The Word Of Christ But He Discovered He Was In A Village That Were Feeding Young Men From The Village To A Vampire God Sealed In A Oak Tree.

Brother Marl was sent to a small village way up north in the area of the sea and he says at the start of his diary that he is near or in the Darnii area. And he refers to Ireland as lesser Britain though he says the druids will never accept the Brits. Brother Marl was sent there from Rome to minister to the people and spread the word of Christ but early in his writings he says the people of Iwernia will never accept a God they can not see or hear talk. The older men tell him that their God is a living God who is sealed alive in a large Oak tree to the north. A few weeks after going to the area in the early cold part of the year Brother Marl is taken north to be shown the old God sealed in an oak tree.

Brother Marl Is Taken To The Sacred Oak Grove Where The Vampire God Lives.

He writes in the diary that he travels with five older men of the area and several younger men of the area and they travel for several days to the north east where there is a huge grove of old oak trees. he tells that some of the branches of the old oak trees touch the ground and the next morning he sees a very disturbing thing happen. One of the oldest oak trees has a sealed up compartment or hollow in it's bottom and it is opened up and an old man dressed in rags is sleeping there in the hole in the oak tree.

One of the youngest men that came north with them is forced into the hollow in the tree with the sleeping man and the tree is sealed back up. Brother Marl asks them what is happening but they tell him he will have to wait for the dark to come to see what happens.

That evening just before dark torches are lit and placed around the oak tree where that morning the young man was sealed in with the sleeping man. After dark voices were heard coming from inside the oak tree and then hideous screams and laughter. Brother Marl tried to tear the tree back open but he was restrained and held down. Some time that night he is struck from behind with a club and the next morning the men who brought him there lead him away and they go back to the village by a different route than they used on the way there. Brother Marl notices that they cross small streams several times. As they walked he tried to ask questions but he is told to remain silent until they are back at the village.

Every Thousand Days The Vampire In The Oak Tree Had To Be Fed.

When they get back to the village the oldest man of their group takes Brother Marl for a walk and tells him he is never to try to return to the oak grove on his own or he will be killed. Brother Marl tries to ask questions but the old man won't answer many of Brother Marl's questions. He is told that the God who lives sealed in the oak tree must be fed every 1000 days and a young man from the area is always chosen to feed the God. Brother Marl is enraged because he thinks the man sealed in the tree is a cannibal. The old man tells Brother Marl that the old God only drinks the blood of the one who is sealed in with him and that in a thousand days when the old God is fed again that the bones are removed and thrown into moving water. Brother Marl writes that he remembers the men with him throwing small packages in the streams they crossed on the way back to the village. Brother Marl is enraged and saddened when he discovers what the men of the village he lives in have done and plan to do in the future. But the old man tells Brother Marl that if he interferes that he will lose his life. He is told he may talk about his God around the village but that the men especially the old men serve the old God that is sealed in the oak tree in the ancient grove of oak trees.

Brother Marl writes that he can not believe that he has been sent to this horrible place. But he can not leave. He is told by the village elders that if he tries to leave the village he will be killed. Brother Marl writes that he is staying there to try to help the children in the area. After the trip north to what the old men call the sacred oak grove only one man attends the mass Brother Marl says daily and most of the time it is a different man each time. He thinks they are watching him. Brother Marl writes that the women and children come to mass but only one man comes and he never partakes of the body and blood of Christ offered up in the mass. Brother Marl goes on to say in the diary that he has found a safe place to hide the diary so the men of the village will not find it.

When a thousand days go by the men still do not trust Brother Marl. He is tied up and laid in his church until the feeding of the God in the sacred oak grove is over. Brother Marl writes that he is kept tied up for two days and nights before two women come and untie him and tell him that he may now resume his services.

Over the years Brother Marl tells of his work with the people of the village and he writes down the name of the young man who is missing after the man or monster living in the oak grove has been fed. Sometimes he doesn't notice any young boy missing from his congregation and he believes those times that a young man from a neighboring village has been used to feed the old God in the oak grove. Brother Marl is clearly disturbed each time the old god is fed and he writes he should do something to stop this but he apparently never does.

In the center of the old diary many pages were wet at one time and they are still sealed together. For all those years Brother Marl writes and then one day in September 861 A.D. he writes that he will write more tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

I Bought The Old Diary And Cross For Seven Hundred Dollars In 1998

In 1998 I bought the old diary for a few hundred dollars from a book shop in present day White Chapel. I went in the book store that day and asked if they had anything old on vampires. Seven hundred dollars later I got to take the old book and the cross back to my hotel room. I have had both items checked by professionals and all agree that the book is most likely the diary of a Catholic priest or brother from the 800's.

Two said the cross is that old while two others said that while it is hundreds of years old that it does not date back to the 800's. I'm not sure but I know it is amazing how it is made and it has real mother of pearl on the front of it. The Jesus hanging on it is made of bronze. And in the cavity inside it is quite a bit of room and you would never get it open if you didn't know how. I wonder if this book or one similar to it is where Ann Rice got most of her ideals about vampires.

I really find it strange that Ann Rice told the story of the vampire sealed in the oak tree in a oak grove. Especially after I found a very similar story in the old diary and it was supposedly from the 800's. I know the diary I have is real and it contains some of the strangest vampire stories I have ever read. It is just simply fascinating and I currently have it with a book restorer who is going to try to open the thirty plus pages that are stuck together. When they get it done I will come back here and report on what is on those pages that are currently stuck together.

Thanks For Reading My Hub Page On Vampires

I hope you've enjoyed my story of what I discovered in Brother Marl's diary and I hope you'll post a comment and tell me what you think. I appreciate you being here and reading my hub page on , " Do You Believe In Vampires ". Please consider sharing this Hub Page with everyone you know that would be interested in it. Thanks For Reading and SHARING. It is appreciated.


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Vampire Hunting Kit From The 1870's
Vampire Hunting Kit From The 1870's

Please Post Your Comments Now About Do You Believe In Vampires And Thanks For Reading And Sharing.

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    • Anna Haven profile image

      Anna Haven 

      5 years ago from Scotland

      Very interesting article.

    • profile image

      W Shion 

      5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing sir, I wouldn't be able to find such a read anywhere else, that's why I signed up this website just to be able to write a comment : )

      So.... the tree is magical and the guy in the tree is not a normal human... right? the brother never knows what it is and why 1000 days? I wish the diary wasn't get wet...

      I did believe in spirit and supernatural things a couple of times when I was a kid, but when I grew up everything just.... well looks normal to me.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      You can email me at thomasbyers at and I will answer. Put Peter in Subject line and I'll know who it is from. Thanks,

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello, I have read quite a few of your Hubs and love your Writing. Its very interesting, in fact you are the reason I joined here. I am very fascinated with your interview with was very captivating. I was curious if you did any Research on him since? Or had a chance to interview him again? I started to look further into his words and curious if you could point me in a further direction with my research on him? Also on another note.....I was wondering if we can talk about some paranormal stuff through email? Thank you for your time.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great vampire information here.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Waiting to hear from you. Looking forward to your story.

    • profile image

      Love pugs 

      7 years ago

      Well here it goes. First I'd like to say that I am a sane 38 year old mom and wife and live a very happy suburban type life. I feel I have to mention that before I tell what happened.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Please tell us all the story. Would love to hear it.

    • profile image

      Love pugs 

      7 years ago

      I encountered one in 1997. I've only told my family about it. If your interested in knowing I will tell you about it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I find this story really interesting and agree that Anne Rice definitely knew something... But the Queen of the damned is so far fetched. If u read all of these books u can tell some change in her writing. It has me pondering about it I believe that Lestat is most definitely real but some of the story is exaggerated and that more than likely not his real name... Just my thought.

      But the Oak story was so similar it's uncanny. If you hear back from Anne you have to definitely post or any more interesting facts as I will be waiting :)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      The Oak Groves story was referenced in the Mayfair Witches. I currently have the book at a restorer in Miami but will make photos of it when I get it back. I have emailed Ann Rice asking where she got the story from but so far no answer. I do wonder how she could have come up with a story that is so close to what she wrote about. I do have several other books from that time period and two diaries from the early 1700's through the 1780's. Both of those diaries were written by the same man and are really interesting. I go to old book stores and auctions quite a bit. The skull in the photo at the top of this page is from a wolf hunt that was held in Romania in the 1500's. It and other wolf skulls were placed on doors in Romania in a belief that it would keep vampires away. I bought it and other things when I was over there.

    • RunningDeer profile image


      8 years ago from Iowa

      Do you have a picture of the diary? I'd love to see an old book like that. Very interesting story. I've never read any Anne Rice novels, I may have to pick one up and read it. Do you know what her book is called that talks about the oak grove? Interesting hub!

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      8 years ago from Texas

      I neither believe nor disbelieve, interesting hub.

    • maryhoneybee profile image


      8 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      This is fascinating. I would definitely love to hear more when/if those pages are able to be unstuck from each other. This account is so fuzzy in my mind, but I remember my mother once telling me that a missionary my father knew went to a foreign country (perhaps somewhere in the Middle East) and described hissing "vampires" that would fly/jump from tree to tree. I don't think my leg was being pulled, but I do tend to believe things like that without question. Thanks for the interesting hub!

    • Karre profile image

      Karre Schaefer 

      8 years ago from Eskridge, Kansas

      The idea of vampirism is the concept of taking energy from another. Have you ever walked by someone in the mall and suddenly felt drained? In that respect, yes vampires exist. Interesting article!

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks my friend for your kind words. They are appreciated as is the comment. Thanks.

    • JohnM profile image


      8 years ago from Miami Florida

      Wow Crzyhorsesghost. Your a wonderful writer Mate. One of the best on here. You have quite an imagination and make me feel like I'm right there in Ireland. Quite a story.


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