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Do not be anxious! Await for the Golden Age soon!

Updated on October 21, 2015

Peace and calm.

Every disease has a cure for certain!

Many people who watch the present day atrocities may wonder what the world was during previous yugas or aeons. During the Treta yuga or Dwapara yuga, there were dark forces in the form of demons who ruled certain portions of earth and they were inimical to the Divine forces all through! But during those periods of time, evil was concentrated in few persons. Hence the Divine incarnations decided to eliminate such evil persons so that righteousness is restored on earth!

Sadly, during the present age of Kaliyug, evil has entered the mind of most of the individuals and if morality or righteousness has to be restored, the mindset of such people needs transformation. If the Lord chooses to eliminate the evil, none will be left on earth. Hence the strategy of god too changes according to the mindset of people around a time. In Treta yuga, Ravana and his clan were representing evil on earth. Hence, the incarnation Rama took birth in Ayodhya as the son of King Dasaratha and enacted the drama of being sent to the forest for fourteen years in order to eliminate the demon king Ravana and his clan from earth.

In the same manner Lord Krishna incarnated and eliminated many evil demons like Kamsa and Jarasandha in addition to eliminating the entire Kaurava clan of one hundred brothers who were the personification of evil and greed on earth. But the same formula cannot be adopted now since all are mixture of good and evil. Hence many great sages, saints, prophets and incarnations abound in this Dark Age and led people to lead moral life. Sri Krishna and Jesus Christ are two great forces one in the East and one in the Midwest to educate the erring humanity. Because of the supreme sacrifices made by Jesus, he is being adored and worshipped by more than half the population on earth. Likewise the teachings of Krishna are relevant even today and his teachings are applicable in all spheres of life.

But if we ruminate, as time passes, the great teachings of such great souls slowly forgotten and people adopt their old ways of living seeking pleasures from sensual life. Hence we find that atrocities grow over time and we expect an appropriate power to manifest once again on earth to lead the erring humanity and protect them from the evil forces.

We have a galaxy of such sages and saints in every religion who takes birth at appropriate time and place and guide the local people. Here, we have to note one special point. According to the need of time and situation, rulers adopt different tactics and entrust the powers to smaller authorities to deal with the situations. Thus a police constable is sent to control the quarrel between two people; a sub-inspector is needed in cases of group clash. If there is a breakout of civil war, the highest Officer in Police rushes there and issue instant orders according to the need of the situation. He may order water cannon, tear gas shells or even shoot at site when the situation goes out of hand.

In a similar manner, god first sends some noble persons to advice the people in a small locality towards moral living. Then he sends some saints to cater to wider audience. If the situation turns beyond the control of even sages, God himself choose to incarnate in an appropriate form to deal with the situation. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, an incarnation is capable of creating an ocean where there was not even a drop of water! Thus the powers of incarnations are immeasurable and beyond the ken of human intelligence.

Though the present state of affairs everywhere seems beyond anybody’s control, God will surely restore peace and ensures the dawn of Golden Age soon. It is a matter of few months and we can wait with hope!

Dawn of Golden Age soon on earth!


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