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Do not bear other people's burden in the mind!

Updated on November 10, 2016

Sufferings has a purpose

Worry will never solve a problem!

In addition to our own worries, we often bear the worries of other people who are either closely related or thick friends. There is nothing wrong in showing concerns about others troubles but at the same time, we can render possible helps to them and leave it there! Yes, if we starts worrying about their problem, it will become unbearable for us. Worry is really a harmful pastime. By worrying, we can never solve any problem outright. Instead, if we face the problems outright, we can tackle them in a relaxed manner. Worries creates lot of stress leading to depression. Nothing is going to be solved by this bad tendency. Life is always up and down and none is spared from this paradox. Even a yogi or jnani has to bear the cross of troubles at times. But they are nothing in front of the self realized souls. Has not Jesus bore the cross ungrudging? Yes, he knew before hand that he will meet his end in the cross and some of his disciples will feign ignorance about his association. Judas secretly pointed out in the direction of Jesus and for that treachery, he committed suicide subsequently. He has done this crime for fifty silvers. Jesus knew all happenings prior hand. He never thought of hiding.or escaping but meekly submitted himself to the guards for trial. We are never capable of such a supreme sacrifice since we are egoistic and self centered!.

Cause and effects.

Cause and effects in human life

In fact, all prophets and incarnations underwent untold sufferings at the hands of distractors! Why it is so? They are all living examples to humanity. They never shirk at sufferings and travails.They never considered themselves as the physical body or unstable mind. Bodies are like water bubbles which will burst at any moment. The mind is the most unstable element in human beings. Those who relied on their minds ultimately faced defeat and distress! The connection between a body and mind is inseparable.The body is inert material but due to the presence of Self, it acquires the capacity to move, work, speak, taste and discern. In fact, all the senses will function perfectly as long as there is breath or life inside the body. The moment, the self finds that the body is of no further use, it will relinquish the particular body and seek a new one to work out the balance of karma or effects of the past deeds. It may be good, bad or neutral. As per the past deeds, the results occur in each birth.

We are not aware how many births we had undergone earlier. There is a record for all the good and bad deeds performed, the thoughts one had, the opinions, feelings and emotions one had undergone. We wrongly presume that only physical acts will recoil on us. No! all the jealousy, greed, pride and ego which manifest in our thoughts words and actions will be paid back in equal proportion. Godless men always criticize god for all the negatives and evils we witness in the world. He is not aware that God is a mere witness and god has no revenge in his wisdom. All are equal to him. In fact, god feels more for the evil mongers and he desires that they are transformed into good one and join his bandwagon. While creating the world of beings, god has promulgated several laws for all beings for their harmonious living among various species. All the species except man are abiding the laws while man alone transgress the rulings of the Lord. The Lord, while granting free will and choice making abilities to man has cautioned the human beings, 'whatever act they embark on their own volition will bring their own effects, be good or bad. We can easily understand this by a simple example.In the earth whatever seed we plant will bring forth the same variety of plant. A mango seed will grow into a mango plant and not as a neem tree. As is the food, so is the belch!

Hence, the results can never be different from what we have done! God is just a witness. The mind full of desires prompt man into actions. Hence, the mind is the chief culprit. God is not involved in human life except as an inner soul and god is never attached either way to man's actions. When man blames god for his misery, he is not aware that it is his own deeds which resulted in misery. That is the reason why there is huge discrimination between each man. While one enjoys life fully, the other one suffers endlessly. Here we need to remember the proverb, 'sow mango, reap mango!

Life is short...

A true surrender story!

God is not a tyrant nor a sadist. His food is really our happiness! Hence god too feels for the sufferings undergone by people but he won't interfere unless one surrenders himself completely to god's will. As long as man exerts his will to extricate him from the problems, god stands at a distance and watch his endevours. When man realizes that his efforts can never take him far and submit himself to the will of god, then god comes near and help the man. Hence we can not understand or judge the actions of god. Sometimes, his heart will be diamond like, hard to crack. Some times, god's heart will melt like a butter. It depends upon the person with whom god deals! Hence, almost all the sages recommend and insist that we should subdue our ego and submit to the will of god! This kind of surrender is supreme!

One fine example given in the epic Ramayana will elucidate this point. Rama promised whoever comes to him and seeks refuge in him, he will accept them without any further thought. Vibhishana is the youngest brother of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, the present Sri Lanka! Ravana, though proficient in all scriptures and puranas, Veda and Upanishad, however failed to follow righteousness. He abducted mother Sita, the consort of Rama and kept her in custody in a huge garden. Many ogress guarded her and threatened here, if she disobey Ravana's will,they will devour her! But, mother Sita was the most virtuous queen, who refused to look at others other than her husband Rama! She treated Ravana as a grass and ridiculed him for his audacious desires to seek the company of other's wives! Many people who were virtuous cautioned Ravana, "Hand over mother Sita to Rama, then our Kingdom won't perish. Otherwise,the entire clan of demons will be destroyed by the arrows of Rama! In his conceit, Ravana never listened to any! But the youngest brother pleaded with him to hand over Sita! Instantly Ravana banished his brother from the Kingdom! Vibishana, though sad, moved away from Sri Lanka and reached Rama's camp and surrendered to him! Though everybody counselled Rama not to accept the brother of demon, Rama told them, "Even if Ravana now surrenders to me by handing over Sita, I will pardon him and let him go away! Thus Rama proved that he had no anger for the demons and he followed what is right always!

God is mere witness.

The ultimate human aim.

Hence, we must understand Divine laws and follow them scrupulously so that we can attain god ultimately. For that, we have to perform all actions without any desires and surrender the results to god. This is true dispassion which will lead us to God!

Cause and effects is the basis of our Life.

Can we become immune to the results of our actions?

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