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Do not cater to the cravings of the mind!

Updated on November 27, 2016

Cause of suffering

The origin of desires from thoughts!

Desires press the mind for fulfilment. Desires first arise as ‘thoughts’ in the mind and turn into cravings. The mind makes all out efforts to satisfy the cravings. This is a never ending cycle which leads to further births and deaths! Hence the ancient sages exhort man to give up desires and stop fulfilling each and every craving! When the fire is raging high, the wise man will not feed fuel further. It is the foolish man who put more and more logs of wood on the fire. Consuming the wood, the tongues of the fire rise higher and higher! In a similar manner, we have to deal with the mind; when a thought arise in the mind, silently inquire, ‘to whom this thought arose? The mind will reply, ‘to me’! Then we have to inquire, “Who are you? The mind says, “I am the body/mind conglomeration! The intellect will say, ‘you are not the body, nor the mind or senses; you are the indestructible ATMA or SELF within! The body will die one day but not the self; it will occupy another body to work out the past karma; the balance of effects of past deeds! The one who relinquish his identity with the body and mind is really the wise one! Such souls are very rare since more than 99.99% are leading a material mundane life, concerned with the comforts and pleasures of the body! The senses hoodwink us all the time, the mind relying upon the senses goad the body to seek the paltry pleasures of the flesh! What a tragedy man meet? Yes, all our sufferings and grief are due to the desires that arose in the mind!

Thus preached Buddha!

What is mind but a bundle of thoughts?

What is mind? Whether it has any form? NO, mind is a bundle of thoughts. Once we relinquish the thoughts by remaining a mute witness, thoughts will subside themselves. If you feed each and every thought, it will raise its devouring tongue seeking more and more! Hence do not cater for the cravings of the mind! Let it seek any number of things! Remain indifferent to the thoughts and practice detachment! Of course, it is not easy. Since we are entangled in the worldly experiences, we are undergoing alternating experiences of pleasure and pain! Has anyone in the world enjoyed everlasting happiness? There is none who enjoyed all pleasures in a permanent basis! Even an emperor undergoes frequent bouts of depression unable to fulfill the demands of the Empire! None is happy in the world, be him the President of a powerful country! He has to deal with many insurgencies within and without. Terrorism is the major problem affecting the whole world today. There is hardly a few countries which are not affected by global terrorism! On the one side, the atomic stockpiling threatens the entire universe! Many bombs are capable of destroying the entire globe many times! Then, why they stockpile? If in an unfortunate situation, nuclear war starts, the world will be destroyed within ten second! Who will remain to live? It is sad that no power has thought over this before manufacturing and stockpiling atom bombs! A small example is Hiroshima and Nagasaki! None had anticipated the sad plight of millions of innocent citizens. Even after the saddest tragedy of world war, more and more nations are inventing new warheads to safely deposit on other countries!

Mind is an illusion

All other species are better than man!

When we think over such situations, we doubt whether man has lost his discriminating capacity! Insects, birds, and other animals seem to be far better than human behavior! They kill only when there is hunger! They avoid killing when there is no need! But man, not only destroy this beautiful universe, but also kill the inhabitants for own greed and selfishness! He destroys the vast reserve forests. He kills the blue whales in the ocean! Today, man is complaining about the natural calamities! Nature is immensely patient. It never retaliates unless man threatens the very foundations of creation, peace and harmony! God has blessed man with intellect and discrimination. But man uses them for hoarding wealth and for selfish aggrandizements! God is mercy as well as Justice! Hence he watches the atrocities committed by man for a long time and deal in an appropriate manner at an appropriate time! At that time, man will not be able to bear the fury! Like the disastrous atom bombs, a huge fire will engulf half the planet amid the gory flood which will surround most of the human habitats. We are only witnessing some samples here and there! When the evil grow to fullest level, God’s power too will manifest in an equal measure! None can bear the brunt at that time! But these are all inevitable consequence of human greed and selfishness. Leaders too are the product of human society! Hence, there is no use blaming the leaders! They use the situations for their own agenda!

Those who have faith in god and love towards their fellow beings are sure to be protected by God at those times of destructions and disasters. At least from now onwards practice morality and righteousness in life!

Durga kills the demon

Human greed and selfishness has degraded him

Do you consider that present day man follow his conscious?

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