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Do not mind what others think live your life like the world was going to end tomorrow!

Updated on August 23, 2014

A couple of my places I call Heaven.


Like the way your life is going, then keep going.

In my own life, and I speak for myself when I say this mostly, I learned it doesn't matter one bit what anyone says.

Social media is nothing but a bunch of keyboard warriors that are nothing but a bunch of people that have their panties in a bunch or maybe someone peed in their cheerios in the morning at breakfast time.

If your working hard at things your doing and in your life your enjoying what your doing, it will never matter what anyone says about you.

The world has come to know the terms "keyboard warriors", and it's very, very laughable.

You need not stress over keyboard warriors on social media, because the best thing to do, is shut off your computer and do something for yourself.

Maybe go see a film or get an ice cream.

In life I learned sometimes happiness pisses people off, but know what? I honestly don't care.

My own life, my own bed I get up every morning and my life is surely but slowly changing into the life I have always wanted.

You know why?

Because of determination and persistence.

Not giving up and just keep going.

Actually one of my favorite places is the fitness center and working.

But actually in my past my life wasn't so great and yes it was my own fault because of things I chose to do and some people who I was around.

So I had to take out the trash.

I cleaned house and now there is a much clearer energy and air that I like to breathe on a daily basis.

If I can get to other places that have very good energy, I will go.

There is nothing like feeling sun, in higher places with less people around or if you know the famous man who once was here on earth, Bruce Lee who said "Be like water", which I take into my own perspective and go to water, the beach.

I enjoy things that I enjoy and no one can take that away from me.

I learned to love and let it grow and alot of it is strictly platonic loves that have grown and blossomed and will always be part of my beautiful garden of extended family and friends.

Sometimes when you make friends they do become extended family members and sometimes they accept the silliest sides and craziest sides of you and you feel good!.

Many times in life, you have to go through many bumps and sometimes you in a washing machine stuck on the spin cycle that has you up against the instead wall of the washing machine that keeps you stuck to the wall.

But once you become "unstuck" from the wall and get out of the void of the vicious spin cycle, then you indeed will feel like your soaring higher than you ever soared before.

When I get up in the morning I am very happy.

I can't say that all my good days are always good and have off days and if I didn't admit that, then I would look like I was full of something.

But now the good days outweigh the bad days and I think now maybe it is 90 percent of the time, NOW, that I am happy in the present.

I don't care if you paid me a million, trillion dollars, I would never want to go back to the past, because the present is just way to divine like a chocolate dessert that you savior and can't wait to devour with whip creme and a cherry on top.

Life now is all dessert that I get to have every single day.

Mostly I believe the goodness in the good days because they help you to forget the ones from before that gave you trouble and you feel good.

I like this feeling and I like it a lot.

I accept the future and what it will bring in my life.

I can't predict the future.

All I know is my life at this moment, this present time is golden and I'm a free spirit.

I like to feel the wind beneath the sun at the beach and seeing the sights when hiking up the mountains, where the higher I go, I feel like I have reached up the heavens and can feel like I'm touching the stars in the skies.

There is so much beauty in the world but we just have to really seriously open up our eyes to see it and open up all our senses to feel that beautiful feeling I feel.

Each and every opportunity I get in life, I am going to grab it.

Yes I will take the bull by the horns and take it for a ride.

If I fall off the bull, I'll get back on and take another ride and never ever look back.

Never turn around to look back keep looking ahead and keep focusing on the future.

You know how I know this works, because I do this every single day.

It was just like I turned on a switch and my life changed.

When you don't care what anyone says, life is good.

That is how life became good for me, because I didn't care anymore.

They say the best revenge in life is not taking "revenge" but actually living a good life.

Well I guess then this is indeed the good life for me.


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