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Travel The Secret Worlds of The Universe

Updated on March 23, 2011

Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

One of my favorite authors of recent times is Harold Klemp. His easy to understand non-judgemental way of looking at spiritual growth is refreshing to me. He has authored dozens of books over the years.

Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel written by Harold comes to mind because this is the book he teaches you exercises that could help you realize your past lives. He also teaches you methods to travel the unseen worlds of the universe.

I like his material because he lets you decide how to interpret your own life experiences. He is able to explain sensitive subjects in a style of eloquence that is quite un characteristic of most mid western farmers I have met. Harold books often share stories of some of his and other peoples experiences using the methods he suggests to try.

I started reading his books several years ago after discussing with a friend some what I would say were unusual things that had happened in my life. It was quite amazing to me that other people had experienced similar things in their lives and Harold Klemp explained in his books what had happened.


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  • Jeremey profile image

    Jeremey 7 years ago from Arizona

    Haven't heard of him until now. I ended up here off of your Homeless in L.A. story, maybe it's a sign I should pick up one of his books from the library before heading to the shelter. I'll be back to read some more, time to rest my eyes. Take care.