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Does Islam Truly Respect Religious Freedom?

Updated on February 6, 2011

The Case of Sayed Musa

I suppose the answer depends on your own personal experiences, your preferred religion, how you interpret the world news, but, evidence is mounting that although Islam claims to be tolerant of other religions, it is only tolerant to a point. Unlike in the US and many European nations, the State really does not care what your beliefs or religion is because of the basic separation between Church and State.

The extreme Muslims of the Islamic jihad really provide ammunition to anyone not of that faith to not trust them or even hate them. We are not talking about moderate Muslims and Islam. The extremists are Islam's and Muslim's worse enemy and nightmare on the world stage. They create enemies in Islam's name and make it hard for the moderate Muslims in day to day activities with non-Muslims.

The extremists include Iran, Taliban, al-Qaeda, those Muslims who believe in Sharia Law, Saudi Arabia (to some extent), for those are not really tolerant of other religions within their own countries and are not looked upon on equal footing. Muslims, in general, always think their religion and way of life is superior to all non-Islamic.

Islam and Muslim's (to some extent) are appalled when a Muslim converts into Christianity and believes in Jesus Christ as a savior.  Some would call him an "infidel" and bring the person to trial and want a sentence of death for it. Maybe that is tolerant is to them.

Take, Sayed Musam (46) who was a devout Muslim for most of his life, then, Christians introduced him into Christianity, and he converted, tossing the teachings of Islam into wind. He was baptised and took Jesus Christ as his savior.  Sayed, actually took the practices of Islam and Christianity, the ones he thought were fair and best, and spread the word. He was arrested for it and the court (ruled by Shariah Law) said Sayed had committed a crime of conversion, which under Islam is apostasy. The prosecutors demanded that he be killed by hanging. News reports on TV and radio further inflamed the whole issue because those who believed in Islam felt threatened that Christianity was a danger to their way of life brought on by the influx of foreigners. Lawmakers publicly called for Sayed to be put to death.

Is this religious tolerance? or, religious paranoia?

While Sayed has been in jail, he had been beaten by the Muslim guards frequently, has been denied food, has been raped by Muslim inmates and suffered endless verbal abuse and threats.

All because a man decided, for himself, that Islam was not the best way for him and he now believes in Jesus Christ. How could Islam or any Muslim claim their religion is tolerant, when it is clearly not in many places.

The problem with Islam is that it too diverse among the believers. One country is much more tolerant and less harsh in Islam, while their neighbor, is the extreme. By comparison, Christianity is constant wherever you live or go. There is no Sharia law of justice, no dress code for women or men for one to choose or not choose. Islam has too many interpretations of its laws and rules about one's daily life and they vary depending on which Muslim country you are in. God forbid a Muslim decides it is not for him and convert!

I wonder if the the Islam teachings in the Koran really are this strict about all of this extreme stuff or is it because the Koran is written so vague that every Muslim can interpret it as they see fit and then use it to support their decision or rule. It seems so, which would account why there are many variations within the religion.

Islam is not tolerant of any other religion. Period. It is "their" way or no way, which is why there is a Jihad. Sayed proves this.


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    • revengadown profile image


      6 years ago

      It's your own personal opinion and plus you don't differentiate between Islam and behavior of some Muslims.If you really read history of Islam and earlier muslims,your wouldn't say that?i can suggest you to read my hub:Islam spread by justice and tolerance not by sword.

      It seems you r still in comma and you don't know what s going on around you.Qaada IS invented by USA to invade the East and the invasion of Iraq was for oil.

      talking about Democracy,I WILL TELL YOU ONE THING ;Hijab (headcovering)is banned in French public schools.In Australia, a radio presenter triggered both debate and outrage when he called for the face veil (niqab) to be banned from banks and goverment buildings.look a small piece of fabric causes such controversy and conflict and a call for prayer is banned in western countries.where is the democracy and freedom of worship you are talking about?wake up!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      ...I didn't bother to read the whole article but I might as well say that in no case is rape ever allowed. Even if it is as "punishment". No.

    • eovery profile image


      7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      In Egypt, we lost another supporter and friend. Soon we probably will lose Iraq, and we and Isreal will have no friends in the mid East.

      How come this always happen under the democrats watch?

      Keep on hubbing!


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