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Does It Really Matter If I Believe Or Not

Updated on January 14, 2022

It’s interesting what you might stumble upon when you read.

Just a few minutes ago, I was reading an article about whether believing in God matters. After that I also stumbled upon an item asking if I was a good representative of my beliefs. I added my two cents into the discussions that followed but really, I find it amazing what we might be able to encounter through our readings.

That’s if we do read.

The sad part though is that I am afraid that reading might have reached its peak and could very well be a dying activity.

Well, don’t get me wrong, many of our youth or the next generation still reads.

They read their text messages and their emails and their tweets and their facebook notifications. Well wait, they also read their video blog comments and film subtitles and the credits to television shows, video games, music videos and the movies that they watch.

Everything seems to be visual now, visual in the sense of more moving pictures even in 3D and less of the written word. I pity those who haven’t discovered the excitement of reading the written word yet.

Because there is no way for us to explain it to them when they have yet to see the drama and the suspense in cuddling a great book. There is no way to convince them that one visually sees pictures come out of book pages and words leap out and create Avatar-like 3D pictures not in the silver screen or any other screen but in our own imaginations as we can’t wait to turn to the next page and then read the next book. Technology, maybe haven’t gotten that far yet.

I do hope you are still there reading this and if you are, maybe you could write even a short one word comment below just for me to be sure that there are still people out there who are reading this or are reading period.

Going back to that piece where somebody asked, God-does it matter if I believe?

The obvious answer would have been no. Why would it matter, people will still do what they want to do, even if they believe or not.

Well, I dared said yes.

And I gave a short comment stating among others: My idea is the answer to the question is simple enough if you define God as the Creator and not as Gods or gods within a particular religion. If you don't believe in God then that's fine, nobody should force you to believe until you want to really to be sure if there really couldn't be one. But if you do believe in God, the question is what are you going to do next?”

Yes, for he was saying that the answer to his question was not so simple. Wait, it could have been a she, the writer didn’t say.

Anyway, here is my thing, does it really matter if I believe in God or not? As I’ve said, yes.

Why? Because even if we do not want to read, even if all we want is the latest in technology, fashion and all the movies and shows that we can watch, we still see the end result in all of them.

Let’s see, I wanted to list all the movies I have seen with a dark look at the future but I decided against that as that may take a while, well maybe later I can add it at the end.

But let me just ask you this. Haven’t you noticed that all the movies which deal with the future always have a somber look to them. All of them are mostly shot in the dark, or everything is musty, decayed or scary. Most people are dead or dying or only one person is left alive. And all of those films are bleak, desperate, hopeless and sad.

Even Disney and Pixar’s own view of the future (in Wall-E) was dark and gloomy.

I haven’t even finished watching that film however hard I try, for I always fall asleep somewhere in between the start and the end.

What does that say, even our (young) film makers know what the future will bring and that is not because they probably read it in the bible or in the prophecies of Nostradamus or the Mayans or anywhere else, we might not even be sure if they are among those who still want to read. Well I hope so.

One needs to want to read first in order to write. And films do need a lot of writing. And I am not surprised that some of them have read the prophecies in both the Old and the New Testament. And I didn’t say believe them, but at least just read them.

Anyway, what does this tell us?

Subconsciously our brains are telling us without God or a belief in God, there might not be any hope (for the future).

People will be lovers of themselves, their own desires. They would care less about rules or about anybody else. There could be no more right or wrong or the lines that separate them will be obscured. Anything goes. And even the best-intentioned peace-loving rational non-believers can see that.

So does it matter?

Absolutely. We just do not want to admit it.

Because, we strongly feel that we should all be free. We should all be free to think for ourselves. We should be who we want to be. We should all be free to do what we want to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree 100%.

We should all be free. And for the most part we are. But sadly we still want a lot more, a whole lot more.

And just as our film makers have been telling us all along (and for some time now) through their movies, but we just cannot see.

They have already been showing us the future, as they see it or as they have seen it.

Although it is hard to read between the lines in the movies, but we can at least see it plain as day in the frames, in the stills, in the movie posters, in the movie titles.

And this is that we shouldn’t expect the future to be a bed of roses. We should be ready for any and all eventualities. As they say, be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

No God? No belief in God? No problem.

Your wish shall be granted. That’s our freewill anyway. Enjoy.

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Date: 2010-May-13

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