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Does Karma Really Exist?

Updated on April 14, 2014

Karma -

Karma as kárman a neuter n-stem, nominative kárma कर्म  from the root √kṛ कृ, means "to do, make, perform, accomplish, cause, effect, prepare, undertake".[11][12] The root kṛ (kri) is very common in ancient Sanskrit literature, and it is relied upon to explain ideas in Rigveda, other Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, the Epics of Hinduism.[11][13] The root "kri" also appears in the word Sanskrit, to imply a language that is "well made". The word Kárman itself appears in Rigveda, for example at 10.22.8;[14] as does the word karma.[6]

Karma is related to verbal proto-Indo-European root *kwer- "to make, form".[15]

- Definition taken from Wikipedia

So essentially, Karma is creating an outcome through actions or cause and effect.

Karma in Action

To me, Karma isn't a benign force sitting on a pedestal watching to see who next to pounce on for being mean. Karma is a flow of life, a way of things working out as a result of our own actions, thoughts,decisions and beliefs.

In a rudimentary fashion, Karma is the man having a heart attack after 40 years of eating poorly and failing to exercise.

Karma is the company which fails after its boss chased nothing but profits at the expense of his staff's happiness and well - being, who then all left to form his opposition.

Karma is the family who have lived off of drug money their whole lives becoming impoverished and having to start again and learning to live like a normal family and appreciate the little things in life and start contributing in a positive manner ro society.

Karma is the balancing of the scales, the accepting of responsibility and the growth of the human spirit.

Can One Avoid "Negative" Karma?

Negative Karma is simply results that cause one a grievance or pain. The man who loses his family because he was not present or was abusive may consider his Karma as being negative but truthfully, its a gift. Now that he has hit "rock-bottom" and has nothing left to lose he will start to reconsider his actions, re-evaluate his values and morals and perhaps learn to earn his family's love and trust in the process, making him a happier man.

However, if this same man were to see the eventual outcome of his actions and realise he doesn't want to go to the end of the line and lose all he has, its important to know that the karma can be balanced and healed with action.

Steps to Correcting a Karmic Path:

Acknowledge: The first step to healing a problem is first acknowledging that you have one!

Contemplate: Put yourself in others shoes and look back at your life and actions. Have you done what is best for you at the cost of others or what is best for all of you?

Reconsider: Now that you have acknowledged your pattern, how can you do things differently in future?

Be Mindful: Wanting to change is admirable, but it takes real effort to change. You'll now have to be your won watchdog in your mind, careful of how you speak, think and act. watch yourself and slow things down before you fall back into old habits. This may seem exhausting initially but your new way of doing things will soon become new patterns and habits and you'll no longer have to work quite so hard!

Make Amends: You'd be amazed at how quickly a simple, heartfelt apology can heal a relationship! Once the recipient knows you've really thought things thrpough and genuinely care, forgiveness will flow quickly and easily and before you know it, a bright new future awaits you both.

Remember that an apology has 3 parts:

  1. I'm Sorry
  2. I'll never do it again
  3. How can I fix this?

Cleaning the Slate in Absentia

Sometimes the person you have harmed is no longer available for you to make amends. They may have died or left your life and you have no contact with them. In this case, its still quite simple to ease the karma.

  • Write the person a letter and tell them all that you have done and your apologies.
  • Burn the letter to let it go
  • Forgive yourself as wisdom is often found in hindsight. Most of us do what we can with what we have at the time. Perhaps you were simply not aware of the impact your actions would have at the time and you are now remorseful.
  • You WILL come across similar situations and people in future - use your new found wisdom and use your new pattern every time and remember them and the lesson you have learned.

Why is My Life the way it IS?

Creating a Positive Karma Circle

Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? This isn't just about people getting rich because they think about money all day long! The law of Attraction is subtle and powerful and basically means that what you think, say, do and believe - what you put out there, comes back to you. In other words - KARMA

So think about what you want form your life, what kind of Karma you'd like to attract.

Perhaps you want to be surrounded by happiness, love and laughter, Perhaps you want a simple but honest life? Put it out there.

Show people your happy smiling face, they will reciprocate

Show a genuine interest in people and they will open up to you and share so much more than you'd ever dreamed.

Learn to forgive others and you will see how quickly they forgive you in return

Share your wealth and you will never go hungry.

Motivation Creates Karma

Please be aware though that you can go to extremes and harm yourself, so think about your motivation behind your actions first?

You cannot make someone love you by forcing yourself on them

You cannot manipulate Karma by trying to score additional points, this is not a game. Life works on a level of truth beyond our basic limited understanding.


The Buddhist View on Karma


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