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Does Solidarity Exist?

Updated on June 8, 2013

Do you ever examine the people, their cultures, the way they treat each other? Do you ever examine our world as a whole, and ponder this question? Does solidarity exist in our society, or even, in the world?

I can honestly say, that when I look at how people mistreat each other through acts of random violence, the unrest in foreign countries, the unrest in our governmental politics, poverty, greed, hunger, murdering children, the legal system, I see the lack of solidarity.

Granted, there are good and bad people throughout the entire world. However, I often wonder, about the ratio of people with good hearts, or people with compassion, and morals, versus those who have none.

I consider myself to be morally sound, I also consider myself to be a person of compassion as well. As I look at the world, I just don't see people trying to work out their differences. I will always believe that as long as you have people throughout the world, who can't remove the hate that they have for those who look different, act different, talk different, dress different, this world will never embrace solidarity ever in my lifetime.

Yet, I do watch children, and I love children, simply because they do not emerge into this world with preconceived precursors based on how they view others in the world or the people around them. A child does not know hate, or greed, or prejudice, their minds and personalities, are virtually clean slates, and those children are our future.

Unless, those children are subjected to hate, abuse, along with hating a person because he or she looks or talks different in our world or society. This sort of behavior can rub off on a child by sheer interaction with others who hate, or lack compassion for others, which includes other children, their parents, or other adults that they may interact with on a daily basis.

However, if a child is taught at an early age to have a good heart, to embrace solidarity, and are taught to have good morals,that child is our future. As for adults who do not have those qualities, those are qualities that are instilled in an individual from early childhood. It is not impossible for a adult to change his or her behavior from being a person that is not nice, or honest, etc

I believe there are people in the world, who may not know how to treat others fairly, or with compassion. I also believe that a person can learn how to be nice to others, and be morally sound as an individual, but it would be a work in progress type of venture for those sort of people too.

Yet, our children are our future, unless they are taught at an early age NOT to hate, or mistreat others around them.

My view of a perfect world, is that WE ALL should learn how to live in peace, and we must ALL learn to coexist with one another, that's where solidarity starts. It is not difficult to treat the next person you see with fairness and kindness. It's a choice, and some choose not to be kind to others, and yet there are people in our society and throughout the world, who embrace solidarity, or treating others with kindness and compassion.

However, on the other side of this issue, there are people in our society who lack solidarity, and he or she through sheer arrogance and ignorance, could care less about solidarity. Personally, I could not walk through life with that sort of hate burning inside of me, and I don't know how those sort of people survive on such a hate driven existence.

For me personally, it takes far less energy to treat another person fairly, with compassion and kindness, than to hate that person for all of the ridiculous reasons that people can conjure in their minds towards others.


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