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Does your faith help others?

Updated on September 20, 2012

I have a question for you, does your faith help others?

As we go through life we see so many others in a struggle, they seem to have lost all of their go in life, they seem to be searching and not finding the way, they seem to be not knowing which way to go.

Do we go and help them? or do we just pass them by? as many of us are like those who saw the sick man on the road side suffering and no one stops to lend a hand.

We can not keep living this way as many are still under the impression that this world will just keep on functioning as it is now today, with all the turmoil, wars, fighting amongst oursleves, the governments not doing enough for their own country, food shortages, many places go without rain, and many places have too much rain and flooding comes.

We as believers need to show to others that there is a way out of all of his, we need to be able to make a stand in what we believe in, we need to show our Faith to them so that they can see that the worlds way is not the way to go.

God sent His Beloved Son to earth to show us how we need to correct our way of living, Jesus came to show us how God the Father wanted us to live in this world He made for us to enjoy, not to go around fighting each other all the time.

When we reallize that we can make a big impression on this world, and only then we will see the changes, we need to stand fast in our faith that one day Jesus will come back for us as many terrible things will happen to this world.

When you read in Matthew chap.24. you will see all what will happen, so now its up to us to show to others about all these happenings at the end of time.

We need to show our Faith to others so that they can become believers also.

I am not ashamed of the Good News, because it is God's power for saving anyone who believes it.

The Good News reveals the way that God makes people right. It begings and ends by Faith. it is written: "The person who is right with God by Faith will live forever." Habakkuk 2:4.


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