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Never Give Up - Keep Your Dream Alive

Updated on April 3, 2020

Become Your Dream

by Candace Green

There is hardly nothing more beautiful or valuable to humanity than the heaven-inspired passion that inhabits the very depths of who we are. That passion is a dream.

Your dream can either take you to heights you never could imagine or you can choose to let it die and be buried in the complacent tomb of fear (marked by the cold stone of the ordinary). The ordinary has no unique distinction. The easy path yields missed opportunities, lined with identical markers having little or no regard to future identity.

Note: Ordinary people are what makes extraordinary people. They just became their dream.

How can you prevent the death of your dream?

"Don't Ever Give Up!!!"

I am not speaking of just fame, fortune or prestige. I am relating to passion, vision, purpose and fulfillment. These are extraordinary assets that will make you what you are meant to be and enjoy life to its fullest. Living a meaningful life is living a dream and has eternal dividends and residual impact.

What holds you back?

Fear is the enemy of success. What do we fear the most?


No one wants to fail, face criticism, or look like a fool in front of their peers. As much as we try to evade it, it takes failure to succeed. Every last one of those you admire have failed at one time or another.

The remedy to failure is not to beat your self up, give in to defeat, build a wall around your personality to make you look tough, but it is like the old saying says, " If at first you don't succeed try try again."

What all successful people have done is fell flat (some may have laid and mourned awhile), but they got back up. "So stir up the gift within you that has been held in reserve for way too long. The world needs your gifts, talents, opportunities and personality. The world needs you. God wants to use YOU.

Thomas Edison failed over a thousand times, but because he tried again we have lights in our house and many other wonderful conveniences.

What is it that you desire to become? What difference can you make (whether small or great) in the world you live in? Why be someday laid away forgotten? The dream that lies dormant within you could impact generations to come.

"Ask God for direction, He will lead you into realms you never thought were possible." When you are in His will, there is no limit to where He can take you. It may be the very step that ridicule kept you from taking. It may be against logic and downright absurd to some, but you can't go wrong walking in His favor and blessing.

Count on dream-killers to always be present, but only "you" can let your dream die.

Never Give Up!

Most everyone has heard the story of Winston Churchill. When asked to do the commencement speech for a school graduation everyone expected a profound, intellectual, lengthy lecture from the world renown politician and orator. He just simply leaned his cane on the podium and preceded with one of the world's most famous speeches.

Looking at the crowd of young people beginning the most crucial time of their lives he simply said, " Never Giver Up!" He repeated it a few times to the spell bound congregation, then walked away.

The three letter, repetative speech (given by a man of integrity and respect) impacted the nation of that day and still rings out of every student's history book.

Winston Churchill's father rejected him and told him he would never amount to anything. Many would name that an acceptable excuse to give in, a sympathetic exempt, a reason to label himself a failure, and refer him to adjust to the low life he had been destined by his father to become. Winston Churchill never gave up!

People are not always going to be your cheerleaders.

Jealousy, backstabbing, bad attitudes, manipulation, cheating, lying, stealing, and many more ugly human tactics are used by some to manufacture meaning in their lives. These people are never truly fulfilled. They may find superficial power, but they are cowards. Real success advocates integrity. They may intimidate you as they fly by, but if you stay genuine you will still be standing when they fall. Truly inspired dreams have more depth than corner cutting ever produced.

"Keep following your dreams, practice confidence and every day ask yourself what you can do toward your dream? " No, this does not mean that you are selfish or caught up in yourself. It is a life investment to actively pursue your purpose. You are being intentional, putting feet to your faith in what God has called you to be.

No more funerals for your dead dreams. It's time to breathe in your blessed life and share it with others. You may be who inspires the next person that changes the world.

© 2008 Candace Green


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