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Success Depends Upon Others!

Updated on March 11, 2013

This Concept is ANCIENT, but Now Newly New

he Newest Gospel of "Getting" is a Wonderful Chance for New Understanding! -

There are deep concepts out there. And we will discuss. But let's just start with feeding your dog. This essential little act teaches us that we have to get our act together in this tiniest way, but in back of this realization looms vast powers that have to do with giving and getting.

The principle of "Interdependent co-arising" emphasizes the basic Buddhist teaching of PATICCA SAMUPADDA- "interdependent co-arising". This is an essential truth, "...all aspects of life operate in conjunction with one another." Recognition of paticca-samupp√Ęda fosters spiritual regeneration and collective wellness - "Human survival depends upon the support of others in the spirit of cooperation and care." These Buddhist ideas declare an important societal truth, that what we do on this planet is very interdependent and this often is emphasized when it comes to discussing depletion of resources and destructive toxic forces. But this article declares some Kabbalistic ideas that might address many of the more positive aspects of human life and which emphasized the interdependence of getting which should be more perfectly understood as "manifesting".

The Kabbalah talks about the Desire to Receive and the Desire to Bestow. These ideas acknowledge that we wake up every day needing to provide for ourselves and others. Also, they acknowledge, that indeed this whole world is interdependent and when we receive, it is natural that we should also bestow what we have gained on our family and loved ones.

Acknowledging that we want to consume, be well thought of, be honored and be able to "keep up with the Joneses" and many other human motives that make the world go 'round, is a more healthy way of getting at the world of physicality that we all live in. The Kabbalists do not declare that wanting to receive is not natural or unspiritual. They see the world, in their "Tree of Life" stories as being one in which things and events and movements come into "manifestation" from powerful heavenly and human forces.

The "Gospel of Getting" is effective, its just limiting.-

American materialism is often derided by spiritual teachers and movements that see western man as being destructive because of the industrial revolution and now the much condemned "globalism". Without getting into these rather large discussions, I would like to focus on the heart of the individual and how we approach the around and those we know and love. There are movements out there that talk about the secret of desire and the power of wanting specified goals. There are many Christian sermons preached every Sunday that speak of this same thing, mixing it with ideas about the "righteous receiving greater blessings".

Leaving the war of "fighting and complimentary" philosophies behind, the Kabbalah's straightforwardness is refreshing. Paraphrased, they emphasize, --- Desiring to Receive so that You Can Bestow. We can't get away from some basic stuff - HUMAN YEARNING.

Shopenhauer -

Shopenhauer, (from Wikepedia) though himself an atheist spoke powerfully about "constant pressure" (THE WILL) as being the underlying force underneath everything. "He gave a name to a force within man which he felt had invariably precedence over reason: the Will to Live, defined as an inherent drive within human beings, and indeed all creatures, to stay alive and to reproduce.

Schopenhauer refused to conceive of love as either trifling or accidental, but rather understood it to be an immensely powerful force lying unseen within man's psyche and dramatically shaping the world.

Since it is my approach to be Syncretistic, I would say that the Kabbalah recognizes powerful urgent forces and Shopenhauer gave his own coloring to these powerful forces. Yes, getting is fundamental to us, but understanding our urges and then applying consciousness and creativity to our efforts exalts us and our world.

Yearning to Manifest - Getting is much too simple an Idea -

As God's children, we should accept that our wake up call everyday is the yearning to make something new happen, and that we will benefit from it, and in benefitting from it, we come to a new state that the day before was not yet manifest. Today's manifestation (our daily efforts) is to get so we can share. Wow. That is simple. But it is much more powerful than holding up God in a phony prayer: "God if you give me this, I promise I will put more in the offering plate next week." That prayer has a limiting quality, even before you say "Amen". The idea of using your creative forces everyday to make the new manifest is thrillling to me. Just saying it that way sends chills. The getting happens as the manifestation occurs, and as the manifest unfolds, it is shared with your around. What a happier and freer way of thinking about what we are doing down here. Not a religious thought here, as much as a functional, soul process.

Back to Interdependent Co-Arising -

Purloining the phrase 'interdependent co-arising" from its home, I would like to propose that while "getting" has a kind of linear, point A and point B way of being understood, manifesting is much closer to the way life really happens: "Point A came from points Z and X and M and N; and they occurred and linked together over time, and as time and the plan ripened, so did all of those interdependent activities arise together, so that something was brought into manifestation. When you read a biography or a story of a small company that grows to a mighty commercial creation, you have to draw maps and graphic outlines as to how things progressed and how the entity, or person grew over time.

Inevitably, there is a simplification that comes with packaged philosophies, and this blog is no exception. However, I would hope that as we approach our daily yearning powerful force that we lend consciousness and creativity to our plans and goals. Yes, it is very complex. But we can serve ourselves, if we do not apply overly simplified attestations about "goal setting" and repeating oral statements to ourselves to somehow shake the tree, so that the apples will fall down, we can lend a new sense of power and hope to our daily lives.

So, what are we doing down here? Consciously, creatively, desirously manifesting!

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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Well done. I love the part of to get so we can share.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I have to say that my own personal experiences are from manifestations that I have had good or bad. I still believe my novel with make it to the Silver Screen, I see it and I know that it will happen. This hub is about positive energy not negative and many of us only use 1/10th of our brain while others use a greater amount. God has given so many of us a gift we have to just open our eyes, and listen to what he is saying. :)