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Dr. Steward HK's Imagine Story 2033

Updated on July 1, 2017

Son of Skybrid

The year is 2033.

Skybrid Jr. is the son of Skybrid. He is deep into practicing sorcery and magic. He worships the devil. He is pure evil. He sold his soul to the devil so that he could get magical powers. Satan gave him powers that he never imagined possible. He is still somewhat of a rookie in the use of his magic powers, however. That's a good thing for Master Nubiposh. If he was more of an expert at magic she probably would be dead by now. His spiritual guide is Anammelech. Anammelech has taught him how to master the power of Enchanted Depression. Enchanted Depression is what Skybrid Jr. uses on Master Nubiposh.

Spells and Potions

He cooks up spells and potions so that he can cause Master Nubiposh to become depressed. He uses his powers and abilities for evil. He wants to see billions of humans commit suicide. If you suffer from depression, Skybrid Jr. 2033 just may be behind it. Cooking up some evil potion.

Anammelech is a strict teacher. He expects perfection from Skybrid Jr. Skybrid Jr. loves using his magic to cause harm. He loves corruption and greed. His power level is very high. He is able to bend certain aspects of reality. Sometimes he is able to turn 3 dimensions into 4.

Really scary stuff.

He opens evil portals. Like his father, Skybrid Jr. is going clinically insane. He is a sociopath as well as many other things. He sacrifices to the devil. As a result, he no longer sees himself as a Human. He believes he is an Alien.


The year is 2034.


The year is 2019.

Master Nubiposh must find out something. Currently, she is in Aggrogine. However, she must find her way back to Katy, TX. She must build a portal to get her back to Katy, TX. Who showed her how to build it? The Katy ZionAncientz, of course.

From Katy to Aggrogine

That way, she will have a route to get from Katy to Aggrogine. She has met a few of the Katy ZionAncientz. They have all sorts of blueprints and formulas for success. She needs to find the very rare Dewjite substance. Once she finds it in the underground Aggrogine caves, she will then be able to construct her Katy Portal. Ah, the twisted life of a scientist!

The year is 2034.

Florenzo Square defends the Christian cause. Florenzo is devoted to Christianity. He hates evil. He hates witchcraft. He loves chivalry. Some view him as a hero.

Time for Church

King Clad decides that he needs to build a church to combat the abundant witchcraft that is sweeping through the globe. So many souls are being lost to Satanism. King Clad is not worried about gaining money for his church's coffers. After all, he and his wife are already rich Christians. They have a nice amount of wealth. He wants to spread the beautiful teachings of the Holy Bible. He is spreading the Jewish Christian message throughout the globe. His most loyal warrior is Florenzo Square. Florenzo Square goes to new plots of land to conquer them. He then claims them for King Clad.

The 3AM

King Clad works hard to spread the 3AM. What is the 3AM? The 3AM is the Three Angels' Messages. King Clad begins the process of building a Christian school so that the young can be taught from the Holy Bible. They are shown how to eat healthy foods. He sets up numerous meetings with the community so that they can address their concerns. Do their comments fall on deaf ears? Nope. King Clad actually does listen to the people and take notes on what they say. He sets up a publishing building so that his writings and computer games can be distributed around the globe.

It's no wonder that we couldn't find out the name of the evil witch. Well, now. It seems that Skybrid Jr. has had certain operations done to himself. He also goes by the name Skybree. He is a witch who loves to do very odd things. He is a very sinister individual indeed. Now we know that the name of the witch is Skybree. King Clad must be sure to keep his land safe from the insane workings of Skybree.


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