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Dream Invaders

Updated on May 11, 2016

Dream Invaders: The Art of Psychic Seduction

If you are a fan of Roy Thinnes, you may have already seen him in the 60s TV series called The Invaders. In this series, it was shown that connecting with the human mind through dreams was made by alien invaders. Pure science fiction, you might say. But today, we have compelling evidence that it is possible, much like as it was in The Invaders TV show.

The basic premise in psychic seduction is for you to tap on telepathy techniques and send this connection through space and time. It is a transmission method where you can send sensual through to the woman or man that you desire. This way, your desired partner will think favourably of you, and therefore you seduce her telepathically.

The Skepticism About Psychic Seduction

There is no way you can experience anything without believing in it. Cynicism and skepticism will never result in anything positive. Therefore, you must cultivate a behavior in which you set a positive expectation to make psychic seduction work. It is pretty much like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you do not believe that you can influence someone remotely through telepathy, then it will not happen.

Many people doubt the effectiveness of dream telepathy because it is a science that’s hard to explain. But all of it is simple. Everything that you see and feel comprised of energy vibration. When you create a positive picture of you, this film will be picked up y another person as an active vibration.

With dream telepathy, you transfer your thoughts of a positive you into some else's much like the dream invaders in the TV series mentioned earlier. You make another person attracted to you because of this positive vibration. Your positive thoughts will turn into a positive image of yourself, and this will radiate and be felt by others.

The Role of Alpha State and Psychic Seduction

The alpha state is the state of the brain where consciousness and unconsciousness are in a tug of war. Think of a time when you just woke up and you are not fully conscious, or a time when you are too sleepy, and your head is already falling over and then you jerk it up. It is the alpha state of the brain.

It is the state of the mind where the vibration of your brain is in resonance with the rest of the universe. It is in this state that your thoughts have better chances to materialize and be transferred to another person. This state is the link between the material world and the metaphysical world.

While on the alpha state, you can visualize yourself and the woman you desire doing erotic things. This person will begin to feel what you are imagining, and this is how the subtle technique works. It will feel real for that person, and this is how you alter the other person's mind!

The ability to control your brainwaves and channel them to someone else's thoughts is real and powerful. However, you need to remember that your will to succeed is important. Psychic Seduction will only work if you consistently practice the lessons you learned. It also requires always listening to tapes or audio books while driving, at work, and most importantly, before you sleep.

You also need to know that it will only work if you have a positive attitude. Without belief in yourself, psychic seduction is bound to fail. Do not be afraid to discover things and explore. Also, it is highly recommended that you keep a daily journal so you can keep track of your progress.


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