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Dream state as well as waking state are equally unreal

Updated on January 24, 2017

Thoughts of wise one!

Dream state vs waking state!

How we take the dream experience? During the dream state, we are not aware that we are dreaming! Only on waking up, we realize that everything was a dream and we are relieved from the thoughts of dream. During waking state, everything seems to be very much real since they are perceived by the physical sense organs. In the dream state, we alone experience the dream while in waking state, many people simultaneously perceive the world around like ourselves and we interact on those experiences. For instance, there is copious rainfall. All the people in the vicinity are affected by the rain and everyone carries an umbrella. This seems to be a solid proof of waking state! But the scriptures assert that the waking state is also not real and when we wake up in the Self, we will realize that both dream and waking states are similar. We alternatively undergo waking and dream states. The dream state is negated during waking state and the waking state is also negated during the dream state.

When something undergoes changes, it cannot be real. The mind remains quiescent during deep sleep state and the individual enjoys an ethereal joy which is known to him only on waking. Hence many people state that they had a blissful sleep. One thing remains clear that when the mind is absent, we enjoy peace. Hence during the course of everyday sleep, when the dreams pass away, we are in deep sleep and the mind is not there to obstruct the state! Dream is really the creation of mind! We go to bed in the night and wake up in the morning which shows that we have not moved away anywhere. Yet, during the sleep time, we go to many places; we even fly to other countries, interact with many, dine and dance! Yet, we have not gone out from the bed! How it is possible? Yes, the mind is capable of hoodwinking every individual in the world during dream! Even a President believes in his dreams when he is dreaming. In a similar way, a poor illiterate also undergo different dreams pertaining to him!

Reality defined

King Janaka's dream!

In the Upanishads, a nice story is narrated to explain the phenomena of dream! A great Emperor named Janaka who has given his daughter Sita in wedding to Sri Rama was very famous during that time. He was very affluent and he was attended by many maids, servants and queen. One day, he had a distressing dream. He was on a hunting expedition in thick forest. He was chasing an animal in the jungle. His retinue of body guards and soldiers lost track of the emperor in the deep jungle. They were searching in all the places but the emperor was not found. Meanwhile Janaka went deep in the forest. The weather was sultry. He was suffering from unbearable thirst and he was crying for water in the dream. As he was lying in his bed and crying for water thinking that he was forlorn in the jungle, he was lamenting. Suddenly, he was woken up by the queen herself calling him, “Maharaja! She was holding a tray containing best fruit juices in her hand to quench the thirst of the emperor. Janaka woke up in confusion but he was lamenting, “which one is true, this or that? The queen was unable to understand this queer question. She was calling him repeatedly but the emperor was questioning again and again. Finally, word was sent to the Preceptor who rushed in. Janaka asked him, “Which one is real? This or that? The preceptor Yajnavalkya was a realized soul. He sat there in meditation and could gauge the events that led to Janaka’s query! He told the emperor, Oh King! Neither the dream is real or the waking state! You alone are real, who is the witness of both dream and waking state!

Dream perception

The Self is immortal and exists on its own!

Most of us are deeply engrossed in the material world and we consider our bodies as real. But the scriptures proclaim that the physical phenomena are ephemeral and evanescent and none survive death here. Even sages, saints, prophets and Avatars leave their physical frame when their task they undertook for the sake of the humanity is over! But one thing is certain. There is a permanent base or support for the changing world. We find that the road is steady and vehicles are moving. If both the road and vehicle undergo movements, then there will be chaos. We can know this during severe earthquakes! The scriptures assert that the Brahman is the unmoving base on which the changing universe happens. We find that our earth as well as all the planets undergoes rotation around the Sun which causes day and night as well as changes in monsoon! But the sky or space is the only constant phenomena in the moving world. The sky never undergoes any changes or affected due to any event. We have witnessed that during the World War, even atomic bombs were hurled at Japan when millions have perished and many millions maimed! Has it affected the sky or ether? It remains as it is. Only clouds due to bursting of the atomic bombs rose high but eventually that too subsided. We do not notice any changes in the sky! Brahman has created the five fundamental elements. How much subtler the Self which created the sky and other elements?

Bodies are born and die but the Self is immortal. The self is ever existing eternal phenomena and it exists on its own! Hence, the waking, dreaming and deep sleep states are irrelevant to the Self.


Dreams and waking state!

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