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Dreaming of This Man

Updated on February 28, 2011
Ever Dreamt of This Man?
Ever Dreamt of This Man?
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This Man...

New York, January 2006. The patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of This Man, who has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. She has never met This Man before, but nevertheless he gives her all sorts of advice on private matters. Some time later another patient of the psychiatrist recognizes the face. He also says in his waking life he has never seen This Man before, but he is repeatedly visiting him in his dreams... Four patients of the psychiatrist's colleagues will recognize the face on the drawing. They all refer to their Dream Visitor as This Man.

Since then more than 2000 people in cities all over the world, from Los Angeles and Berlin to Sao Paulo, Tehran, Bejing, New Delhi and Moskow, claimed they have been seeing This Man in their dreams… There seems to be no common trait among these people, and until now This Man was not identified. The website of This Man wants to help communicate those people who have dreamt about him, and aims to understand who or what he is and why he appears in our dreams.


Dreaming of This Man...

  1. A tall, dark man is showing you a picture and asking you if you recognise your father in it. You have never seen This Man in the Picture before.
  2. Even though he is really ugly, you fell in love with him from the very first time you dreamt of him. Each and every time, This Man sweeps you off your feet with his romantic gestures and sweet words.
  3. You are flying in the sky over your city and observing your friends from up there... where you meet This Man. He flies there too, but he never says something.
  4. You were dreaming about getting lost in a huge and deserted shopping mall, and suddenly This Man appeared and you started running away from him. He chased you for what seemed like an hour through the supermarket, trapped you in the kids' area, smiled at you and showed you the way out towards the cash desks.
  5. Though you never had homosexual relationships or fantasies, you are dreaming about having sex with This Man. He has a lot of imagination. He pleases you.
  6. This Man was dressed as Santa Claus. You felt so happy, just like when you were a little girl. He smiled at you and then his head became a balloon, floating in the air above you, and no matter how hard you tried to catch it, you just couldn't reach it.
  7. You were stuck in a room sitting on a stool, a few feet away from a television set. Two men attacked you. Then This Man showed up on the screen. You begged him not to harm you. He didn't change his blank expression and he didn't speak. He only slit your throat.
  8. This Man was in the mirror watching you, saying nothing, wearing glasses. He never moved. He was like a statue. Still.
  9. This Man is Brazilian and very handsome. A schoolteacher type with 6 fingers on his right hand. "If he US has a nuclear disaster," he says, "go North!"
  10. In the first dream This Man said it was all over. In a completely different second dream, This Man appeared and said it was all over. In a third and again completely different dream, This Man also suddenly appeared and said it was all over.

Ever Dreamt of This Man?

Who or What is This Man? Or Why he is Appearing in Our Dreams?

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    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 4 years ago from California, United States of America

      Fascinating. Totally captivating.

    • profile image

      Ian 6 years ago

      Yeah. I'm pretty sure it's the hoax one, minus the terrorist organization. xD He does look disturbingly familiar, but I believe the psychiatrist intended that.

    • profile image

      From the 213 8 years ago

      that top photo looks like Neil Diamond!

    • profile image

      Pachuca213 8 years ago

      very weird...and no I have never had this dream..thank goodness! But I do have a dream man who visits me from time to time in my dreams.....and I knew him in real life before so it ain't him! =)

    • profile image

      This Man = Chris Marlowe II 8 years ago

      Now the Time has Come to Reveal the One & Only Truth regarding This Man... You are seeing my face in your dreams, together with thousands of people all over the world... Yes, This Man = Chris Marlowe II... watch my site, baby!