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Dreams from a Magickal Perspective

Updated on December 3, 2012


Over the years there have been several people absolutely fascinated by dreams and the numerous possibilities that lie in there ever confusing depths. Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll is based in a dream world. Alice always wakes up after one of her adventures in Wonderland. Dream research centers have been erected all over the world and even in the average household there are some people who keep journals of their dreams so maybe they would have a possibility of analyzing them later. It is no lie that dreams and the world they come from have and will continue to dazzle and mystify the people of the world.

Where do dreams come from?

If we take a look at our minds, as in terms of consciousness, they are layered like a wedding cake. The deeper we travel into the layers the more territory we have to explore. At the bottom of the wedding cake, the deepest level of our minds, we have become one with universal spirit.

In order to get to this state we have to go through all the layers of the cake. The top most layer is what we will be considering the conscious mind (beta). As we know this is the part of the mind that is active and alert the majority of the time. This layer is where you spend most of your life.

Once you have gotten through the top of the wedding cake the next level is what is called the sub-conscious mind (alpha). This is the part of your mind that contains your memories and all the things you have forgotten about.

Under this layer is yet another. This is the super-conscious mind (theta). Too many people who are familiar with occult studies this is what we call “Your Higher Self” This portion of the cake is concerned with your spiritual well-being This portion also contains your universal memory. This universal memory is memories from you past lives, and lessons you have learned over the whole evolutionary path of your soul. Think of this as a computer’s programming You would not be the way you are now if you had not learned whatever lessons you had learned in the past.

Now we reach the final level of our imaginary cake. This layer is what is called The Dreaming (Delta). The Dreaming is a place that is shared with everyone else in the world. Think of it like the minds world wide web. You can access anything in the planetary consciousness if you know how.

Of course after this there are other layers but for this topic they are unnecessary.

It is in this last layer of the cake that you dream.

What are dreams?

Now what does all of this have to do with what a dream is? Simple. How can you understand something without knowing a little about it? So now we know where dreams come from. So what are dreams?

If we look at this question from a scientific perspective the answer would be something along the line of, “certain chemicals in the brain yada yada yada brain stimuli blah blah blah,” But this hub is not about the scientific perspective. It’s about a magickal perspective. So let’s get to answering this question from a Magickal perspective.

Some of us magickal folks believe that dreams come through two gates, the Gate of Horn or the Gate of Ivory. The Gate of Ivory is the gate that most dreams happen to pass through, and these dreams mainly deal with internal matters like struggles you may be having over a decision. This is mostly how you mind can sort through all the events and thoughts going on in your life. For these dreams a dream dictionary is recommended. These nifty little books allow you to sort through all of the dream symbolism. Also if you are fascinated by dreams and what they may be telling you I also recommend that you keep a journal next to your bed dedicated just to dreams. This will help you sort through the dreams and help you decide which ones come through which gates.

The Gate of Horn is where the “true dreaming” comes from. These dreams most often fall into two categories. These categories are, dreams that are remembering past things that you have forgotten, and dreams that foretell something that has yet come to pass. Sorting these out can become fun and be quite the hobby. Some déjà vu moments that you experience may have already been shown to you in dreams. This is another reason to keep a dream journal. You will be able to tell which dreams tell the future. When you have a sensation of déjà vu pull out your dream journal and skim through the pages. You may find that moment written in amongst all the other dreams.

For those who have difficulty remembering your dreams here is a little trick, or spell, that you can do. Choose a cup that you like and either write the word remember on a piece of tape then stick the tape on the cup, or write the word directly on the cup. Make sure you put your intent into the word while you are writing it down. Before you go to sleep you fill this cup with water, drink some before you lay back to sleep, thinking while you do so “I will remember my dreams,” then lay back to sleep. When you awake in the morning drink the remaining water and calm your mind. With some practice your dreams will come back to you. Then you could jot it down in your journal.

Now I will leave you with this information and wish one thing upon you. Happy Dreaming.


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