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Dry Faith and Fishing

Updated on September 28, 2012


For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring: Isaiah 44:3


I don't consider myself a really spiritual person, religious or a theologian. I do feel as a child of God learning, falling and learning again. I love to write simple and short little truths that I learn or that I am reminded of. I hope it helps and encourages some people. I really hunger and thirst to learn more most times, although sometimes I feel that my faith is dry. During these times I will seek out more truth. Sometimes I just let it go and be dry but I know God is still with me.

Not long after God will bring someone around who I know I should share the gospel with. A couple of weeks ago we were fishing down by the river which is only 3 minutes from our place. We had met some young man down there about a month or so before. We both agreed that he was probably homeless. He said that he lived with his uncle but that his uncle was strange and a drunk. We had run in to him a few times or had seen him walking with his backpack. My husband and both agreed that the next time we see him we will invite him over for supper. So this one evening sure enough when we went down by the river he ended up showing up. Immediatly I asked if he could come for supper. He said yeah and offered to go buy beer or something to bring. I said. "no that's ok just come", and that I had supper already in the oven slow cooking. We said that we wanted to fish for about another hour and then we would go. I had a roast cooking and only need about half-hour to prepare the rest.

I can't remember how it came up but before I knew it I had told him that we were Christians. I think he had said that he came from a Catholic background. Most times, I find that people who come from a Catholic background think that we are religious. Like I said earlier, I don't consider myself religious. I can sit and listen to how someone gambled their money away or how they were addicted to crystal meth and not judge them. It feels natural to me, like we are talking about shopping for groceries or something. I told him that we have a personal relationship with Jesus and that we don't particular like lables in religion. And then the funniest thing came out of my mouth, I said that we are sort of like "hippy Christians". LOL, I then realized how silly this sounded but for some reason the look on his face seemed to understand so I left it at that. We aren't really hippies, I guess I was trying to come across as a non-judgemental sort of person, I am not sure. Reguardless of my strange way of witnessing to this guy we had a nice supper together and told him that we would meet him down there again. He didn't come out and say he was homeless so we just left it at that.

He seemed like a smart enough person, I believe he said he was twenty-five. My husband both can tell that he was stuggling with some of life's issues. Anyway, we don't know him that well so we will find out more. If you can pray for him that would be a help.

We didn't catch any fish that evening unless the person is the fish.


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