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Dull, boring and bland

Updated on October 23, 2013

Would you like to be called dull and boring? Thought not. And what if where you live was described like that? Well dull and boring just got newsworthy.

According to Stephen White writing in the Daily Mirror in the UK, the Scottish hamlet of Dull with just 50 residents has been linked with the town of Boring in Oregon, USA. Apparently because Boring has a population of 12,000 it is too big to officially twin with Dull, but the planning chiefs in Boring have sent a “declaration of sistership”. The first link was formed when a resident of the small Perthshire village cycled through Boring when on holiday.


Dull and boring mean...?

Dull is a Gaelic word meaning meadow and Boring is an English word meaning, well, boring. But see how the road sign looks, when it reads “Welcome to Dull, Sister Community of Boring”. But rather than stopping only long enough to take a photograph, tourists may be pleasantly surprised if they actually took a stroll through to see what each place has to offer.


And now the Aussies are getting in on the act

How is that, I hear you ask? Well Bland is a shire in New South Wales, Australia and delegates from there visited Dull in Perthshire after hearing it had linked up with Boring. So now they hope to team up with Dull and Boring.

Bland by name

Bland's motto is “Bland by name but not by nature”. We describe something or someone as bland when they lack distinctive characteristics.

Well that is one label that could never be attached to Jesus. He certainly shook up the church of his day with radical ways to live lives that please God. Not to mention saying that He was God's son. But He backed it up by healing people and teaching them how to love one another. And then the ultimate act when He came back to life after being crucified.

The Bible is dull and boring.....!?

Perhaps to some the Bible is a bit dull and boring; some people remember hearing or reading it in the King James version that was difficult to understand and don't realise the wealth of translations now available in contemporary language.

It may have come across as dull and boring because of the old language but if you want stories of adventure, bravery,daring, treachery, loyalty, leadership and love, then look no further than its pages. And of course the greatest love story of all when God sent His son Jesus to live on earth, teach us about God's way and ultimately pay the price for our sin.

What St Paul said about the Bible

Set Paul wrote that “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right”(New Living Translation).

The last word

Dull, boring and bland? Not the Jesus that I read of in the Bible and believe in. What about you?

The last, last word

Apparently Dull will host its US twin in October 2013 and a flag has been designed for the occasion.

Why not leave a comment about what the flag should look like. Should it be all blacks and browns i.e. to be dull and boring?


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