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Dummies Guide to The Manual of Cartomancy

Updated on December 31, 2014

Manual of Cartomancy

The Dummies Guide

I am now offering the publication "The Master of Cartomancy" free. Written in the early 1900's it is a fascinating and informative book that all that have an interest in occult or psychic related material should read over. For my part I am going to be going through it over the coming months to produce a Dummies Guide to the Manual. Feel free to click the below image to download your very own copy today.
Part I

This is a Dummies Guide on the 1909 edition of The Manual of Cartomancy. This significant book written in the 1900's offers the reader much enlightenment and is naturally open to much debate. In this the Dummy Guide to The Manual of Cartomancy we try to somewhat simplify the contents somewhat to maximise the benefits this great work offers the reader.

Who Wrote The Manual of Cartomancy?
Grand Orient – I can find no information on Grand Orient, so please you are welcome to advise me if you have any idea who Grand Orient was.

What does the Manual include?
It includes the following:-

  • The Oracle of Human Destiny
  • Cagliostro's Mystic Alphabet of the Magi
  • The Golden Wheel of Fortune
  • The Art of Invoking Spirits in the Crystal
  • The Various Methods of Divination

In the opening Preface Grand Orient explains how he desired to set out and show the genuine and ancient and traditional science perpetuated by the Kings of the East. This work was targeted at those people with a serious interest in such matters, those persons who desire to test out their intuition. He suggests that they test out the various methods of divination that have been recorded and used in the past. In The Manual he has collected simple and practical methods of divination. He tells us that the student should not be discouraged by initial failures, reminding us that intuitive perception exists in all our minds and with practice we can develop it. With practice and free play it will perform its operations with the accuracy that characterises all the intellectual powers.

He warns about the abuse of divinatory methods. That it is not unusual to invest them with a virtue of their very own. This in itself is an ignorant superstition. Whatever the process or instruments they are simply aids to elicit clairvoyance and to cast the seer into a subjective condition. Any attempt to force the oracles, for the utterance of a favourable interpretation voids the whole operation. To carry out method in this way with bias of an interested person in an only positive manner will render it useless. It will in the end make mockery of the actual prophecy that was requested along with the seer.


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