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EFT and General Polarity Reversal

Updated on November 26, 2009

As with the last article, I'm writing this for people who already have some basic understanding of EFT and polarity. I will write some basic EFT (emotional freedom technique) articles at a future date but right now I just want to focus on overcoming the subconscious stumbling blocks that prevent EFT from working properly. There are two types of polarity reversal: Secondary Benefit Syndrome and General Polarity Reversal. SBS relates to a specific issue that's getting in the way of successful EFT, whereas GPS is generalized and doesn't seem to be rooted in one specific emotion or belief. If you find that your life is a constant struggle and that every step forward results in another step back, you may have a generalized polarity reversal. And if you do, these videos can help you a great deal so please watch all of them.

Lindsay Kenny on General Polarity Reversal

Lindsay Kenny talks about GPR

Here Lindsay explains that GPS can result from environment, foods, chemicals and more. You may be surprised to hear that dehydration can lead to general polarity reversal and she explains how to test for that and how much water you should be drinking -- hydration is important given that it helps conduct your electrical impulses properly. Electrical fields can also upset your polarity. Lindsay mentions computers, iPods and all the goodies you can't live without in today's day and age. To fix most of these reversals she advises tapping, of course! Note that you don't need to say anything during that sort of tapping, you need only tap on the KCP or Sore Spot.

Collarbone Polarity Reversal

Collarbone GPR

As we've already said, this is a more generalized type of polarity reversal as it's not meant to confirm specific beliefs but rather just sort the overall polarity of your body's energy fields out. This particular method can be a bit tricky the first few times you do it. If it works for you, however, you'll be glad you took the time to learn the technique. She gives very clear instructions so just follow along and take your time.

Sore Spot PR Reversal

Sore Spot GPR

Teresa Okamoto demonstrates two methods for fixing your polarity, both of them focusing on the EFT setup. The first technique uses the KCP (Karate Chop Point) and the second involves using the Sore Spot under your collarbone point. She says you ought to do it for at least 15 seconds or until you feel the energy shift.


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