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EFT and SBS Polarity Reversals

Updated on September 26, 2009

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and while I'm not going to get too deeply into an explanation of what that is, I will do so in a future article. Today I'm writing for those who are already familiar with an EMO free lifestyle, muscle testing and the polarity of the subconscious mind. So. If you've already tested yourself (and your subconscious beliefs) and have come to the conclusion that your polarity is reversed due to Secondary Benefit Syndrome, it's time you learned how to undo that and sort your polarity out the easy way. The videos here are from Lindsay Kenny who is just brilliant. Hers is the best explanation I've found on what SBS really is and hers are the best demonstrations for learning how to reverse a polarity that isn't serving your life purpose. These are fabulous techniques for getting yourself back on track.

Polarity Reverals for EFT

Understanding Polarity Reversal

This is a very good video explanation and demonstration from Lindsay Kenny (a master EFT practitioner) who will not only show you how to fix this issue, but will also explain why it may exist and give you some excellent tips on how to sort the setup. Note that she also uses an interesting technique during that setup on the KCP. As Lindsay explains, polarity reversals are the biggest impediment to EFT working. If you've been trying and trying and doing and doing and EFT isn't working for you, you've probably got some sort of polarity reversal going on. This is the SBS Polarity Reversal which deals with subconscious resistance to change. If you think you may be experiencing this problem, watch her video and you'll find out why, as well as how to reverse your polarity. To see this in action with a real client, watch the video below.

Psychological Reversal EFT

How to Reverse Your Psychological Polarity

This is another Lindsay Kenny video and because it's a live workshop you can see how it's set up in real life and you'll be better able to understand the practical application. Here you see a woman who wants to hold onto certain beliefs that are not serving her. Why does she want to do this? Because she's getting a secondary benefit out of it, albeit subconsciously. Watch as Lindsay walks her though EFT without a direct result and then discovers the block and teaches her how to reverse her polarity so that she can be successful. Follow along with this video and then go look Lindsay up on the web. You'll be glad you did.


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