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EMF Detectors

Updated on May 16, 2015

Obviously if you have gotten yourself an EMF detector than you know what you bought it for! But for those who do not know, and EMF detector is an electromagnetic field detector, it is used to detect emissions from appliances such as a microwave or can be used for a variety of other electrical issues. I think it would have to be most famous for its use as a “ghost” detector though.

There are quite a variety of EMF detectors to choose from and all come with very specific directions just for that model. It is a great idea to actually read those directions! I am no expert in choosing or using EMF detectors, but know enough to give a few pointers on its use for an investigation.

When beginning your investigation it is of the utmost importance to do an EMF sweep BEFORE you start trying to detect any “spirits.” Many people forget that other things can give off the same electromagnetic field to set off the detector. I totally understand the excitement to get right in there and start investigating but the basics of investigating includes doing a sweep and noting down where the meter went off for future reference.

When you do your sweep you will notice that the ranges on your detector should stay between 9.0 and 30.0 you should also note that when you catch EMF blips during your sweep that they do not move and will consistently sound in the same place. If you are lucky enough to actually get the EMF to sound off because of a spirit, you will notice that it is not a consistent sound and it can move towards or away from you, this is why it is so important to do a sweep before you investigate, no use getting excited if it is picking up the dishwasher when you thought it was a spirit!

Using equipment is a great way to document your investigation, but if not used correctly that leaves your results skewed and useless. Do your sweep and enjoy your experience, Happy Hunting!


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