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Updated on December 17, 2009

Many thousand years had passed, we are still wondering what particular events is a sign of the end of age. Even the Lord did not made it plain when will the exact time will be.

Correct interpretation is the hardest problem faced by many of us. Many religious leaders interpreted it differently. They have various understanding of the true nature of the warning. The devastating events that had happened in our world, the perception that what transpired over the last decade and their increased intensity and magnitude is the basis of their belief that it is the beginning of the end. Such misunderstanding brought great confusion and uncertainty and anxiety to us. Although the Scripture tells about the condition of the world to deteriorate when the end is near, but the final hour is not prophesied about the specific date and time. But the Bible told us to be watchful at all times because the end of the age will come like a thief of the night when we will be caught unprepared.

Christ revealed that the condition of the earth as the beginning of the end of age and his return is the time of increased troubles and turmoil that will happen in the different part of the world. Mankind had the capacity to annihilate human life from the face of the earth. The incredible armaments stored in their position is a threat to all of us.

Jesus prophesied that there will be followers of him using his name to deceive us. Many new religious denominations were sprouting like mushroom preaching to the people that theirs is the real church. Many believed them because they polluted their mind about the true teaching of God.

Jesus brought the issue of global wars when one nation will rise up against other nation. There will be too much trouble bring pain to the life of everyone if the conflict starts. There will be death in every corner, in the street, in homes and other places of war. It will result to famines and pestilence due to the ravages of war. Many will lost their faith due to too much suffering that only those brave enough can stand alone from their sorrows.

Jesus predicted that other sign of the end of the age is the persecution of God's people, their own people because of contrasting beliefs of their faith or no faith at all. Many false religious leaders will continue deceiving many people. The climate of lawlessness and hostility abound when brothers hated and betray each other.

There's still many signs. Jesus Christ give this signs to them to prepare for the worse. This serve as a warning. As a result of this terrible things to happen those who will survive will be given a chance to know God, humble, repent and accept God who promised an everlasting life and bright future in the world beyond our age.


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