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EVP Classifications

Updated on June 25, 2013

What are EVP’s? What are their classifications?

An EVP is an electronic voice phenomenon many of us will have heard this term used over and over on any “ghost” show out there. A digital recorder is most often what is used to catch an EVP and is used frequently as a tool for ghost hunting. The digital recorder is such a handy tool as it is capable of picking up the sounds or voices that cannot be heard by the human ear. Many people may not realize that you can use anything that will record voices to catch EVP’s whether it is an old cassette player or your cell phone. I have never found an “official” or universal classification system for electronic voice phenomenon, but it is usually agreed upon by most investigative teams that I know of that there are four distinctive classes of EVP’s.

The Class A- EVP is a clear voice that can be understood by anyone who listens to it. The Class A will not need to be cleaned up to be understood, a laymen would easily be able to distinguish the Class A. I have heard several Class A EVP's and they definitely did not need any cleaning up to be understood. It does not necessarily have to be a loud voice to have this classification, as whispers are often the "norm" when doing EVP work. Again this is the rarest EVP to capture when using any piece of equipment and some investigators can go their whole career and never truly receive a Class A electronic voice phenomenon, depressing but true.

The Class B-EVP is going to be a voice that can be discern able by some of those who may listen to it and they will easily be able to agree to what is being said. This kind of EVP is rated as such due to the fact that not all who hear it will be able to agree on what is being said. Not agreeing on what is being said is not uncommon in many organizations but after the voice is cleaned up it may be more easily identifiable as to what is being said. On occasion some may have to employ the use of headphones and the EVP may have to be cleaned up further for some of the others to understand it.

The Class C EVP is often the kind that is not heard by the human ear. It can be a sound or a voice that is not understood easily without a great amount of cleaning or amplifying to be understood, and even then only a few who hear it may be able to understand what they are hearing. In most case this class of EVP will only have one or two words that can be discern able while the rest of what they hear is garbled and unrecognizable. For the layman these types of electronic voice phenomenon are almost always passed over when reviewing a recording.

There is one other form of EVP and most investigation teams will have their own name for it. This electronic voice phenomenon is one that when played normally will be completely unidentifiable, but when played in reverse it will be clearly audible to the naked ear. These too are as rare as a Class A-EVP, but have been found occasionally in an investigation and since it is so rare it is completely awesome when one is found. I have yet to hear one of these but am looking forward to the day I do.

While some people may be luck enough to have experienced all of these different kinds of EVP's for most of us we are lucky if we get to hear a truly amazing Class A.


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