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Earthquake near Antartic, End of World Predictions, Mayan Calendar and a Full Moon- is this just Synchronicity?

Updated on June 16, 2011

It Makes Sense

A sometimes forgotten feature of insomnia is that it can cause one to make strange connections, and develop narrative explanations of events that are at variance with those whose sleeping patterns are normal.

This has happened to me tonight. Currently, the night is cold but mostly clear with a large but hazy moon moving into its' final quarter. It looks rather beautiful and perhaps significant.

Coming inside to warm up I noticed whilst Twittering that there had been a further earthquake, at 10.41 on May 20th in the South Sandwich Islands, around 60 degree S right at the tip of South America near to the Antarctic. The strength was measured at 5.1 at the epicentre, a further look showed that there had been recent or imminent smaller earthquakes along the west coast of America. I glanced further at Twitter and saw tweets announcing that the end of the world was due again - this time on Saturday 21st May. This news was announced by Rev Camping on Family Radio located on the west coast of America. This was good news for 2-3 percent of people who would be ''raptured' - presumably an overwhelming and moving emotional experience and nothing to do with raptors (aka The British Royal Family) who would presumably disappear with the rest of the 97 per cent of world population who would simply be moved physically by the earthquakes hitting like falling dominoes across the rest of the world.

Now I might be an insomniac who is also a drug addict, but even I don't believe this rubbish.

But then my mind began to wander, surely didn't the incredibly complicated Mayan Calendar, stop counting into the future round about 2011-12? Rev Camping noted how complicated the figure work was in calculating the date of the Rapture and even he had got it wrong on his first prediction. So the Mayans were spot on in allowing a bit of leeway with dates. Hang about - "west coast of America, Mayans Central America, current Earthquake tip of south America near the Antarctic. Strangely enough , I was listening to the final chapters of Poe's ' Memoirs of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket' who as we all know found something of terrible import in the Antarctic Regions. It is a known fact that Poe never died, and that he was prophet of some kind.

But the really significant fact for me was the location of the current earthquake, that too is in South America/Antarctic very near to a place called Elephant Island. Current population 0, where the incredibly charismatic leader of an ill fated Antarctic Expedition c 1914 had lead his followers (or crew) through many incredible adventures out of the very jaws of death (by killer whales) to salvation on this speck of an island. I speak of course of Ernest Shackleton who saved his entire crew, seemingly by Faith alone. Things are really falling in to place now, and I count myself as one of those who will be raptured, as I have been picked out as one of the first to see the Truth and write what may become a new Gospel, especially with God being like a computer!

the Moon 21.5.11

Beware the moon
Beware the moon | Source

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    • profile image

      vivamaxine 6 years ago

      Thanks for recognising that my hub is poppycock. I feel a lot better.

    • HSanAlim profile image

      HSanAlim 6 years ago from Indonesia


    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      You haven't seen anything yet.