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Easter. What it means to me 2010

Updated on March 23, 2011
 No doubt Kids both young and old will be chomping into easter eggs this long weekend
No doubt Kids both young and old will be chomping into easter eggs this long weekend

I have never written before on hub pages on religion or spiritual beliefs nor have I attempted to get involved in the many heated forum topics on the subject of believers and - non-believers and or atheism. The older I get the less certain I become by the unshakable convictions of both strident believers and atheists.

Nevertheless this Good Friday for some reason I am tempted to indulge in where I stand today. I for one in the past have celebrated the passing of the Easter religious festival by attending church enjoying the sermon and engaging in that ancient hymn

1. There is a green hill far away
Without a city wall,
Where the dear Lord was crucified,
Who died to save us all.

2. We may not know, we cannot tell,
What pains He had to bear;
But we believe it was for us
He hung and suffered there...

Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander (1823–1895),

This year though I feel quite different. Maybe its the change in my circumstances but as the years pass I feel more confused than ever.

Christians will be reflecting on the last days of a Jew who died in Jerusalem about 2,000 years ago. On Thursday they ritually recreated his last meal and today they will remember the moment he was executed.

Then they will celebrate the impossible; that this man rose from the dead.

I understand the important message of hope that the story brings that we may be forgiven of our sins as the Lord died in recognition that our sins are forgiven. But are they really? And do we need to hang onto this religious message to absolve ourselves from guilt and painful memories.Does the advent of technology mean that our sins can be recorded and shared forever with all and sundry. I am not so sure But hell I wish I was. Further as the Lord's prayer says I want to forgive those that have trespassed against me as I hope that people forgive me for trespassing against them.

Easter a like Christmas is meant to be a time of reflection, of taking stock, rather than indulging in material things that the majority in western cultures tend to do. Theology has been replaced with technology. Tex-ting has replaced reading texts. Science and technology still leaves a lot of uncertainty. The application of science needs to be moderated by wisdom. But do we all engage or practice wisdom enough or as we should? Do we read the classic philosophers in search of truth, meaning and wisdom in order to live a 'good' life ?

The Metaphysical, spiritual and question of ethics remains.

Why am I here?

Why am I me?

How do I live a good life?

The pursuit of wisdom goes on. Is it really possible to know myself. If so how and in what context. If I am caught up in a system which regulates just about everything I do including how I walk my dog them how cam I be myself ? How do I find joy, love and hope amongst the complex maze of unsolicited messages,advice,polls and other media which wash over my psych each day?

I find comfort and direction in many philosophical writings(deontological theories) whether it is consequentialism or virtue ethics,

The answer may well be to find a philosophy or philosopher that you can as it were find a soul mate too and stick with it. Rather than do what I do and transverse the melting pot of eclectic beliefs.

Have a good Easter everyone...


Your comments  and thoughts are welcome below !


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    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      Easter is about awareness and reflection for me and reminding us of tolerance and forgiveness - I enjoyed your hub

    • barryrutherford profile imageAUTHOR

      Barry Rutherford 

      8 years ago from Queensland Australia

      thanks Ethel Smith from Hull & anginwu for your comments

    • anglnwu profile image


      8 years ago

      It's true that Easter has become a commercialized event but the truth remains, Christ died and rose again. Whether we belive it or not, we are less than perfect and as pointed out, Easter often pointed out this fact. However, it's not meant to made you feel bad about yourself. Easter is a story of hope--there is salvation for the all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've shared some of mine. Happy Easter!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      From one agnostoc to another have a great weekend break.

      I recently chose to write a Hub about my faith or lack of it. My first such Hub and probably my last.

      Be kind, find peace and live a good life, no matter whether you have faith or not. Above all be happy as life is all too brief.

    • barryrutherford profile imageAUTHOR

      Barry Rutherford 

      8 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Thanks for your comment godschild7 !

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Easter is a special day..."He Lives". The question is, does He live in you. He rose that we may have eternal life... He rose that we cab have a second chance in life.


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