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Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans Communication

Updated on August 22, 2011

Example of Apophenia

Old woman or young woman with head turned? Or is it just a random set of lines and ink blots?
Old woman or young woman with head turned? Or is it just a random set of lines and ink blots?

What is E.V.P. & I.T.C.?

Paranormal Explanation:

These acronyms stand for electronic voice phenomena and instrumental trans communication, the process of collecting unknown intelligent communication by possible disembodied voice or manipulation of white noise or static noise by the useĀ  of electronic means be them analog, electromagnetic media or digital. These voices / communications can be distinct and clear to static like and uninterpretable.These communications can come through as either audio or visual phenomena depending on the electronic devices used to collect the data.

Other Theories:

Apophenia -Finding significance in insignificant phenomena.

Pareidolia - The false interpretation of random sounds.

The History of E.V.P. and I.T.C.

Early EVP

As early as the 1940s a man named Attila Von Szalay a ghost photographer began trying to record disembodied voices using a microphone in an insulated cabinet that was hooked up to an external recording device a 78 RPM recorder. His and a man named Bayless's works were later published in the journal The American Society For Psychical Research in 1959. This was the same year that Freidrich Jurgenson a bird song recorder caught the voice of his father calling his name by accident as he was recording bird songs. After reading Jurgenson's book Voices From Space in 1964 a Latvian Psychologist named Dr. Konstantine Raudive contacted Jurgenson and the two met in 1965 to begin researching EVP. Their work was preformed with the help of over four hundred people and they published their work in a book called "Breakthrough"in 1971. Konstantine died in 1974


In the late 70's and early 80's work started to begin with live or immediate contact with entities using other electronic devices. This work is now known as ITC. Video and audio white noise were added to allow the spirits to manipulate the energies present in the random noise to produce pictures and sounds that would relate their communications to the researchers. One researcher was George Meeks. Meeks was able to make contact with a deceased man named Jefferies Mueller, Meeks developed a tone generator that used preamplifiers, microphones, and recording tapes to communicate with Dr. Mueller who helped him with technical advice. This is the first case of two way communication. In the 1980s Claus Schreiber a famous psychic began using television feed back loops by aiming his video camera at the screen to create a mirror into a mirror effect that when set at a certain position would create a desolve effect creating video white noise. In this noise images of the dead would resolve themselves into static images. Sarah Estep began her research into EVP in the 1970s and then started the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena. There are other researchers even today that have used many other devices that can be researched at the World ITC website which is run by researcher Mark Macy.


  • Meeks Design was called the Spiricom amplified tones connected to recorder and mic.
  • Psychlophone a self contained phone system hooked to a power-source in a loop.
  • Germanium diode white noise generator hooked up to recorder.
  • Video Feedback loop.
  • Franks Box using scanning radio frequencies to produce white noise.
  • Standard recorder for EVP.

How to do E.V.P. and I.T.C.


Well this is actually a very simple thing to do provided that you have a voice recorder... digital or tape since both seem to work fine. If you have a digital that is easier when it comes time to transfer your EVPs should you want to do so to your computer for filtering. So when you are ready to begin you just turn on the recorder, I say give your name, time, and date so you have a good way of keeping track of when the EVP's were recorded and state what it is you are about to do. Now people seem to think that you have to be in some haunted house or a cemetary to do this but this is not the case. You can do this when you go to bed tonight, or at any time, in your own home or even at work. I know that sounds nuts but you can. Spirits are not just running around cemetaries at night or in old creeky houses. If you were dead is that where you'd hang out? They go about their routines like people do, so if you want to catch them... let them know you have a device to record them and then go on asking more questions, heck tell them to talk to you as you sleep and keep the recording going after you drift off.

So for EVP's it goes:

  • A voice recorder
  • A computer with audio software like soundforge


Well as for I.T.C. you're going to need a video camera, a television, a tripod, and a recording device (tape, DVD, or DVR). You then place the video out yellow plug of the camera into the T.V.'s in plug and aim the video camera at the screen from about three feet back. You will get a sort of psychedelic dissolve effect. Start your recorder and then ask the spirits to show themselves. After the session review your recording or transfer it to a computer to review the frames for any entities that may have shown themselves.

  • Video Camera
  • Television
  • Video Cable
  • Recording Device
  • Computer and video software to watch for images frame by frame


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