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Dare To Walk Into Your Dreams

Updated on March 31, 2017
He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own. And the voice I hear as I tarry there, no other has ever known.
He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own. And the voice I hear as I tarry there, no other has ever known.

Are you a dreamer and a truth seeker? I am and I've spent some prayer time asking wisdom about mine. I'm pretty sure we all have dreams we want to see fulfilled. I'm convinced that there are dreams we desire in our own heart and then there are God sent dreams. I know we've all had both kinds. Today I'm focusing on God sent dreams. As I sought to see right I've thought on Joseph's life. There's so much to learn from his life for truth seekers! For any who aren't familiar with his story, you can find it in the Bible beginning at Genesis 37.

I've learned from his example that there can be a long and often cloudy process of walking into fulfillment. If we study the example of Joseph's life we can see that his dream made him different. No one he loved understood it. He had to put his dream on the shelf, so to speak. He had to walk through life with his God dream huge in his heart but never having any companion who he could share his heart with. Joseph tried sharing his dream with his brothers and look what happened to him..The pit..Then jail...I think after that he kept it to himself. But, finally, the palace. It was said that "The word of the Lord tried him"..We know now that, the end result of the triumph God had planned for him was incredibly awesome! But also remember that he did not know these great details at the time.

I'm seeing some of the fine points..I see from his story that what is hugely real to us can become a point of disconnect from the ones we love and walk near. We're misunderstood. We do the best we know how but we learn to keep our thoughts and dreams mostly private. For such a long time it was between him and the Lord. No one knew him for what He was in God's sight. I know that what heaven sees in us is so amazing that it will separate us from the common. It's a paradox, a secret. We have to accept that we are made fools among men for a time. Out dream is real and it's huge and it's alive but it's ignored. It makes me laugh and it reminds me of an old story about secrets and social graces. Something that is always there. It's very big to us but we ignore it ..Reality must be denied. Like an elephant in the room that we all walk around, pretending it isn't really there. A taboo subject, a controversial subject that would make us all very uncomfortable if we were to open up about it. We're not really pretenders it's just that many are too immature to bear deep truth.

But we are as Joseph. The God given fire of the living hope of the dream must have helped him immensely with the daily hard realities he walked through on the way to the realization of it. .

Do you carry dreams which you know to be God given? I do. I have a dream myself which I know to be God given. I have true words from heaven and true visions. It has to do with becoming a part of God's work in bringing salvation for the souls of men.

Godly dreams are not a fantasy, but are true heart visions that we carry. The dream is real and we must learn to give thanks in times of small beginnings and to keep the faith in the One who sent the dream..We must co-operate with the Lord in walking it out His way. And we will walk into new places where our dream will begin to be understood and visible to others. This is a sweet place to be! We will say to ourselves and to others.."the enemy meant all he sent for evil, but my God has turned it all around for to save many lives"

Let's set our hopes on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the wonder of our lives, our ever present help in any trouble. When no one else understands us, he does! He alone knows and can fulfill the secret things of our hearts. I will keep my heart singing as I wait patiently for the time to cross the streams which carry me to my dreams.

A beautiful song with a beautiful way to say what I'm trying to say..


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