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Embracing your Death

Updated on May 4, 2016
Beyond Time
Beyond Time
A time travel novel by Rob Buck

Here Lies

Imagine your shock, if while walking through a grave yard, you came across the following tombstone:

Here Lies your name

Born your birthdate

Died Approximately

2000 years ago (exact date unknown)

If you are readying this, there is no tombstone with your name on it. However, as a disciple of Christ, embracing your spiritual death is critical to the flowing of Christ’s life.

In Roman’s 6, Paul tells us that when Christ died on a Roman cross, we were crucified with Him. Our sin nature and every sin we would eventually commit were put to death in Christ. This was a complete work, performed by the only person ever worthy to undertake it. When He proclaimed, “It is Finished,”[1] all human striving for religious achievement was put to rest; all sins washed clean in the flowing of His life blood.

We were there, crucified on the same cross. When He died, we died. And we were also made alive in His resurrection.[2] We are new creations,[3] indwelt by the Holy Spirit, the life of Jesus.[4]

But how does the reality of our death work out day to day? Jesus says to follow Him, we are to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him.[5] When we dwell on our self, we are to consider our death in that area. Following are a few common areas to be brought to the cross.

[1] John 19:30

[2] Romans 6:4

[3] 2 Corinthians 5:17

[4] Ephesians 1:13

[5] Matthew 16:24


Like the Pharisees, we have attempted to earn salvation by our own “righteous” works. Christ, who knew no sin, became sin on our behalf that we might the righteousness of God.[1] When we try to please God by what we do, consider all self-effort to be dead.

[1] 2 Corinthians 5:21


Satisfy the appetites of the flesh, in accordance with our old manner of life, is a vain pursuit. God has put gladness in our hearts more than when “grain and new wine abound.”[1] We should consider all self-gratification to be dead.

[1] Psalm 4:7


If we seek the praises of men, that is our reward. Our every word and deed is to be for the glory of God.[1] Our glory is found in Christ, who is our life.[2] We are to consider all self-glorification to be dead.

[1] I Peter 4:11

[2] Colossians 3:1-4


Lord, I’m so sorry for allowing my own selfish interests to dominate my life. Thank you for your long-suffering grace to me. Teach me moment by moment to consider myself dead to self and fully dependent on your Spirit in me.[1] I must decrease and you must increase.[2]

[1] Galatians 2:20

[2] John 3:30


Pick one area of your life which needs to be considered dead. Take a moment right now and reckon (count it true) the death of that area. Bring it to the cross. You have been crucified with Christ.

Experiencing God in the moments of our life


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