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Emotional Healing for Empaths

Updated on June 19, 2020
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Intuitive empath and tarot card reader who's passionate about spiritual ascension, self-growth and raising the collective consciousness.

Emotional Healing for Empaths

An empath feels everything on a very deep level and this includes all feelings, even the most painful ones.

Because of this, an empath might hang onto the pain for longer than is necessary or maybe even normal. When painful feelings take root in an empath, they reach down deep and anchor themselves in the soul. Since an empath is a natural healer, they are built for painful emotions and feelings. This is because in order to heal pain, you must first know what it feels like.

Being naturally sensitive on top of this can make things even more challenging.

Sensitivity is a strength, not a weakness and this is because it's that much harder to heal when you're sensitive. When you're sensitive and trying to heal, you need to experience all the painful emotions first and on a very deep, soul level. And you need to be incredibly strong in order to accomplish this.

It can be very easy to fall into the depths of your emotional pain when you're an empath.

Because it's powerful. It's like this intense, powerful vortex of energy that sucks you down into it no matter how much you try to claw your way out. It can feel like a roller-coaster when you're an empath who's trying to heal yourself after a painful experience. This is just part of the releasing process. There will be ups and downs and in-between's so try your best to find balance in your life when you're healing.

Healing Techniques

Cutting the Cord:
When we interact with people, energetic cords form and connect us to each other. There are different kinds of cord attachments, but when an emotional wound is created by a negative experience with someone else, this cord becomes an unhealthy drain for us. This cord will keep us attached to the other persons energy even if they are not around us.

This means that the potential for this even to still hurt and trigger you is there and very strong.

It's advised to cut that cord and sever the energy drain. This will help you to start feeling free of excess, heavy energy that isn't yours. Sometimes we don't even realize until after its gone that we've actually been hanging onto someone else's energy. My preferred way to cut cords is to visualize a cord coming out of your solar plexus and connecting to the other person.

Imagine that cord being cut and then visualize both of you in a golden light.

This ensures that the cord cutting didn't hurt either of you. This also allows you both to move on with positive energy which may help with forgiveness later on. Look at cutting the cord as a way to let go. You're simply releasing the hold that that persons energy has on you so that you can free yourself and move towards healing.

Emotional Release:
In order to heal, you must first feel. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and then release them. Let them flow out of you in whichever way feels most natural. If you feel the need to cry, then cry. This will most likely be the best way for you to release any pent up emotions. Know that it's ok to admit that you're hurting, this really is the first step to moving on and letting go.

You can't deny that you're in pain and then expect to heal.

Acknowledge your pain, acknowledge your emotions, and then you can finally move towards releasing them. If crying isn't your thing, try journaling your feelings. Or doing vigorous exercise in order to release pent up energy. Releasing will be a huge catalyst towards true healing so don't skip this step.

Expressing Yourself Creatively:
Now comes the fun part! Even if you're not a "creative" person by nature (we are all creative, just in different and unique ways) expressing yourself creatively really helps you to connect with your soul, emotions and the present moment. You don't need to create a masterpiece in order to engage your creativity.

There are many ways to express yourself creatively.

You can redecorate your home, add some funky color to your hair, make a special meal or watch a painting class on YouTube and paint something fun. You can scrapbook, write, make crafts or even paint your nails. The point is to express your emotions in a fun way which will bring in lighthearted energy to your life.

This energy is much needed in order to heal.

You can't stay in the darkness forever, so eventually, you need to bring in a little light. And when you do this from a creative, self-expressive standpoint, you become stronger in who you are and what your own energy looks and feels like.

So, what do you like to do to heal your emotions?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tara Reynolds


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