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Empaths Do NOT Inherit Their Abilities

Updated on February 25, 2012

Being an Empath is not an inherited state of being. I'm sorry to disappoint everyone who wishes the opposite were true, but to say otherwise flies in the face of spiritual evolution. And before you question who I am to say so, well, I'm just me. I'm also one of the first (possibly *the* first) people to stick anything on the internet about this topic, so I feel qualified enough to state my beliefs on the matter. If you heartily disagree with me, I'm ok with that. If you'd like to know why I'm so adamant about my opinion on this matter (which also extends to other psychic abilities), then please continue reading to learn more about my beliefs.


Empathic Abilties are Not Inherited

In my belief system, which is one I've been studying since early childhood, I fully believe that we are all souls interconnected by an energy matrix, and we incarnate into human vehicles for specific purposes that will further our spiritual development. Before incarnation, it is decided what will be experienced -- to some degree, anyway. Anyone could be born an Empath, and anyone could be born without easy access to this ability and later develop it. It's not a special gift that is only available to some and not to others. And as I've said before, some would call it a curse rather than a gift, but whatever it is, you decided that it would help your spiritual development in some way, shape or form. Now, it's entirely possible that you've incarnated into a family that shares the same traits, perhaps from your same soul group. If that is the case, it may well seem to you that being an Empath is an inherited trait. But if you go down that path, it must follow that anyone else born to non-Empath parents is some sort of spiritual mutation, and that just seems absurd to me.

Right Direction, Wrong Track

Most who proclaim themselves to have inherited their Empathic abilities from one or both parents seem to be letting ego get in the way. They often come across as being someone who needs to be set apart from others somehow. This is rather damaging in many ways and those making such proclamations should go deep within to find out why their ego desires such a thing in the first place. Instead, don't look to draw on a parent's ability to validate yourself. If you're an Empath, you're an Empath, simple as. If you're not, you could become one if you allow yourself to -- though it may require time and effort in terms of meditation practices. But please don't allow ego to hold you back in your spiritual development. You can shine all on your own.

A Bit About Soul Groups

I won't get too far into this topic in this article (though I'll probably write something on it in the near future) but I would like to say that some, not all, people do incarnate into families which have members of their own soul groups. It all depends. Perhaps, if you and a parent are both Empaths, this may be a reflection of previously developed abilities because you're both at similar levels in your spiritual evolution. Perhaps it doesn't mean that at all -- perhaps neither of you has control of such a trait and you've both incarnated with the same ability at the same time in order to help each other master it. The possibilities are endless, and I'm certainly in no position to guess. But you are, and if you'd really like to know the truth for yourself, meditate and ask for the truth to be revealed to you.


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