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Empowering Enlightened Forecast - March 2015

Updated on February 18, 2015

March will be a month of Turning Points and Decisions

March will be a a # 20 month. The # 2 is a symbol for peace and cooperation; working together in partnership. 0 is a symbol for GOD. This month we can partner with the GOD force within and manifest the changes we want in our lives....if we are ready to step out on FAITH! For a personal Reading or Forecast visit or

3/1 - Creative energy is high today and opportunities abound. Tend to family demands. Marriage is favorable. Rewards from past efforts flow today.

3/2 - Plan your work and work your plan. Ideas are taking form and the imagined becomes tangible today. Global concerns come to the forefront. Share your ideas with people who can put them into action.

3/3 - Today's energy favors travel and change. It's a # 5 day. Great for sales and promoting new ideas. Great marriage/partnership day. Don't expect people to "play by the rules" today.

3/4 - Today is a "magic" day. Love, family,'s all good. Think in terms of being of service and today will be a day to remember.

3/5 - Expect a test of faith's a # 7 day. On the 7 th day GOD rested, so, things WILL slow down today. If you push the wheels fall of. Better to Pray Until Something Happens. Great day for prayer and meditation.

3/6 - The marriage theme continues today. Great day for networking and forming all types of partnerships. This is also a day that will focus on the financial aspects of life. Good news comes today!

3/7 - Drama day!! Things are changing today. Expect completions and endings and simultaneous new beginnings. If you have been standing at a fork in the road, today you must choose a path. Even non believers will see evidence of GOD's LOVE today!

3/8 - Today is a # 1 day. People will be assertive. It's important to be focused and self reliant today. Honest, ethical upright surge forward. Funding is received. Happy Birthday Dad !!

3/9 - Today is a #11 day. Today the LIGHT will shine honoring those who are deserving and revealing truth from false. Follow the yearnings of your soul. Great day for small business owners.

3/10 - Today's energy favors abundance, rewards and celebrations. If you have been sitting on an egg waiting for it to "hatch" what you have been waiting for... will be yours today!!

3/11 - Today's energy indicates the potential for restrictions, obstacles and dealing with the law. Keep your eyes on the prize. Get the work done that you have been putting off. Cooperation is the key to success today.

3/12 - Today's energy encourages us to trust in the universe and let things flow. By accepting what life deals us today we are assured the ultimate victory. Expect positive changes that enhance freedom.

3/13 - Change, release, and transformation occur on the home front. It's gut check time. Time to stick to your principles and fight for what you believe. Be a cheerful giver today!

3/14 - Today's energy favor messages and good tidings. The wheels start to turn, things are moving forward and progressing. Don't panic if you can't find your keys today :-).

3/15 - Money is emphasized today. Expect favors and inheritances. It's a day of harvesting for those who have planted good seed. Promotions, bank loans, all financial matters are favored.

3/16 - Be careful in traffic today and avoid conflict with others. Drama is in the air. Obstacles are simply opportunities for demonstrating determination. There will be endings and separations today, they are necessary.

3/17 - Networking is fruitful today. Family matters!! It's a day of fresh starts. Looking for a mate? Keep your eyes open as the love vibration is strong. Great business vibe.

3/18 - People in high places are generous today...ask for that raise or special favor! All month is great for marriage and today is the best! We are in tune with Spirit today and people will be hyped and energetic.

3/19 - Love is in the air. Join with others in good will projects. Positive action today will make the world a better place to be. Do something to help someone else and watch what happens to your life experience. Happy happy joy joy !!

3/20 - Back to work! Today is a # 40 day...It's out with the old and in with the new! There's no stopping change. Any obstacles today will be a blessing in disguise.

3/21 - Today is a day when our wildest dreams can come true. Take a risk, try something new. Once and for all decide to operate from faith not fear. Things are changing, take your time making choices.

3/22 - Contracts partnerships and marriage are all favored today. Expect to exercise the qualities of love and cooperation if you want to have a good day. Professional artist blossom under today's vibe!!

3/23 - Relax and take it easy today. Study, write, pray. Be still and KNOW. Many will celebrate the end of poverty and sickness. It is a day for expressing GRATITUDE!!

3/24 - Today is a day to evaluate the rewards we are receiving from our efforts. Some will experience increase and gain today. Others will feel boxed in. If you are the latter, it's time to make a new plan. Take time today to be a mentor. Share your expertise.

3/25 - Keep the faith...there's no need to cry over spilled milk. Well OK cry a little but make sure you learn from the past and then.....LET IT GO!!

3/26 - Today's energy favors clarity and focus. Things are changing and GOD is Blessing us all today. Anything wholesome started today will be successful. Think #1.

3/27 - If we can separate ourselves from vanity, illusion, ego and, or jealousy today, we will be rewarded. Dreams can come true today !

3/28 - Today is about helping others. Share your gains. Help those in need. The true value of wealth is the ability to be a blessing to others!

3/29 - Be careful...under today''s bountiful energy, there may be a tendency to overindulge. Effort is rewarded today. Get the work done early and spend time with family.

3/30 - Great day for social activities. Spend time with family and friends. GOD is effecting positive life enhancing CHANGES today. Great for taking a trip.

3/31 - Disagreements are likely today. Harsh actions maybe taken. The law of TRUTH prevails and all who function outside the Law of Love will be defeated. Be a gracious winner. :-)

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