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Empress Zinzi Hlubi Mkhize.

Updated on July 29, 2015

Empress Zinzi Hlubi Mkhize.


Empress Zinzi Hlubi Mkhize.

Empress Zinzi Hlubi Mkhize.‎

She is a blessing.

Yet she is not in disguise.

The anatomy of her being is in the beauty
of creation.

For not yet has a Soul been born.

So righteous.

Compelling the truth, to set our souls free
from bondage.

Could you be desire. a peaceful Serpent?

You give birth to life.

You nourish that is pure and comes from the

May peace rain in your heart and world.

May your beauty be intensified with age.

May life experiences make you kinder, wiser
and stronger.

May your nation embraces you.

May your dreams come to life.

May your insecurities parish.

May you walk in the path of your destiny.

May you have enough time to cherish your
loved ones.

The gift of life is eternity.

May death not flirt with your temptations
until the angels are calling.


Beauty is grace, patience and gratitude in
the mists of adversity.

Imagination can never be captured or trapped
in a cage.

Honesty is the shadow of truth.

When you are weak rest.

When you in doubt.


Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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