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End of Days: People Just Wanna Know They Did the Right Thing.

Updated on May 20, 2021

Fenrir the wolf, Sun Swallowing, The Four Riders

When the end comes in any form, a person asks themselves how they will go out?
When the end comes in any form, a person asks themselves how they will go out? | Source


I have recently been doing some digging around for a project I am currently working on. Yes I am swimming through the world of fun known as the end of times...Doomsday...the last judgment...and so on and so forth.

I am not working on a very heart delving serious project, yet I am finding a common thread in my findings that has caught my eye.

All through history cultures and societies have been regaling in what will come someday...

The End of Times...

They have different names for it. Some call it Ragnarok, Doomsday, Armageddon, Rapture. Some call it the Messianic age, the Kali age, where it is both an end and a beginning. Yet each and every end has an underlining clause:

When you reach the end, How you live is how you will go out... or in some cases how you will come back around.

Even if the world goes out in a fiery ball of toxic hell wiping out everything in its path until nothing is left but complete and utter nothingness, people delve into their spiritual prowess on how well they held their life and in some cases how well they held other lives.

What good or bad has one done in life?

Good or bad? How you live now up to this moment determines in your heart how you will end when the time comes.
Good or bad? How you live now up to this moment determines in your heart how you will end when the time comes. | Source

Self preservation is important 'til the end?

Societies and cultures have been arguing and bantering and generally killing each other off for what they believe in. I myself am a religious man, albeit I am one with an open mind to what everyone else holds in their hearts.

I found it kind of interesting that throughout time there has been battles and bloodshed and civil unrest and pretty much anything under the sun and the light of the moon for and against each others beliefs leading towards what they believe to be the end. The odd part is that take the structure aside the foundation of their worship is that they just want to do right before they " move on!"

Some religions believe they there are only 2 ways to go:

You do good. (That in itself is open for long debate) You go to heaven, Valhalla, Nirvana, Utopia..etc.. etc...

You do bad. (Once again balanced on a fine point pin as to what that entails to everyone) You go to hell, nothingness, purgatory, or in some beliefs you float around until you have redeemed yourself...or is that all dogs go to heaven?...

They are determined to categorize everyone and everything into those 2 categories. They themselves believe themselves capable of fitting into one themselves, hoping that by fitting everything into their groups they themselves will be able to fit into the first choice.

Some religions believe that if you fit into the first category you have reached enlightenment and have reached the highest stage, the second category sends you down to a lower starting point to start again, while a third category allows you a point somewhere between your current path and that of category 1.

My point being, everyone has endeavors to reach the end. It is those endeavors that "The end of time" emerged.

What I found interesting though is that if everyone was so intent to reach category 1, why are they insistent on sticking others into another category? Should that be the focus of that particular individual? "Lead by example" has always been a good phrase...

Cultures and society shape their views into a vastly strict family structure. You bow your head at certain times, spin three times, and point the blame at another instead of helping nudge and encourage that "other" to a stronger happier path ( I say help not force). If everyone just focused on being happy and spreading that around that might make category one a little easier to grasp, and you would reach it without having to use an "End time" game plan to get there.

Apocalypse is a fear buffer for the soul

End times is a good way to encourage people to reach a means to an end. Nothing like a good scare to get the person on the right path...yes...scaring is a good thing...

It must be right? We now have a nice abundance of apocalypses. Zombie apocalypse...World War 3, Robot-Apocalypse...and more pop up everyday as someone has "discovered a new endgame.

Why is this? To hide the fact that we are scared about how our own outcome in life will be. We almost hope for a quick apocalypse that will come upon us so fast we can say, oops I was just about to do something awesome and good that would put me on the highest pedestal and everything would be great...but Now I'm dead and don't have a chance to do that know ...that should get me into category 1...

We fear ourselves so much we need a catastrophe to make us feel better. To encourage us to greatness.

"Oh dear Ragnarok is coming, I should rescue all those orphans from the science lab before they are turned into radioactive child plants and cause a multiple apocalypse....

If only we treated each day like it were our last... imagine all the things that would happen.


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