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Ending the Siege of Fear

Updated on May 9, 2017

Fear, the Inescapable Enemy

Since childhood, we’ve known the bitter taste of fear. Children fear darkness, monsters, or being locked in an attic. It doesn’t matter if their fear is imaginary or real; what is important is that they feel afraid and insecure!

as we grow older we are not any better, we still sense fear, but on a different level, and for different reasons. We fear failure, authority, poverty, unemployment, disease, or the consequences of any action we or others might take. We forget that fear hinders our talents, crushes our creativity, inhibits our reasoning, takes away our freedom, and sometimes even destroys our dignity, and strips us of our humanity. That is why a false flag terror is a practical way for governments to control their people, and herd them like sheep!

Fear, on many occasions, is a state of mind when we face the unknown like a child fears the dark or strangers. That is why people fear the inevitable; they fear the progress of time, as it is mostly accompanied with what is unknown to them, which is ultimately death. But a knight who fights his own shadow will never win! Such people waste the very present moments worrying about an incident that will certainly happen and consequently end up wasting their whole lives.


Is There a Way Out?

I am no different from others; I have some worries too. That’s why breaking out of my prison of fear has become my life’s quest. I realized that fear is an implicit recognition of a human’s incompleteness, weakness, and inability to have full control over one’s life. Therefore, it is natural that we would resort to anything that could bring a sense of safety and strength, like power, wealth, or even turn to those whose company empowers us. However, everything is temporary and will end unless we resort to the Endless, the infinite, the Eternal.

Angela Sumagi[1] said in this regard: “Every single thing in our ordinary life, whatever we have confidence in, can be shown at some point to break down. So I can have complete trust that the sun will rise tomorrow, but in fact, I may die tonight, and then the sun will not rise for me tomorrow. So then the question is, what is that in which I have complete and utter confidence, which under no circumstances will betray my trust or let me down. And human beings found in God the answer.”[2]

Indeed, most of us find the utmost security and comfort in knowing that God is our life companion; for He is the one who will never leave your side even when everybody else is gone. You will feel His presence in the serenity of your soul. Knowing this, in fact, gives us courage and peace to face life’s hardships and difficulties with stability and confidence. As Joyce Meyer[3] says: “when fear comes knocking at your door, send faith to answer”.

Believers always live in a state of calmness regardless of what may come. Even in the hardest times, their minds and souls are not agitated or scared. Even in prison, they are not held in captivity. Ibn Taymiyyah[4] said:” What can my enemies do to me? My Paradise is in my heart; it goes with me wherever I am. If they kill me, it is martyrdom. If they deport me, it is a vacation in the Path of God. If they imprison me, they allow me to worship God in privacy.”

This shows that by putting our trust in God, we are truly liberated from fear and anxiety; we gain a new level of wisdom and acceptance.



In fact, I hadn’t fully grasped the meaning of putting all my trust in God, until an incident.

One day, I was playing soccer with my grandchild. During our joyful game, the ball was kicked near an electricity socket, my grandchild ran with tiny steps cheerfully towards the ball. Desperate to protect him from harm, I took wider steps and kicked the ball away from the socket before he could reach it! Instantly his laughter turned into tears! I could not explain to the two-year-old boy the danger of electricity and I really couldn’t stop him from crying.

I look back at this incident and realize why God sometimes lets us face what we perceive as a great loss. We fail to understand the wisdom, just as my grandson could not understand how my actions were driven by love and keenness to protect him and not of depriving him of joy. One day he will grow and understand the difference between deprivation and protection.

Can you Plant a Dead Tree?

Putting our trust in God means that we are fully aware that we don’t bear the consequences of our effort and endeavors.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said: “If the Final Hour comes while you have a sapling in your hands and it is possible to plant it before the Hour comes, you should plant it."[5] People may argue as they find no reason to exert effort in planting when everybody is going to die, because there will be no one to reap the fruits, However, by delving deeper into the meaning of the Prophet’s teachings, we find that he is focusing on the value of our attempts rather than concentrating on the end results. So, all we have to do is to strive for the best, leaving the rest to God. In this context, faith strengthens our resolve to act and frees us from the fear of failure.

“Do Not Fear” in God’s Revelations

Verses about fear and anxiety have been highlighted many times in the Bible and the Quran to remind us that God is the Sustainer and the Governor. He is in control of everything; it is only a matter of guarding our hearts to realize it. God says in the Holy Bible: “Do not fear, Abram, I am a shield to you; Your reward shall be very great." (Genesis, 15:11)

He also stated many times in the Holy Quran: “whoever follows My guidance - there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.” (2:38)


The Bottom Line

God is our best Guardian and Supporter in our journey. Being in His friendship and care liberate us from any distress or worry. And anyone who frees his heart from fear, he will be amazed by how enlightened he is, his conduct, his achievements, his strength and consequently the hidden treasures inside him!


[1] An Assistant Professor, College of Humanities, Religion Program, Carleton University in Canada.

[2] Angela Sumagi, Do you believe?) film, Produced by Salma Hassaballa, 2007

[3] Joyce Meyer is a charismatic Christian author and speaker

[4] A great Muslims Scholar who died in prison at the Citadel in Damascus in Sept 1328

[5] Sahih Al-Albani, English reference: Book 27, Hadith 478

Do you believe that trust in God overcomes anxiety and fears?

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