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(3) The Childhood Lights of Angels!

Updated on September 22, 2017

The Lights

Childhood Memories

The most profound memory of this energy began when I was a very small child of the age of four and five. I called them "the lights." I was extremely afraid to go to sleep at night because of their sporadic arrival, seemingly out of nowhere. They never hurt me but because they were so radically different than the 'real world' experiences, it frightened me.

Often, I would close my eyes and abruptly I would feel this vibration coming around me. I could hear it as a buzzing that would pulsate through my body and as it got closer. A non threatening vibration but never the less a vibration of unknown feelings and it scared me as a little girl. They would begin to vibrate this amazingly strong energy around me and through me. The only way I can explain this is to imagine that you have stuck your finger in an electrical socket and received a good zap. The feelings throughout my body were very similar to that feeling, though somehow it would cover me and go right through me.

It felt as if they would pull me from my bed in one swift tug and send me into some type of darkness where many lights were. It felt as if I was yanked up into the beautiful evening sky by a huge gust of wind. More of "The lights" would arrive in groups and congregate around me.and vibrate through me and around me. White, diamond shaped lights were spinning at a velocity that seemed faster than the speed of light! So many of them and way too many to count! They would continue to surround me, vibrating through me with such an intensity that I have a difficult time articulating it, even now as an adult.

The lights were able to talk to each other through this vibration and energy and they were filled with so much knowledge! Somehow I knew this and I could hear them talking and my little ears were absorbing some of these things. My childlike mind gathered nothing but mere tidbits. One particular piece of knowledge that I do remember bringing back with me was very unusual, to say the least.

Strangely, these experiences were so profound that I can see it in my memory very clearly, even now as an adult. I was in what seemed to be the universe, dark but with spectacular vibrating diamond shaped lights everywhere. I was looking down upon a ball, globe shape and I was watching these vibrating lights going down to this globe, as well as coming up to where I was again. Multitudes of lights going back and forth.

I woke up and ran out of my room, fearful and looking for comfort. I remember me continually saying in a fit of panic,

"The world keeps going over and over...the world keeps going over and just die and keep coming back...over and over."


A strange thing to remember or even say as a child, especially a child who had the attempted indoctrination of Catholicism pushed on me and I flatly refused. I was never taught to believe in reincarnation nor was I even old enough to know what the word reincarnation meant.

As a child I so spent much time thinking about all of these spiritual things and nobody in the home was a true Christian to explain these things to me. They passed them off as 'just a dream' or my imagination. How far away from the truth they really were! They did not know Jesus and regardless of their religion they had no idea that these spiritual experiences I was experiences were real.

They were so spiritually strong! The knowledge that the white vibrating lights shared and spoke of to each other was so clear and detailed, even as a child, I could not stop thinking about them. Strangely, I do know exactly what they are now, but at the time I typed this into my original writing below in 2010, it was only a guess but a good guess at that!

"I don't know what to believe because I am not quite sure what the lights were. Yes, the lights had more knowledge than all of us humans put together...I still don't know what these lights are...possibly universal collective knowledge of an amazing group of Angelic beings perhaps? I do not know the answer."

I recall constantly thinking about this as a child, fixated with questions that no one would believe a young child would be pondering. I was pondering them greatly. I was very frustrated by the thoughts of why we would go to work, have children, make a home, do all of these things just to die, go back into the lights and then come back again. Now as an adult I believe that what I actually saw was the births of thousands of souls being born and thousands of other souls leaving. In my child's mind I can understand how I could have seen it as coming back 'over and over' but in actuality it was souls coming and going. No, it was spirits leaving to be with God, and Spirits being sent to a mother's womb.

Love & Light

I gave so much thought about God, people, love and "the lights." I had so many questions and very little answers. Actually no answers. I am and even as a child always have been more fascinated with spiritual leanings, love and God, especially love. I spent most of my life seeking love, especially in the wrong places and in the wrong ways. I sought love, craved love and I sought it from men and they never returned it. They only used me for sex, liars, abusive and as I allowed them to dishonor me, I dishonored myself. In retrospect, I should have sought God because as a child, he surely was seeking me and I lost my way in the darkness of sin while I looked for love from men instead of God.

"The lights" eventually stopped arriving for me and for that, I was very thankful. I know that for whatever reason that they showed up for me as a child, they left a lasting impression on me, even to this day. I often think about the lights as I try to make sense of them. Wishing I could feel it again.

Who knows the answers to these unseen forces that swirl around us on a daily basis. I don't have all of the answers and will never pretend that I do. I still have many, many questions about "this world that continually goes over and over and over."

What I do know without a doubt in my soul is that there is a reason for everything that happens in life, the good and the bad, even if we can't make sense of it at this moment. Jesus has showed me so many amazing things and I know without a doubt that if I follow Him, He will knit it into something beautiful...even the bad that the devil meant to destroy me with.

It is far better to go for the ride and see where God takes you. It is all about our choices and allowing God to guide us and not us attempting to guide God. This spiritual world is just an amazing place of so many mysteries and I hope one day that I will have all the answers to all of my questions and of course, to know what "The lights" are and why they chose me.



My landlord's wife blurted out her words and they left me with chills going up and down my spine. This was something that I have never shared with strangers, only a handful of close friends! I was asked to sit with the new landlord's wife and she pointed over to a chair in her apartment for me to sit and visit. You can imagine my surprise when she looked at me and said, "I was thinking of you today Ghost Whisper." Do you know that I had angels visit me when I was a little child as well?" I felt the hair stand up on my neck and arms when she said it...How creepy is that?....How does she know this?

Throughout my childhood the 'Diamond lights' were the ONLY visitation that I can say clearly and precisely were NOT demons. So they were Angels? Now wait a minute here,I am sitting with the wife of a Nazi deemed the worst and she isn't good in her heart and she knows these things about me and the lights? How?

And I don't think she had God's angels visiting with her because I know she is calling up Satan and his minions on me and preforming things in her apartment that would make the normal man shudder. So were the lights that visited me bad and I didn't know it? NO.


If she did in fact have angels visiting her then why isn't she good and her heart after God and Jesus? Why isn't she doing God's work instead of harboring a murderer eugenicist and war criminal who killed God's chosen people so ruthlessly? This is all just the strangest things I have ever seen and heard in my life and truly I have to laugh as I say this out loud! I am of a sound mind but without the answers to my God questions being answered by a true strong Christian or God. I am going to struggle spiritually with all of this.

I have added this to my writing from 2010 because it shocked me to read my own words above. I never once considered demons to be "Angels." I did not know the bible and as a child I saw the demons as demons. Now that I am studied in certain things I realize now what she was saying. Yes. She had "Fallen Angels" visiting her. Demons!

I continue learning the Bible and God is answering many of my questions! I have felt God's whispers warning me to be very careful whom I learn from and that I am.



And to a potential 'mate' who told me that I should read 'this other book' and I kindly said no thank you and that I would prefer to stick to just the Bible. "Jesus has warned me to be careful". You became so irate, furious and I nicely apologized and said, "I am sorry but I will put Jesus's instructions before yours."

You were so mean, controlling and ruthless and you said these words to me. "Look at me Ghost whisper! Look at what I have! I have a beautiful house! I have a good job! I have a great life and you have nothing! No home! No job! You bare no good fruit! You have no fruit."

I just want you to know that the devil is a liar and I want you to watch and see what type of fruit I have and what Jesus will do through me. I also know this much my fruity friend, The true Jesus would never say such things to a person who kindly refused your book. Jesus would not say that to anyone who is suffering, broken spirited, homeless!

I can never even imagine my heart ever feeling that way nor my lips saying those horrible things to anyone, especially the poor and needy, the homeless and the broken. I would choose death before I would say such arrogant and hateful things to another human being. You my friend have no fruit to brag about and you are the one who is barren and blind. May God have mercy on you for who you are being deceived by but you are too spiritually arrogant to see that this is darkness. I have left a golden nugget of truth here for you to see and you do know who you are. Sit alone and ponder what you have done.

One Doctor Was Missing Aribert Heim

Heaven Blue Heaven

This has not been the last time that this was said to me. During my walk in the fire I have had so many supposed Christians say this to me over and over... too many to count. Why? I have tried to guide them back on the path of God and not in the direction of devils. I have attempted to point out the deception of lying spirits and warn them of those who are faking prophecy, lying prophets and teaching twisted scripture. They refuse the truth and instead say "She has no good fruits." Even the bull sheeters who are called out by me throughout the years will say this very same things, as they desperately attempt to detract others from knowing the truth of their lies. And as God's story goes....they refuse the truth of the Living God. They opt for lies instead of truth and they enter the 'delusion' that they are really following God.

Probably the most despicable but ironically funny one was one of a "Rapture Queen" calling herself one of the wise teachers and one of the Elect. After being told for her to STOP encouraging people to go against the God of Israel and practice pagan Christmas because they are going to perish, as well as herself. She decided to expose herself as blind. She not only rejected the message and warning that God had sent me to speak to her but instead opted to make a video for me and about me. She babbled with anger from the truth which would save her and then actually she said,

"There is a Nazi Agenda and people should know about it! Should I just go bake cookies and sit in the corner?" Yes dear. Please do go sit in the corner and please do not teach because you are leading the sheep to death. No rapture is coming before tribulation...You are surely not one of the elect and go against the very God you say you serve. The Bride of Christ is not the church and what really do you know of a Nazi agenda?

Not a thing.



I can not wait to do the Lord's work! My tree is very ripe and full and I am quite ready to bear the awesome fruit of God! The true God tells me that I will and I believe! He just doesn't tell me when! I will just keep marching through the darkness and seeking Him.

If you have been cut away from me, it is because your talk does not match your WALK! That is not God! That is grandstanding! Pretending! Posers and cons for Christ. Yup. You too. wink wink.

I have had enough of grand-standers! Fake Christians! Fake Ministers! Fake Pastors! Fake Pastors Wives! Fake Priests! Liars and pretenders of God to last me a life time. You don't fool me no matter what you proclaim about your heart. I have seen your hardened hearts and they are dark. I need to stay in the "Light" and not make fellowship with you. I wish you the best with truth but words to the wise, "You can't fool me and you most certainly you can't fool God."

"Thou who proclaimth--proclaimth too much."


The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

© 2009 The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments


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