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Enlighten and empower!

Updated on October 29, 2013

Meditations and messages.

Be still and know that I am God!

Throughout the history of mankind, many a saint and philosopher have tried to enlighten the common man on the street about the invisible treasure that lie unearthed within each and every one. They have laid bare the invisible powers within each that has not been tapped so far. Yes, it is the power of the soul or the self within each of us. Unfortunately we are after the shells that lie scattered on the seashore without being aware of the pearls that lie under deep sea bed. What is the value or use of those shells when compared to the precious pearls that lie at the bottom. Yes, it is not an easy task to retrieve them. Deep sea divers has to hold their breath for a minute or so, descend quickly with the help of a stone attached to their feet, retrieve the shell containing the precious pearl and ascend after dislodging the stone. Of course, people on the boats will pull them quickly. This is how the pearl shell is retrieved

Our inner realm can not be accessed by ordinary means. Meditation, breath control and one pointed quest to reach the self are the ways. We need to practice the above consistently for many years to achieve the necessary focus. In this process, we have to quell all the thoughts. This is really a 'mindless expedition'. Yes, the mind need to be relinquished to reach the inner most self. What is the mind except mere conglomeration of thoughts? Once the thought process subside, we are eligible for the journey to the Self within. Here, one has to forget his body, mind and senses. He must become a 'nobody'. No more identification with the body, relationships, properties, status etc. You have to be there simply. Hence in the Bible, there is a mention, "Be still and know that I am God". When you are able to still all agitations, aspirations, ambitions and all such things associated with the body, you become 'still' like a pellucid lake in a deep forest where even there is no movement of wind due to thick forest.

If the surface of the lake is still, you can see the very depth!. This is not a secret philosophy. This is known to many people but due to poor practice or adoption, this has remained only in the philosophical books. Now we need to practice this great lesson and access the invisible treasure within us. What we get is abundant treasures which will never exhaust however much you take from it. First and foremost is, the eternal existence. There is no mortality. You become immortal by knowing your innate identity with the Self. The Self is full of wisdom! It is not ordinary worldly knowledge. Worldly knowledge will help us to fill up our bellies and live a comfortable life. But how long it will last? As long as there is life in the body, the worldly knowledge will help us. But which will protect us for ever? It is the Wisdom, Divine wisdom which will not deplete by use. It will ever remain FULL. The third quality is 'everlasting Bliss! What we get in the world? Trivial pleasures offered by the senses. It is momentary and finite. But Bliss is infinite and eternal.

Hence, all the religious scriptures in the world exhort man to turn his vision away from the ephemeral existence to everlasting one. The Self is the treasure house which contains all this, the eternal existence, eternal wisdom and eternal bliss. Can't you relinquish the petty pleasures derived from the senses for the sake of eternal bliss? It is Wisdom which will make you to seek the Self! As i have already narrated in many hubs, the rivers that merge in the sea, become the sea. Likewise, the finite individual becomes the infinite Self once it achieves merging with the SELF. The process is meditation without any thought of the body or the world around. As oil mingles only with oil, the individual soul mingles and merges in the supreme soul which is otherwise known as the Atma or Self or God.


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